Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 24/08/15
  • I've designed a handy flow chart to explain my current gaming decision-making process.

    Q:  Mrs Littleg has gone to bed, you have an hour or two before you want to hit the hay.  Are you tired enough that holding the details of a large story and getting to grips with complex controls will be too much for you?

    • No: Play Red Dead
    • Yes: Play FIFA (or you could just go to bed, you flipping idiot)

    (360) FIFA14 Ructions within my squad continue apace as I struggle to give my Fylde Coast Galacticos the game time their talent and standing deserve.  Even the kid I signed from Bristol Rovers is complaining after he has leapt two leagues to join the current Champions League title holders, while star striker Romelu Lukaku has continued to develop at such a rate that he has now attained the overall rating of 90 making him (in the game's words) One of the World's Best.  He's now agitating for a move as he feels he's too big for the club...We've won the Premier League three seasons straight and are champions of Europe!

    Meanwhile, the regenerated versions of Samuel Eto'o, Francesco Totti and (in particular) Andrea Pirlo have all proven to be star buys.  With a support strike force of Eto'o Jr., Anthony Martial (the monster goal-machine from Monaco), & the Zlatan Ibrahimovic regen (currently out on loan and possibly even better) plus a slightly-aged Wayne Rooney once he recovers from his broken toe received on International duty, I'm not too concerned about what will happen if/when one of the other European big boys comes sniffing around Big Rom.

    (360) Red Dead Redemption Now that's better.  A bit more familiarity with the controls, a few extras bought to help with the combat, a few side missions and random events completed...Cholla Springs and Hennigan's Stead are starting to feel like home!  I wish I had the time to dedicate to this as I can genuinely see what makes people love the game and I really want to dive into it all, but it's tough with work eating up whole evenings at the minute.  I had high hopes that a game with such a strong story and multiple opportunities for aimless wandering might be appealing for Mrs Littleg to sit with me while I'm playing it (increasing my chances of getting a decent stretch in front of the TV with it), but after a couple of cut scenes she declared that the game had 'too much talking'.  There's no pleasing some people!

    I've been trying to stretch my boundaries a little and not just stick to the Macfarlane Ranch/Armadillo area, and had a fun time exploring the South of Cholla Springs before heading over to Thieves' Landing in the North East and buying myself a pad there.  This little town has lived up to its name, at least: the first time I started riding that way I tried to interrupt a highway robbery and got gunned down by the highwaymen; the second time I tried to interrupt a kidnapping (some pervy geezer just running down the main street with a screaming woman on his shoulder and no-one doing anything about it) which for some reason prompted an entire posse of people to pour out of the saloon across the road and cut me down instantly in a hail of bullets; third time I made it to the town and broke up another kidnapping, once again happening in broad daylight, but then only just survived a duel with a guy who I could've sworn was one of the outlaw bounties that I had killed and claimed less than an hour previously...

    Final paragraph and one last fun story of open-world jank.  Having woken up refreshed from a night in my new pad over a pig pen in Thieves' Landing, I started heading towards the North end of town only to stumble upon a man having his horse stolen near the pier.  I made chase and killed the horse thief before riding the stolen horse back to the grateful man and dismounting.  "Thank You" said the man, walking in a straight line towards where his horse was stood.  He cut a corner of the dry land and the pier, fell in the water and, without a word, drowned to death.  "Stop the Horse Thief Failed" said the caption, "Victim has Died".  It's at times like this that I miss the days when typing swear words into text-based adventures was the closest you got to breaking out of the linear story-telling of a game's design.

    Assuming you haven't woken this morning with a horse's head attached where your normal head should go, or you're not zooming through the air having accidentally been loaded with the movement animation of a bird, perhaps you could post about what games you've been playing in the last seven days?
  • How the hell does anyone follow a post such as that?

    I'll just go for boring straightforward. Hey I have been playing these:

    WWE 2k15
    My character has started to knock up a few wins now. Gaining confidence and playing in the undercard of PPV's. Triple H says he is ready to give my guy a push and a championship shot. The story really isn't there in this game but I seem to be filling the gaping blanks in with my own imagination. Call it sad but it's pretty fun role playing that game that way.

    NHL 15
    Same thing here another match or two, winning just. I'm still slowly picking up the basics of that there American hand ball.

    Arkham Knight

    I want to finish this before Metal Gears arrives. (I say arrives I mean unlocks at midnight Monday) I'm just not finding it any fun. It's the same old shit from the last 3 games. I payed £60 for this damn you I will finish it.

  • Played a lot of stuff. Let's see.

    Started Zombie Army Trilogy after Flibble sorta recommended it. It's alright.

    Played the Blops 3 beta a lot. This game is now day one for me, multi is fuckin' great. All Blops games have been fantastic and this one is as well.

    Tried out Saints Row 4 Remastered on the Bone. Not much of an upgrade, I think the PC version is still the best. SR4 was the best SR, though, and it's fun to replay with a friend.

    Played the first of Pinball Arcade's Season 5 table releases, Getaway - High Speed 2. Pinball Arcade is far and away my favorite Pinball series on anything, and this is more excellence. It's really the best, and I never regret buying all seasons for it. World class stuff.

    I don't know if I talked about Life is Strange Ep4 last week, but this is probably my GOTY right now.

    Finished Tales from the Borderlands Ep4 as well, and this is a contender. A+ again.

    Played Madden 16 all week on Xbox One thanks to EA Access. I'll be buying this, looks to be the best Madden yet - and has a lot of horrible sub-goals that sucker me into it. I like it a lot.

    It's going to be a busy week, One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 is installing on my PS4 and Gears Remastered is ready to go on the Bone, and Until Dawn is waiting in the wings. Exciting.
  • Galak-Z (PS4) After struggling to get to just the end of Season One last report, I managed to beat Season 1 and 2 since last week. I am currently STUCK in Season 3. I'm playing about 45mins to an hour every night and I'm still fucking stuck in 3! I can get to the BOSS but haven't even come close to getting thru 3-5 yet. I am however continuing to unlock new upgrades in the shop so potentially it is getting easier to get further with each run... but oh man, I might be wearing a bit thin here. I did have a ton of fun up til this point, and I would like to play some other things for a bit, but in all honesty I'm probably going to keep trying and as soon as I get past Season 3 I'll be super happy til I get stuck in Season 4. :) This game is balls hard and while upgrades help a lot, its still mostly about learning effective ways of dealing with all the situations and environments they throw at you skills.

    And I think thats all I've played last week. I sound frustrated with Galak-Z but I keep fucking playing it! So I'd say I'm enjoying it. I downloaded Curses 'N Chaos on my PS4 but I haven't touched it b/c I cant seem to stop playing Galak-Z. I'm either going to beat it this week or move onto something else I think. ;)

  • IA/VT Colorful -
    Sorry for the spammed newsfeed.
    This game seems to want to post every little detail as to what I complete.
    Providing the song I played, to the score and ranking of the song, to the difficulty that I chose. It's ridiculous.
    This game is more of a grind than The project diva series...
    Just finished beating challenge mode on both normal and hard. Moving on to Easy mode now to get the remaining unlockables. Two missions left...
    A bit disappointed that a lot of the trophies on this game are Bronze.
    Still got a long way to go.

    Tales of Hearts R -
    Taking my time and enjoying this one.
    About 10 hours in, enjoying the skits, and probably half way through with the game. The difficulty is starting to rise and the battles are getting more intense. Obtained the Anger shard for Kohakus Spiria core, so I should be nearing the games end.

    Beyond two Souls -
    Decided to go back to this and try to view the different endings (as well as try to platinum). Going for the Saving all characters ending, so let's see how this goes.
    Just finished the chapter where Jodie wakes up to an abandoned burning building, having to rescue Elissa and the other homeless men.

  • Sunny you gotta play ZAT with others and with the difficulty up a few notches. It's a lot like Left 4 Dead, a pretty straightforward run between safe rooms that is pretty boring solo but gets better with additional people.

    I played:

    Bloodborne - Still going through with Epke. We killed Rom the Spider most recently.

    Dark Souls 2 - Just dicking about with it.

    LEGO Jurassic World - Doing all the side stuff and collecting dinosaurs.

    Tales of Monkey Island - Never finished it so gone back to episode 1 to rerun through it all since I've forgotten most of it. I also have a big backlog of Telltale adventures collecting on my HDD so I figure I should start going through them.

    Helldivers - Shot some bugs.

  • Will do, Flibble. I did like how they had an equal set of male and female choices. I appreciate these options.
  • Been doing a lovely bit of gaming. Here we go.

    (Xbone) Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
    My first ever experience with a Metal Gear game and I'm pretty confused. It plays great, but the whole timeline with these games is like running me for a loop. It seems like an easy 1000/1000 so, that should be fun. It's free for Xbox Live Gold members so that's nice.

    (Xbone) Resident Evil Remastered
    Killed Neptune, & Plant 42. Making my way around the mansion right now. Fucked up saving Rebecca from the Hunter on the second floor, but for some reason after I saved, and loaded the game back up the other day I hadn't gotten to that point, so I have another chance to save her which is great. I'm loving this game, and for being my only introduction to the first game after playing like 30 minutes of the Gamecube version when it came out, it really bums me out how long this took me to pick up.

    Can't wait for the RE:0 and RE2 remakes. Especially RE2. Wonder if they'll do a Nemesis remake. This game is fucking hard!

    (Xbone) Master Chief Collection
    Finished the Halo 3 campaign on Legendary with some buddies, and tried starting Halo 4 but the connection was so shite we kept getting dropped from our Xbox Live Party and the game kept stuttering. Switched over to multiplayer and the connection issues were non-existent. As soon as Halo 5 drops I'm deleting this game off my HDD. There's just too much wrong with it.

    (Xbone) Dead Rising 3
    Tried getting the co-op achievements but I could never connect to anyone. I feel like the player base for this game is literally non-existent.

    (Xbone) Assassin's Creed: Unity
    Same as above. Played one co-op mission and snagged an achievement. Might dip more into this for the co-op achievements. Still trying to decide how I feel about this game as a whole. Atleast there's no pay-DLC holding me back from a completed gamerscore for this title. Played a bit of the Dead Kings DLC and the lantern/light stuff is pretty cool. I like that aspect. Running around with the first Guillotine Gun you get and it's simply beautiful, and just feels so damn meaty.

    (PS1) Dino Crisis
    Been playing some of this gem after a long, long while. It's still fun in terms of gameplay, but my god does it look like absolute asshole. I'm a huge advocate on getting an HD collection of these games on the Xbox One, and PS4. I know everyone is foaming about the RE remakes right now but I'm sure the Dino Crisis games would be a nice bet too. They're heavily underrated games, and they're right scary to this day I find.

    Never played the third one, so I might try and find a cheap copy on Ebay (even though it's hated among fans for the changes they made like space, and parasites). But gimme the HD collection!

    (PC) Rocket League
    Forgot about this game, which is a travesty. Rocket League is one of the most fun, addicting games I've played as of late. I expect this to become a super competitive game and be one of the titans in ESports (even though I find all of that horribly boring). It's good fun! Definitely recommend everyone check it out.
  • @Sunflower would be interested to hear your thoughts as a COD fan - do you now see BlOps as the main storyline in the franchise?

    @Manio If you're playing Ground Zeros in advance of playing Phantom Pain, hoo boy, have you got some wiki reading ahead of you...

    In other news, the other day I started following a guy who does the best car paint/vinyls in Forza on Twitter and now...I really want to play Forza 4 again.
  • I don't care about main storyline whatsoever. Zero interest, so I don't care how I see Blops. I just know I'll get solid multi and support from Blops games, and that's all I want.

    Just buy a Bone, Egg, and get Horizon 2 and stop fuckin' around with that old shit
  • @Littleg Forza 6 is due out soon, maybe it's time for an upgrade ;)

    Anyway I finished the story of The Witcher 3 last week. I got a rather downer of an ending and when I checked online it was the negative/bad ending. I didn't check any FAQs or guides while playing the game so I didn't really target any particular story branch. But I liked playing the game so much and I'm not really happy with the way it ended I'm thinking about starting again to get a better ending (don't have a save far back enough to sort out all the choices I made). But it seems like of hours to put in.

    But this week I'm playing

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield 4 - Still playing the multiplayer most nights.

    (PS4) Broken Age - Decided to give this a go as I fondly remember point and click game although it's a bit of slow going at the moment.

    (Xbox One) Gears of War Ultimate Edition - Have the game pre-ordered and it's due out in the UK on Friday so I might pop it in for a few rounds of multiplayer.
  • I knew I'd written that wrong as I was typing it - are the Treyarch CoDs the bestest?

    The 'Bone has been creeping back into the frame after I had assumed I would get a PS4 next, but I'm still happy with what I have right now, thanks chaps.  If the backwards compatibility deal really starts to take off I might be sold, but then how sad is that to be saying?  I might buy a current-gen console on the basis that I can play last-gen games?  As it stands, there's barely a handful of games from the last couple of years that would convince me to buy a whole new console and, while Forza 6 looks like a return to form, 5 sounded like such a mess that I'm happy to sit and wait on that too.  

    Don't get me started on Horizon, though.  Every once in a while I think I really should go back and give it another go, but the changes they made to the Forza physics just kill it for me.
  • @Littleg backwards comparability alone means nothing to me. Publishers theowing games at me for buying a game I already would has made me think more of my Xbox one as maybe becoming my main console. It's not there yet but with fallout giving away the 360 games with a purchase and rainbow 6 the same. That's two games I would have gotten on the PS4 now being bought on the Xbox one.
  • @Littleg

    My buddy is like you when it comes to Forza. He hated the first Horizon, but LOVES Horizon 2. He just loves it a bunch. I need to pick it up meself.
  • Backcompat on the Bone is dope, because it's not like PS Now where they are asking for more money to do it, but it's simply added value. It's nice, because I bought a lot of kideo games digitally, and having them around is nice.

    Horizon 2 is just the greatest god damned racing game I've played, and that includes Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed. 

    Forza 5 wasn't really a mess, it was just light on courses. I have a hard time ever wanting to go back to a course-based game after Horizon 2. Horizon 2 has spoiled me, really has. Also good.

    There's a lot of other stuff on the Bone as well. PS4 will hit its stride, surely, but not this year. Patience never hurts, it only helps. Of course, if you're content playing old-ass FIFA're not an impatient being.
  • Playing Warthunder, Warframe and Bloodborne on PS4
    Stuck on the Hunter in the cathedral but i will get him!!!!!!!

    Playing Skyrim and enjoying except that the fighting a little unbalanced, luckily my sneaking skill is high so i just hit and sneak away, or jump on the rock and see the enemy go clueless
  • Dishonored on PS4.  I really love Bioshock-like games.  Bioshock 2 might be one of the most underrated games of last gen, especially the Minerva DLC.  Anyhoo, I remembered liking this, and I never played the DLC.  I do not notice any graphical improvement.  This time I am not going to waste Runes on that windblast bullshit.
  • I was really disappointed when I heard that Dishonored on the PS4/XB1 was just a straight port, bundling the dlc. ;( I love Dishonored when I played it on 360, but I'll wait til its cheaper or gets a proper Remaster.
  • Gears of war
    I have not yet bought any of the newer consoles. But if I had, I would have bought the gear hd remake,
    Anyway, I have sought out my 360 version, which I have completed on Insane difficulty, and I have found all the cogs.

    Fallout 3
    I have 1200 achievement points, so I'm currently working on to complete
    remaining achievement, now that I have a guide book :) plays today at a
    Oh, how I love this game :) so very much to do and see.

    lost odyssey

    Bought the game at EB for 30 SEK. Discovered, however, that one disc was missing.
    are on Disc 2, so I hope I manage to get the disc 4 before I have time to finish with 3 disc :)

    naruto ultimate ninja storm 3 full burst
    Been a while since I played a Naruto game, the latest was probably
    Naruto Ultimate Ninja SHIPPUDEN series on PS2. A series which I liked
    very much.
    Because the series had a similar gameplay systems like super smash bros. In which case. I find Naruto Storm 3 really good .. However, the game lacks a certain degree of fighting deep.
  • Ha got lucky with the hunter in the cathedral, he glitched into a statue and i could slowly wear him down, could not pick up the item, but going back to the hub and returning, it was luckily next to the lantern.

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