Has the UN gone full retard?
  • I once took pity on the UN. I could understand them, and I could understand the problems. They were like Kick-Ass, just wanting to be the hero, but ultimately powerless and always ending up getting the snot pounded out of them. It was something I could sympathize with even if I didn't agree with it. 

    But 2 news articles I read this past week have changed my opinion of the UN. 

    First, the decision to allow Saudi Arabia to head a Human Rights panel. This is like inviting Freddy Krueger to your dream therapy sessions. WTF are they thinking?

    And 2nd, the brilliant idea to censor the internet through a licensing system, in the name of human and women's rights, of course (and why the word "human" doesn't cover women is a mystery misogynistic shitlords such as myself will never understand I suppose). That's just what the world needs, more licences, more monitoring, more ban hammers. More cowbell. 

    I like how the graphic for "percentage of men abused online" is strikingly absent. You know for a man on the internet, every day is just like living in paradise. 

    Anyway, I think the only logical conclusion to all this is that the Saudis be given the job of policing the world's internet.

  • I agree the Saudis are medieval.  The UN has little real power.  They often are just trying to keep various parties engaged.  I suppose this would fall under the political strategy of having your enemies inside the tent, peeing out, rather than outside the tent, peeing in.  What can the UN do to make the Saudis join the 21st, or even 20th century?  Until they run out of oil, ain't nobody gonna say shit.  Sad but true.  It is nuts.  Sometimes the UN is just treading water like a sad puppy.

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