NoobToob Future?
  • I was browsing Twitch randomly the other day and I came across a Turkish gaming podcast with 8,000 viewers with 2 dudes sitting on a video call talking about games and thus reminded me of the glorious NoobToob that I missed so much. So I began fantasizing about Tobin and Yuzo chatting about games live on Twitch with forum members having insightful discussions at the same time. That would be great. That is all, have a good day.


  • It won't happen.
  • I'm sure a lot of us have wanted this to happen at one point or another. but I agree with Dr Flibble, it won't.

    On the topic of webcast. I saw a video with Pat the NES Punk the other week, and liked their set up. At first I didn't even realize it was a split screen, I thought they were both sitting at a small table at first. :P
    Edit: Well, now that I look closer.. they are at the same table, but using 2 cameras. Would still be a good trick for a web podcast.

  • It was fun while it lasted , i guess they have become crusaders for the Sarkesian front :P
  • Yuzo just had baby #3 and Tobin seems busy with work and booze and poontang. They ain't coming back.
  • It's okay, everyone. I'm going to launch a new podcast with @GoodEnoughForMe called Noobtube. It's in no way related to the podcast Noobtoob.
  • If you're serious @AshGooner, I think a different name would be best. :)
  • We could try NubeToob
  • I look forward to it, whatever the name, not nubeboob, also not noobpube.
    Noobied by 1SpaceOfSoul
  • SideBoob?
  • When it's gone, it's gone.
  • Might be good to leave the podcast to rest It was a viewing experience that still remained constantly entertaining throughout. What a borderline impossibility it was. I always feel any other Podcasts are inferior.

    But SideNoob might be a decent name if you would like to produce a podcast loosely related to NoobToob. And good luck if you continue down that path.

  • NooBTooB will always be the greatest gaming podcast in my opinion. Really miss watching Tobin and Yuzo talk about the latest games every week. In inspiration of NooBTooB, my friend and I started up our podcast setup similar to that of NooBTooB. Would greatly appreciate if anyone watched and gave us feedback. Of course it will never be anywhere near as good as NooBTooB was.
  • Funny you guys ask.  Last time Tobin was in town we were trying to figure out how to do more random episode filming that didn't involve a lot of post-production to make it more of a casual thing whenever he was in town.  Something like Twitch came up but neither pf is have had much experience with it so weren't too sure how it would work since we were so sporadic.  Live doesn't really translate too well for our stuff.

    Now that Youtube gaming is out it might be worth checking it out again.  Curious what you folks think would make for a good experience that's worth watching.

  • Two guys talking about video games would be nice. New baby not sleeping?
  • Twitch is big money these days
  • @yuzo Dude I would watch anything you guys put out, i am not impartial enough to make any real useful points.

    It would be a different dynamic for sure, no way really to know how it would work. You guys were always great at going off of the rough script. Try it a couple of times internally see if you both could feel comfortable. Maybe a pilot perhaps? I don't know what sort of work it would take it would take for you guys to put something out though, I imagine its pretty easy these days. But i don't know.

    I would like it if you at least seriously considered trying something like Youtube gaming. And if it doesn't at all feel right nothing to lose right? Except your own time and production time/work xD . Probably latency would be the biggest bitch to overcome.

    Popularity is also hard to gauge interest just by asking here, the community on these boards is pretty small and distilled these days and is tiny weenie. You got around 10 MILLION views for your youtube videos and it would be a shame to not at least try these new formats. Everyone knows you guys have got something special and a great dynamic with each other.

    And most of all, don't feel obliged to do anything. No fun for you, fuck it.

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