Are you gay?
  • Following the rampant success of my previous two polls, comes a topically relevant and ill-conceived but meticulously designed poll.

    1. Are you gay?9 votes
        "Relentlessly" gay
      1. Hella gay
      2. As gay as the day is long
      3. As gay as Stonewall Jackson probably should have been
      4. I poop rainbows I'm that gay
      5. Just gay
    Noobied by 2Manio .Ethereal.
  • Everyone is gay today. This is final and irrevocable. 
    Noobied by 1tallchick
  • Can you explain your methodology and what you hope to achieve with what appears to be a carefully worded poll?
  • Certainly, Mr. AshGooner. In constructing this poll, I have undertaken an effort to both determine, and thusly, record, how gay each member of the hereto forums are.

    My methodology involved rigorous study of cultural modalities in order to use language that was both topical and relatable, thus generating the maximum numbers of responses.
    Noobied by 1AshGooner
  • I'm happy for the people that want to get married.
    I'm not sure which option I'm meant to click. 
  • I'm not gay, I'm just comfortable enough in my masculinity to be passed around the football team like a sack of potatoes. Seriously, congrats to you and yours. Best week ever for reading Scalia. I hope he has an aneurysm.
  • "Relentlessly".  You should see the letters I get from my neighbours.
  • How dare you.
  • Golden. 
  • Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Most Buck-Wild Pride Parade Nation’s Ever Seen

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