Noob's Choice Awards 2015: I Need Better/New Category Ideas
  • The topics seem solid. Instead of best soundtrack wouldn't best use of music be a better category. That will include stuff like the new metal gear solid game where I'm not sure the soundtrack is amazing but the way they use the music is kinda great. Your Walkman/ tape players around the camps (of which you can take the Tapes to use later.
  • Best New Mechanic?

    Best game that is not Fallout 4 cuz Fallout 4 is gonna win all the good stuff and there has to be something for everybody else

    Fallout 4 may win a Pulitzer, despite not being eligible.
  • Yeah get rid of non-traditional controls and just go with new mechanic like west suggested.

    While I'm a bit of a minimalist and would rather streamline the categories more, if you want to expand you could possibly expand it out by including more worst categories or include the industry as a whole. Best fraudulent advertising, Best DLC milking, Best food/beverage tie-in, Most egregious insult to customer intelligence, you know? Stuff like that. Of course this year Fallout 4 will win most of these, but Destiny may take the sloppy seconds.
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  • Bloodborne better win something! And I'll take all these suggestions into account. Thanks lads :)
  • Worst Company/Developer could be fun.
  • Konami would win by a landslide if you did it this year. Even the Destiny fuckery is but a poo pellet swirling in the vortex of the shitstorm unleashed by Konami.
  • Most of the games I've bought this year are of a niche genre/category.
    Highly doubt the games I've played are ones that the current noobtoobers are ones they've even heard of.

    I've been a bit out of touch with all the Triple A games titles.
    This year has been all indie titles and rhythm games for me.
  • @SpaceOfSoul wins the award for most hipster post in this forum EVER!!!!
  • How about best FIFA game?
  • Ash will have to post 20 times in the one megathread to make up for missed opportunities to name Fifa.
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