What is your favourite season?
  • Alas, while there does exist a sizable, indeed, actually incredibly large portion of humans in and around the equator, where seasonal variations are much smaller and are often differentiated by monsoonal rains rather than temperatures, the vast majority of human users of this very website persist in a temperate climate in the northern hemisphere, and thus live in an area of the world where seasons change. Waiting on you, the present author is, to elucidate why the season you will vote for in the following poll is your favourite.
    1. What is your favourite season?10 votes
      1. Summer
      2. Fall
      3. Winter (joke option)
  • As a Canadian you'd expect me to pick winter, but Fall is the king pin.
  • You mean Autumn right? Right?

    Well as an asthma sufferer. My hayfever sets that shit off. So naw to summer and cold weather sets that off so it's a no for winter. I guess springs kinda nice.
  • How is winter the Joke option? i live in Kobe Japan and the summers here are hot and humid, winter is the most bearable season for a Dutchman here.
  • Just remember all you winter voters

    Cold weather is deadlier than hot weather.

    This blood is on your hands.
  • It never ceases to amaze me the blatantly obvious crap scientists "research". No shit cold is harder to survive. There's a reason the populations of China, India, the USA, etc.. are much higher than Russia or Canada.

    Bring on global warming!
  • Used to be Fall, but now I live so far north that about this time we all start dreading four or five months of Winter.

    The most serious charge which can be brought against New England is not Puritanism but February.

    - John Wood Krutch

    I suppose Yuzo would go with the joke:

    How do you know when it is winter in Seattle?

    Rain's colder.
  • I lived in Aomoriken and you just have to be sensible when it is 20 below zero Celsius and it is a mental thing i just enjoy the cold more than humid heat, sorry that you wimpy gaijins can't handle the cold :P
  • I have seen negative twenty. It is cool to have your spit pop when it hits the sidewalk. I just recognize that I was not evolved to live on the moon, now with atmosphere.
  • Did you move westsw? What region of the country do you live in?
  • Left Pittsburgh, in New England proper now. Go Stillers.

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