Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 03/08/15
  • As mentioned last week, I was away on business a fair bit last week, travelling up and down the country to meetings and delivering training.  Weekend was then spent at my parents' gaff so I've been away from the old Xbox for most of the week. Managed a couple of long-ish sessions on Friday and Sunday nights, but by those points I was so pooped that all I could manage was a few more weeks of the current FIFA14 season, and no-one wants to hear about that.

    Don't let that discourage you from posting though, I long for an update from the wild frontiers of video games.
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  • I'm starting to find it really hard to get much gaming time in at all. I went to Meadowhall and picked up Disney infinity 2 real cheap, dropped a few hours into that. It's pretty competent for a "kids" game. I'm not big on the toy box mode but thats 'cause I have zero imagination or creativity. I might download some others and check them out to see if I can get any inspiration going.

    A bit more rocket league passed those 20 minutes while I'm waiting for my missus to get ready or if I'm waiting for dinner to be cooked (oh who am I kidding delivered). It's a real good game for that drop in bang 2 ranked matches out. Turn it off.

    Also a bit more WWE 2k15. Im still playing. Tweaked my dudes moves. I'm going for the NXT title again soon (I lost to Neville last time).

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  • I didn't manage to go back to The Evil Within. ;( But!...

    Titan Souls (PS4) I beat this game! :) It was short and fun. I got stuck on the true final boss, for a day or so, but I managed to beat that this past weekend. Now there are a lot of things left to do in this game, NG+, Hard Mode, beat the game without dieing. But I beat all the bosses and I think I'm done. I enjoyed my ~4 hours it took to beat all the bosses. ;)

    The Binding of Isaac Rebirth (PS4) I played a shit ton of the Original BOI on Steam, and stopped before that expansion came out, then Rebirth came out and I never got around to playing it. So I decided to dip into this after I finished Titan Souls. I had forgotten how much fun this game can be. I have not yet beaten MOM so I'm not very far into it.

    That was it for what I played last week. I did manage to watch some of the SGDQ runs and what I did see was amazing. I want to go back and see some of the other games I like since they are all up on youtube now.  Work is going to be really busy for the next 2.5 weeks or so, and my attendance here might be even less than normal for me :/ Same with my game time, I'll probably be sleeping more. Anyway, comfort food gaming for a bit for me, so I will continue playing Isaac when I have time. I may also start up SR IV since I've been wanting to replay that for a while now, not sure yet though. ;)

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  • Got my cardiologist appointment today. Here's hoping I can get some sort of diagnosis.

    FFXIV A Realm Reborn: this is all I play nowadays.
    Got my botanist from level 18 to 28.
    Black Mage from 30 to 32.
    Harvesting some materials with my botanist, that way I can move on to weaver with some High Quality materials to give me that exp boost. Love the crafting system in this game. A bit of a grind but, I don't mind doing the item logging/harvesting. Though it can be a bit monotonous.

    I'm getting a bit burnt out with Black Mage, so I might switch classes soon. Might continue with a healer. My Free Company (Guild), is always seeking healers and I suppose I could help the FC if I were to have a healer class.
  • Bloodborne - I'm now on NG+ to infinity. I've lost track now.

    Dark Souls 2 - Did a little co-op.
  • Terraria (PC)
    Got my solo-world into Hardmode, and defeated the three mechanical bosses (The Twins, Skeletron Prime, and The Destroyer). Working on finding more Life-Fruit to max out my health to 500, and then I'll go tackle Plantera. This game is so good. Can't wait for Terraria: Otherworld.

    Dead Realm (PC)
    This game is pretty much tag/hide-and-seek but with ghosts. It's a multiplayer game on Steam and is in Early Access. It's pretty fun to romp around in, although the UI & game menus are probably one of the worst I've ever seen in a game. There's not much meat to it right now, but atleast it's fun.

    Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut (PC)
    I've been hearing about this game for years on this site, so I decided to finally dip into the game that I bought during the Summer Sale on Steam. I've only played about half an hour or so, but it's right fucked up. I'm getting an eerie sort of Silent Hill-esque/Twin Peaks vibe from it if that makes sense. I'll dive into some more after this post.
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