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  • Hey guys! 

    I just got back from taking my family on vacation and one of our stops was at Universal Studios Hollywood in LA. I haven't been to the park since I was about 12 or younger, now being 26 I wasn't expecting to be blown away like I was as a kid and I was sure the T-rex in the Jurassic Park ride wasn't going to look as impressive anymore but I was still excited for my 5 year old to see it. Holy crap they have let the park go. Universal never had many rides to begin with maybe around 10 at the most, being of some of their most iconic films like E.T., Back To The Future, and Terminator 3D. Well most of those iconic rides are all gone, those three I mentioned as well as the Backdraft attraction. I understand as new films come out they will begin to work on new attractions like the Despicable Me ride, if you can call it a ride that is, in fact this was the most disappointing thing about the park almost every attraction was just a 3D movie with a seat that moved around and sprayed water. This includes Transformers, Despicable Me, The Simpsons, and Shrek. The funny thing is where the E.T. ride originally was they didnt even turn it into a ride, they turned it into a Simpsons themed burger stand. The tram ride was also a big let down, it's a hour long ride but most of the entire tour is now driving through the building sets while the tram host regurgitates the same script from years ago. If you went on the Tram ride back before everything went to 3D you will remember seeing King Kong shake the Tram as well as go through Dantes Peak and the collapsing bridge from the Bionic Women, well NONE of these are there anymore. Now there is.... yep more 3D "rides". You go into a tunnel and watch the same fight between King Kong and the T-rex by Peter Jackson but in 3D OOOOOHHHHH how "exciting". Then you hit another 3D film "ride" for Fast and Furious 7 which was very lame, you can tell Vin Diesel and the Rock could care less about there performance. The only redeeming thing about the tram ride was seeing the Bates Hotel and watching Norman Bates load a body into the trunk of his car and of coarse the Psycho house. Jaws is still there but sadly it doesn't hold up to the test of time, it also doesnt help that the Tram host even acknowledges how cheesy it all is, and before you say "you just had a bad host." NO, because we went twice, and you are probably wondering why would you go twice if it was lame well because they have ad's everywhere saying the night tram ride had a lot more attractions and was seemingly cooler. Well its not, at all. All that was different was they had a guy in a really bad Frankenstein Monster costume and Marilyn Monroe, yep that is all. The beer was priced decently which was nice. Overall my kid liked it but I really am disappointed in the park, they rely heavily on 3D movies and call them rides, Jurassic Park was the one ride I was really looking forward to but they failed to mention that most of the Dinos were out of order on the ride and were just absent at the most crucial times like the T-rex before the big drop. Thanks Universal, you were cool at one point and now just a shadow of your formal self, it's sad but now I know not to waste the money on the park again. Oh and one last point, WTF is up with building a Harry Potter attraction now!? Harry Potter films have not been relevant since 2010. This attraction they are working on wont be done till next year sometime. Anyway guys let me know your thoughts, this is one of those instances you realize nostalgia is better than the real thing, which is sad, I loved Universal. oh well. YOW!
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  • That's a shame that it's not that great now.
    Hey, I have an interesting idea though. If your kid had fun, don't spoil it by telling them how bad it really was. Then, in about 10 years, talk about the time you went, and see what memories they have of the trip. See if they have awesome memories compared to the truth if the place. :P
  • I never spoke bad about it around the kid, but with my wife and of coarse the NoobToob army I will share my true thoughts. 
    To my kid it was almost like being in a movie or T.V. show, maybe Im just getting old and cynical LOL
  • USJ (Universal Studios Japan) is just as crap. We got Harry Potter last year. You can stand in line for 3 hours to go on a 3D broomstick ride or you can head to the souvenir shop and get your wallet raped. Something like $30 for a fucking stick...I mean wand, and $10 for a glass of some horrible shit that's supposed to be based on a drink from the movies. I wouldn't know as I've yet to successfully sit through a HP film in its entirety.

    They do some stuff with Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, and some anime collaborations like with One Piece or Attack On Titan over here but most of these are pretty anus too.

    Tokyo Disneyland and USJ are the 2 parks most Japanese seem to want to go to but if you're ever over here you can skip those turd festivals and head straight for Fuji-Q Highlands or Nagashima Spaland imo. Both of these places poo all over TDL and USJ. Cheaper too.
  • What are their themes? What are they like?
  • @Dr Flibble When you say you can have your wallet raped, do you mean literally? and can I choose between anime cosplayer, or Japanese guy in a bikini? jk :P

    @westsw I just googled em. At a glance Fuji-Q looks better. 
    Here are the wikis.
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