Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Dies At 55
  • Pretty sad day for Nintendo.

    Here's the article.
  • The news is still so fresh it could be Internet bull, but I feel like it isn't. Bile duct cancer is a stone cold killer. Usually being tapped to lead Nintendo means you will live a long time. Man, like that company was not already at a crossroads. Latest rumors had NX as being less powerful than a the PS4, which just sounds like failure on launch. 55 is mighty young.
  • Nah, it's legit and confirmed by Nintendo - flags at half-mast at their HQ and everything.  It's all a little heartbreaking, I got genuinely choked-up as I was reading some of the responses on Twitter this morning.  Here was a guy who got his start programming games like Balloon Fight, rose to the top of the company, was still advising on the code of Pokemon games while running the whole operation, called himself a gamer at heart and then, towards the end when he was too ill to attend E3 press conferences, was signing off on stuff like this...


    I mean, I hadn't owned a Nintendo platform for 5 or 6 years by the time he took over, but you could never ignore the impact that Nintendo had on the whole industry from 2002 onwards.  In that time they launched the Wii and the DS and we all know how that went.  Obviously, not everything has been a bed of roses in the last decade or so for the Big N, but in a world of achievements, grey-brown apocalypse landscapes, blind-firing space marines and detailed death animations there's always been something reassuring about there continuing to be an influential company sticking to their principles and producing bright, colourful, joyful playscapes for people to escape into.
  • Well said Littleg,

    Heard about this last night at work, and I shed a few tears and reminisced the times I had with my Nintendo consoles. The memories that were made, Iwata has left his mark in many gamers hearts.

    Played a bit of Splatoon, and you can see the hub packed with people paying their respects to Iwata with art.
    Went through and article, and people are also playing as his Mii character on Mario Kart 8 online to pay their respects.

    He will be missed.
  • R.I.P. Much too soon. 
    I didn't realise what huge influence on Nintendo's success he has had.
  • Where Nintendo go from here will be interesting to see. My issues with some of the directions the company had gone under Iwata are known here, but there's no denying the man will be missed. He was one of the giants in the industry.

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