Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 17/08/15
  • Hmmmm, that summary from last week never materialised, did it?  Oh well, Sunny pretty much nailed what I would've written anyway, although you would need to substitute a proper football team name for 'Bluepool Wizards'.  We don't go for themed team names on this side of the Atlantic, you can search around for the clamour that occurred when a foreign owner attempted to rename Hull City as Hull City Tigers...

    (360) FIFA14 I have an, I'm not talking about my crippling football game addiction, I'm talking about a horrible bug that wiped me out for the best part of a week.  I had a little bit of energy for gaming, but only enough to do all the pre-season player trading.  My squad is now so well stocked with quality, I'm at the point that I can't keep all the players happy.  As a real football manager would say, it's a nice kind of selection problem.

    (360) Red Dead Redemption This had been hanging over me for a while and I was feeling bad that I'd left it untouched for almost a whole month.  Coming back after a long break and after having been already finding the controls a bit of a cumbersome wrestle has not been a wholly positive experience.  Rockstar have done world- and character-building like no-one else for this game, and this Death-of-the-West setting gives them a very rich palette to work with, but John Marston himself is a shambling, waddling idiot who refuses to go where I point him, especially when he's on horseback.  

    Also, the world is populated with little events that help keep it feeling alive; except in every single circumstance so far, by the time I have figured out where the commotion is coming from, laboriously pointed my horse in that direction, de-selected the lasso from the weapon wheel and brought my gun to bear on the main culprit, whoever it was that I was supposed to be rescuing is inevitably already dead.  The Littleg-version of John Marston is a well-meaning simpleton who has yet to save a single life despite his best efforts.

    I can perhaps best describe my overall irritation with the game with an extended sequence that occurred late last night when all I wanted to do was complete a couple of jobs and then go to bed.  I'd just completed the third or fourth Bonnie mission, getting me the lasso which will hopefully enable me to do non-lethal takedowns of bad guys (the supposedly reformed main character going around mercilessly gunning down everyone who crosses him feels a little wrong) and had planned to complete a few more Stranger missions as I'd read that they net you some extra new weapons.  Crossing through town to get to a Stranger on the other side of the map I accidentally triggered an interminable story mission in which I had to help the Quack sell his medicine (a mission which glitched out on me a couple of times making me re-do the mini games).  Working my way back from that story to the Stranger I had targeted, I stumbled upon a hideout with a husband whose wife had been kidnapped crouching outside.  After shooting my way through that and rescuing his missus, I saddled back up and headed back towards my Stranger.  She turned out to be a lady stood in the middle of nowhere who I galloped up to and jumped off my horse.  My horse kept moving, ran her over and she took that as aggression and legged it, shutting off the mission to me.  All of which took around 30-40 minutes.

    Deflated, I headed back to Macfarlane's Ranch, rode through the gates and unintentionally trampled the village dog to death.  Open World Video Games, y'all.

    That's it from me.  Get to WiG'ing y'darn varmints.
  • Dog killer!

    I hunted down Deathstroke in Batman AK. Kind of enjoyed the grindiness of map cleaning.
  • You'll...figure it out Egg.

    Finished Life is Strange episode 4 last night. Fucking game of the goddamned year. God DAMN. GOD DAMN! 

    Started up another Diablo playthrough with HP and Blue and another - still chasing that 1k/1k gamerscore on there, this will move me further.

    Time Clickers is a shitty clicker game but not as bad as Sakura Clicker - absolutely garbage.
    Thinking I may dig into Lisa this week, but the new Tales from the Borderlands is coming out today I think, and that's a hellaciously good romp.

  • Red Dead is great, just hang in there buddy.

    (Xbox One) Resident Evil Remastered
    Holy fuck is this game hard, but amazing. I've only ever played the Gamecube version up until the point where you need to get the Dog Whistle but never figured it out, and that was years ago. Bought this about three days back and have been loving it. Just encountered Yawn for the first time, got an achievement, and didn't save the dude who got bitten by Yawn. Oops. And stopped playing when I got to the Residence area. Fuck me this game is great.

    Now, I've played every other RE game in the franchise except for Resident Evil: 0 so I'm excited about that HD re-release and the fucking Resident Evil 2 Remake. Think we'll get Nemesis? I hope so. This game is nectar from heaven. Love it.

    (Xbox One) Master Chief Collection
    Scooping up some achievements in the campaign, and working on doing Legendary solo-runs of every campaign. Halo 3, and Halo 4 are cake-walks, but I've never done Legendary runs for the first two games. Should be interesting. I'm not looking forward to the Flood portions in Halo: CE.

    The Halo games are great. Can't wait for Halo 5. Don't really care about the missing split-screen. Last time I played split-screen was Mario Kart: Double Dash back in like '06.
  • (PS4) The Binding of Isaac Rebirth I beat Mom's heart! And I got the 1st of 16 endings. :) fun game, I'll probably continue to play this off and on.

    (PS4) Galak-Z After beating Isaac I started this up. I don't normally like shmups with momentum physics but this one is growing on me. Forward thrust, Reverse thrust, Strife, Juke, Shoot, and missiles all on different buttons. When I'm fighting just 1 or 2 enemies its fine, but any more than that and my fingers fumble and I'll boost instead or shooting or ... its a mess. I like the game so I'll keep at it.

    Thats it from last week. More Galak-Z this week. Also I preordered Gears of War Ultimate for next week! I'm hoping to do some Co-op, :)
  • Playing, Castle storm, drago0nquest (ps4), the walking dead, Sound shapes, Warframe, limbo, warthunder and Skyrim, Was enjoying Skyrim until, suddenly the enemies ranked immensely, and the mission with delphine where you have to kill the just resurrected dragon in a space with not much to hide behind, and the glitchy engine, try to jump on an inclined rock surface, get stuck flames that go through rocks, another game that goes back into the closet.

    So played some co-op with Herr Flibble yesterday although it was more trying to keep up with him  :P
    2 bosses killed tonight some slow exploring!
  • Another week of the same games.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield 4 - Playing some more multiplayer games. Not aiming for anything and still waiting to see if I get into the Xbox One CTE.

    (Xbox One) The Witcher 3 - I got past level 30 and I've done the majority of the Witcher contracts and most secondary quests but I've run into a few now that are bugged, so I've got at least 2 missions I've done most of the work on I can't complete. Anyway still a great game and I'm going to concentrate on getting some more story missions done.
  • Dark Souls 2 - Going through all the DLC again with another character. Doing everything solo, hammer only, no magic. I want DS3.

    Bloodborne - Helped Epke get through a few bosses. Also watched him fall off a bridge, get blown up, and have his face eaten off. Good times.

    LEGO Jurassic Park - Finished all the story missions. Pretty good entry for the series. I still think I like Marvel and Batman more though.

    Pure Chess - Trying to get through the tournaments but getting a bit pissed off. You have to win 4 games in a row for each tournament but you have to win by getting checkmate, if you draw (box the AI in so he can't make a move) the tournament ends in failure.

    Tomb Raider (PS4)- Got to level 60 and just need to mop up a few online trophies now to plat it. But since there's nobody playing this anymore I will probably have to find a boosting group or give up.
  • (PC Rocket League
    So, this game is addicting as all fuck. It's great.
  • Flibmeister has the tomb raider PS4 and PS3 different servers? otherwise i could use me PS3 character
  • WWE 2k15

    A little more career mode. Still losing pretty much every fight. But what do I expect I have moved up from NXT. A roster of superstars that have similar stats to my created superstar. To the main roster and these guys are in their 70s and 80s against my 57. I'm just seeing it as me paying my dues. Notch a few losses. Win every now and again. Upgrade my dude. Sooner or later I will be on par and going for a title.

    I'd love more story from this game not just the shows GM telling me who my next opponent is and why. I want story lines. Branching paths. Like the old smackdown games on playstation 1 and 2.

    NFL 15

    I think I stated last week that I know nothing about the sport. I'm slowly picking things up. I started the career mode as a coach. Played a few pre season matches and won. Actually scored a few touchdowns. I think I'm doing well. Playing as the 49ers because well I'm want to travel to San Fransisco in the next year or two so why not. And they don't have a stupid name like the Alabama gators or the Baltimore Ravens. I'm aware that the former isn't correct.

    Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zero

    Right a little about my MGS history. I played and loved 1 and 2. Even thought the Raiden switch was kinda cool. Went into three all excited. Didn't really like it. I'm not sure if it was the jungle atmosphere or the change in gameplay (having to micromanage camouflage and food) but it fell flat to me. So after that never really gave 4 a decent shout. I think I actually bought it and never played it.

    Well recently I have caught up on the story via Metal Gear Scanlon a video series Giant Bomb have been running. I think for the first time I actually have a grip of what's going on who the patriots were and became. The double and triple crosses. So I am all pumped for the first of September and the actual MGS V. So yeah. I played a ton of Ground Zero. The game plays fantastically. Looks beautiful and if the full game keeps up with the Far Cry like open world mark your enemies it will be the best metal gear yet.
  • Pretty sure they are different servers Epke.
  • Giving my vita some love this week.

    IA/VT Colorful - seriously this game is jam packed with songs. And the mission mode is posing to be rather difficult. The platinum is one hell of a grind, having to beat all 60 songs on easy/normal/hard....
    Loving the game though. Hate that I can't access the DLC since it requires access to the Japanese store. And I don't want to be resetting my vita back and forth from switching psn accounts.
    Might just buy another vita console just for my Japanese imports.

    Binding of Isaac -
    This games platinum is ridiculous.... The game is entertaining, but seriously... Beating the game with "The Lost" character and not getting hit once? I call bs.
    Just got ending number 11.

    Tales of Hearts R -
    Most straight forward Tales of game yet.
    Very linear and simple.
    It's a bit of a relief to play something like this, since I still wanted my RPG fix. Just didn't want to invest the 70+ hours

    Sound shapes -
    Revisited so I can get the remaining 25 silver trophies from the DLC packs. 20 down, 5 more to go.

    Buddy challenged me to reach level 19 on PSN by Sep20, so I'm in trophy hunt Beast Mode.

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