Hi all, it's been a while!
  • Hi all! o/

    I was reminiscing about PAX 2008, and I was curious if the forums were still going, and to my pleasant surprise here they still are!

    I'm not sure how many of the veterans are still about, but hopefully there are still some familiar faces here :) I never posted massively often, but the PAX 2008 NooBTooB Meetup will always be one of my favourite memories from back then - you can't beat taking over the gaming room with Kickle Cubicle!

    For those of you that were at PAX 2008, me and hbk619  were the two uk girls that tagged along :) To refresh your memories, here's one of the only pics I could find from back then (who needs elegant and flattering pictures anyway! xD I'm still just as tiny, still waiting for that growth spurt!):


    What are you guys all up to nowadays? I've spent the years working and studying, but now my health has made me take a step back and rest for a while, I figure what better time to get stuck back into gaming! :D

    In other news I started playing Destiny a few months ago (was a bit late to the party, I started playing as the current expansion was getting old), and finally got myself a Gjallarhorn woo! pvping til silly hours pays off apparently xD

  • Heyo. 
    As I'm sure you can see, the site is a bit slow now days. :p 
    There's a handful of people still poking around here. You can also find some on Facebook, Twitter, Steam etc. There's even a few people that still log into IRC, but that's lost a lot of people too. 
    I watched the show for years, but I didn't join here until the end.

    I haven't been playing as many games as I want lately. I need to get a new 360/PS3, and I still haven't bought any of the new systems. I think that's because I got into Magic the Gathering and D&D.. I have Steam open a lot though.

  • I recognise at least one of the handsome gentlemen in the background of that picture! And from the cheese hat, I'm guessing you were confronted with either hp1703 or Fuzzy, poor you.

    I'm enormously jealous, at that point I'd only just joined the community and hearing Tobin and Yuzo talk about what a good time they'd had after they came back made me want to get more involved and stick around. And that was nearly 7 years and counting...

    I'm glad you've dropped by, hope you're here for a while!

  • That looks a lot like JamEnslaver in the background!

    And there are some veterans still around, truth be told that's generally what is left, but we do have some new people joining every once and a while which is awesome. NooBTooB has been my gaming home for nearly 7 years now (August).

    Welcome back!
  • I guess i am one of the new old guys :P
  • I think HP's first was 09 with me, and Fuzzy was 2010 because I didn't make that one.

    Good times.
  • I got myself a new condo since my mom is selling her house. Bought it, invested, got it fixed up and now I'm in it.

    Work during weeks, plus two rehearsals each week for EPAC, games in evenings and on weekends. Plus I upload CONSTANTLY for my YouTube channel--one each day of the week and two each day for Saturday and Sunday.

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