Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 06/07/15
  • Well, that went swimmingly.  House move completed, TV and consoles all set up, internet running, a hundred and one boxes packed moved & emptied, irreparable damage done to my lower back...

    Not much time for gaming, though.  A handful of matches in FIFA14 and that's about it (Blackpool currently on an incredibly hot run of form, beating Manchester United 4-1 and Southampton 5-0 in the league and progressing in the Champion's League - I think I should try the next difficulty level again at this point).

    Haven't had a chance to make a start on my next single-player game and I'm also now unsure about whether it should be Skyrim or Red Dead.  I've just finished my Season 1-4 marathon of Game of Thrones in preparation for watching Season 5, and I'm definitely in more of a fantasy frame of mind than a cowboy one... 

    Opinions on that, plus all other things WiG-related welcomed!
  • It should be Red Dead, stop fuckin about and put Fifer down for good and get immersed in ye olde West. Please stop trying to decide and just do as I tell you! Other people back me up on this.

    Skyrim is hot garbage. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME. And it'll waste a lot. Just let it go. Red Dead is a far more important game with more important things happening, plus it's better. More fun to play. GOD DAMN YOU EGG JUST DO ITTTTTTTT

    I'm still terribly addicted to two idle games, one sucks and one does not - Clicker Heroes is fantastic, I love it and I want to get 100% on the achievements.

    Adventure Capitalist fuckin' sucks. But I want to get 100% as well. Good thing it takes 2 mins a day to play.

    Also picked up Arkham Knight. I don't like it that much. It's ok. The Batmobile is a desperate thing. The big tradeoff, the big sacrifice that they made to let you drive around in a city is that it's no longer so DENSE. Like, PT was dense - one hallway, but EVERYTHING had purpose, everything was placed carefully. Arkham City, and Origins to some extent were DENSE. This is basically the difference between LA and New York. New York having hundreds of years of history condensed in a small space, which would be the previous Batmens, but Arkham Knight is Los Angeles - no real center, sprawled out - just so you can drive your little baby car. It's a shame, because that also removes the sense of momentum and movement out of gliding around. All of a sudden, things feel VERY far away. And it sucks.

    Combat's blah, very old. Exploration is ok. It's just...ok. I don't feel strongly about it, but I think it's the worst of their series.
  • @Littleg I think both are great but you can get through Red Dead much quicker than Skyrim (not that Red Dead is a short game or lacking for content). You could just play Red Dead first and then move onto the 100 hours of Skyrim. Skyrim has the fantasy element but I wouldn't say it's has the drama of something like Game of Thrones.

    Anyway I finished 96% of Batman: Arkham Knight last week. I got the first ending but to get the complete ending I need to get about another 190 Riddler Trophies and that sounds way too time consuming so I'm now putting that down.

    (Xbox One) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - I put this down to play Batman: Arkham Knight and I only just starting to get back into this and figuring out what I was doing.

    (PS4) Planetside 2 - Playing a few games with friends but still struggling to follow what I need to do and where exactly I need to go.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield 4 - Hardly played BF4 over the last few weeks which is odd for me but I've had a load of other games to play lately so I am hoping to get back into this and with the Community Test Environment (CTE) launching on Xbox One this week I'm hoping I get into that so I can start testing out the new maps before they arrive.
  • (PS4) Lords of the Fallen I beat this game with the Warrior. Went for the Bad ending, I really enjoyed my time with it, even though I didn't really like it at first. Took about 16 hours. There are some bugs in the game, but nothing to frustrating.

    (PC) Super Chibi Knight This is a action platformer combat with light RPG stuff. Made by a Father/Daughter team, its cute and challenging but not to hard. I had fun with it. I beat it in about 2 hours with the Beastmaster ending, there is another ending but no NG+ so to get that I'd have to start all over, and I'm not feeling like doing that right now. Fun game though.

    I also started a VN game, (my 1st one ever) but I'm not to far into it and have nothing to report on it at present. I also got a new wireless router since my old one from 2011 was dieing and now I'm trying to get the XboxOne hooked up to the 5ghz network. Hoping for a big speed increase. I may also finally be starting an XboxOne game this week, if I find the time/patience. ;)
  • I'M WITH @Sunflower.

    Seriously, man. Red Dead is one of the best games on the last generation of consoles. You owe it to yourself!

    (Xbox One) Dead Rising 3
    Polished off the story. It feels shorter than the other titles in the series, but this is also the first DR game I've finished in terms of story, so who knows. It has given me the desire to go back and finish the story for the other two games. The time-limit in the first game didn't bother me, but the Zombrex micromanagement in the second drove me batty.

    I dunno if I'll check out the DLC. Is it worth it?
  • I had so much fun with Skyrim. It has the explorey thing down. Then the crafting got totally OCD. Not the most challenging game and those faces are wooden. Best game for wandering and building your dolly just the way you like. Red Dead is a good game as well, but gruff cowboy land was more samey with less to discover. Story is better told but is trope trope trope to the end. Red Dead is more cinematic but I loved Skyrim to bits. Cannot wait for Fallout 4. You must have played some Bethesda and Rockstar. These games are pinnacles of their studios. If you are a GTA guy, Red Dead; Scrolls or Fallout, then Skyrim.
  • *mumbles* I've never played a Bethesda game...

    *mumbles a bit more* The only Rockstar game I've played is GTA3 and I didn't like it.
  • Stop posting and start playing, Egg
  • @Littleg Read Dead is the better game. I don't even care for either game, but will tell you Red Dead is simply better. 
  • Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn:
    Finally got myself a good gaming PC, and since I've gone back to FFXIV, I haven't been able to stop.
    I realized why I stopped playing MMOs, and that's because they took so much of my time.
    I've already put almost 40 hours in 3 days..

    Super meat boy:
    Ridiculously hard....

    Djmax Trilogy:
    Found my CDs and found out the online servers are back up! Glad that my level 99 profile hasn't been erased.
    I can start playing with some online folks and get my ass wrecked by Korean rhythm gamers...

    Pretty much it. FFXIV pretty much has a hold of my life right now

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