Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 22/06/15
  • I haven't seen the one sprout up for this week yet, so hopefully Eggy isn't too upset that I did this. Let's go!

    (Xbox One) LEGO Jurassic World
    Just completed it and snagged all the achievements. I'll probably be putting this down for good now.

    (Xbox One) Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition Beta
    Not much to say here. Pretty much an HD remaster of the original game's multiplayer. Preparing for the full-game remaster coming out in August I believe. It's pretty much the same thing you'd expect. Runs at 60fps, and it looks pretty good. Some of the stuff feels wonky, but it is a beta. Xbox Silver members were able to play online too which was awesome.

    (Xbox One) Shadow Of Mordor
    Picked this up today and dived in for a bit. Feels really Batman-esque in terms of gameplay, but it's fun. Can't really say all that much right now.

    (Xbox One) Assassin's Creed: Unity
    Buddy gave me his code that he got when he bought his Xbox One bundle. He was more interested in the Black Flag code (but who could blame him, that game is solid). I've played about two missions now, so I'm not exactly into the whole assassin part of the game, but Arno isn't hooking me as a character right now. I think I may have put Edward Kenway on too high of a pedestal.

  • LEGO Batman 3 - Almost finished the story mode. I like this one. There's no open world this time but I'm kind of thankful for it. I was getting a bit open worlded out with Batman 2, Marvel, and LOTR.

    Helldivers - Jumped in a few missions here and there. Still waiting for this war to end so the Illuminate respawn.

    Mass Effect - Decided to plat this on PS3 since I bought it ages ago and never touched it, mainly because I played it to death on 360 back in the day. I just have to do the trophies for Biotics and then the Insane playthrough and I'll be done. It still makes me sad what a mess they made of the 2 sequels for this. Such potential. So wasted.
  • I've got the week off work so I'm dedicating a lot of time this week to gaming.

    (Xbox One) The Witcher 3 - I think I'm still early in this and it's proving to be very challenging but I'm starting to get into it.

    (Xbox One) Forza Horizon 2 - After seeing that your Forza tier helped you unlock more cars in Forza Motorsport 6 I put this in to get some cars and achievements but I forgot how much I really liked the game so I've been putting more time into this and plan on levelling up a bit more. 

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield 4 - Still playing the multiplayer and still struggling with the changes since the last patch.

    (PS4) Batman Arkham Knight - I'm planning on playing this all week.

    (Xbox One) Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Beta - Playing a few games of this before the beta ends today. The game feels really responsive but playing it reminds me of how bad I was at Gears 1 MP.
  • (PS4) Lords of the Fallen I beat the boss of the 1st major dungeon! I'm finally starting to get the hang of it now. Some of these bugs though, ... and the game does not do a good job of telling you when its time to leave an area, like HEY you've done everything here try leaving, none of that.
    I wound up killing those knights for items
    . Also got my character leveled up enough to use some of the bigger swords effectively now, and I'm starting to really enjoy it when the games not buggy.

    Really have had very little time for games the past week. This week doesn't look much better. I did get a 2TB HDD setup on my XB1 so I'm hoping to get some 360 games installed on it and try that out maybe. :)
  • @Manio do a good chunk of the story first before you get distracted. it'll give you essential gear and gameplay mechanics. only flaw with the game. Unity is VERY VERY fucking good. I was overwhelmed with hard difficulty shit in the middle - solution is to do story missions.
  • I'm still slogging through Kingdom Hearts. Proud Mode definitely makes things harder, and throwing all the side quests and mini games on top of that is making this game much longer than I remember it being. Part of me just wants to go and face Ansem and beat it already, but I've already done so much side work it feels like I would have wasted my time if I just did that. Also, pissed to find out that difficulty trophies don't stack in this game. Difficulty trophies should stack in every game. 
  • A bloodless coup!  Infamy!  Infamy!  They've all got it in fer me...

    For what it's worth, I was coming onto the forum to post the WiG and here was the thread already.  Good to know you got my back, Manio!

    As for what I've been playing...

    (360) Bastion Finally finished this and whilst I felt a fair welter of emotions on getting to the end, I'm not entirely sure why...I mean I get the general themes of the story and the sheer character of the world and the people in it (helped along enormously by the fantastic use of music) meant I was very attached to the whole experience and was sad to see it end, but I don't mind admitting I had to go look at a wiki to confirm exactly what had gone on.  Probably not helped by playing this in tiny fits and starts late at night before passing out asleep, but I probably could've done with a little more exposition.

    That said, I almost never NG+ games I've just finished, but I'm kind of tempted in this case.  I barely scratched the surface of all the weapon options and didn't dig too much into the trials or Who Knows Where (which is a pity as I completed the first one and that gave you a tonne of backstory on The Kid) so I could see myself having a second crack at the story at some point.

    Now, about Alien Isolation...still no luck.  I got in touch with MS support and they gave me a list of things to try, none of which did.  We'll be out of June before I get to play this bloody game.

    (360) FIFA14 Managed to walk away in order to force myself to finish Bastion, but then ended up watching some of the Women's World Cup (C'mon the Lionesses! First England Women's team to win a knock-out match at a World Cup!) got me hankering for some footy.  Fluffed the summer transfer window and missed out on a big-name signing from AC Milan (some Italian kid who is one of the best Right Backs in the game, apparently) but I'll go back in for him in January.  

    A long-term injury to Marco Veratti has limited my Midfield options, but that's actually done me a favour as I've now been able to give Paul Pogba (Europe's most wanted man in the real summer transfer window that's currently going on) and Mateo Kovačić (currently being flirted with by Liverpool IRL, so he could actually be playing in England next season) a decent run in the team.  

    Similarly, I had also attempted to land a big-name striker after the supposedly promising Yassine Benzia had struggled for form at Blackpool and had been shipped out to Aston Villa (who themselves had lost Christian Benteke, a one-time target of mine, to Arsenal) but the dude I was after was making crazy wage demands so I've instead stuck with Romelu Lukaku and Anthony Martial, who are definitely doing a job and (now they don't have to be rotated alongside Benzia) are also improving more rapidly with the greater match experience they're getting.  At the minute, it's Lukaku who's the main man, despite the fact that every FIFA14 career guide you read says 'buy Anthony Martial!!!' in big letters at the top.

    So, that's what I have been playing.  I guess I better start thinking about the next game I'm going to pick from my backlog.  What was that everyone was saying about Red Dead Redemption being the Game of the Generation...?
  • @Littleg as regards Red Dead, stop waiting start playing, you won't regret it.

    Welp, It's time to get out the olde pen and paper, the dice set, and everything else....

    D&D 3.5e

    Oooooooooooohhhh yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaah~

    Couple folks on twitter and I (all old NTers, Maxim, GEFM, Sloth, Me, Manio) are setting up a game. I've tried to get into a game before but either things get upended or people don't have time, or whatever. Anyway, we're using Roll20 and google hangouts, and a bunch of us are inexperienced pen and paper folks. So it should be fun~

    Skyrim - Adventures in Modding
    You know, I'm not really doing much in the way of electronic gaming right now. I've had a MASSIVE rpg craving in the last little while. But, thing is, I really wanna play Skyrim again, modded, and I actually broke it by overmodding it or something. So... I've stripped it all down to bare vanilla bones and am reinstalling a bunch of mods.

    I really like roleplaying/immersion mods. I feel like it adds to the experience of character development. I like things like adding hunger and sleep cycles. I like knowing that, in a frozen world, I can die of hypothermia. Things that make sense, that this game was really missing. So here's a list of mods I really like and use quite a bit. You can get them off or the Steam Workshop.

    The Nexus Mod Manager works really well, and any mods you install will show in your load order when you click 'FILES' in the Steam launcher thingy. You can reorder your files there for load order.

    Sky UI (requires the SKSE aka Skyrim Script Extender) - new user interface for item/magic menus, and is required for many of the following mods, as the in-game config menus are in here. Honestly, it's so awesome, just get it. Bit of a hassle to install but worth it.

    - Realistic cold weather effects on your character, fur crafting, survival crafting! Start with no weapons if you want and make arrows out of driftwood! So cool. No pun intended.

    Wet and Cold and Wet And Cold: Ashes - a reaction and effects mod that adds to the immersion elements of being wet and cold. Snow piles up on your shoulders if you're standing around in a storm, or Ash if you download the Dragonborn DLC patch. You drip and your shoes squish if you climb out of the water, and your cold resistance is negated, if you have Frostfall enaabled. this and Frostfall work really well together. And there are lore friendly race modifiers too (Argonians/Nords reactions to water/cold for example).

    Realistic needs & diseases
    - If you drink from a river you'll get sick. Sleep in someone's nasty bedroll? Sick. But you're in the middle of a dungeon and you're walking around like a drunk moron because you've not slept or ate in 2 days. Damn, you should have packed that veggie soup or you'll die of thirst. How about a quick nip to stave off the chill in the previous mod? And we all know everyone loves making a new kind of pie!

    Unofficial Patches for Skyrim, Dawnguard, Dragonborn, and Hearthfire - necessities.

    Towns and Villages Enhanced - What it says. And they're still expanding.

    Amazing Follower Tweaks - You can have a whole posse of followers. They will make camp for you, ride horses with you. Honestly... there's so much with this mod that's great, just do it.

    Followers Can Relax and Dovahkiin Relaxes Too - Those times when you're sitting in the pub and you gotta consult a spellbook or whatever? If you're near a fire, the Dragonborn crouches and starts rubbing his hands together. There's all kinds of little animations that just make it feel less wooden. When you tell a follower to hang out in a spot for a while, they grab a chair, order a beer and sing with the bard, etc. These two mods work really well together. And in a sense you can set up the Dovahkiin Relaxes for emotes. Kinda neat. I like 'em. Roleplaying. Yeah.

    Alternate Start: Live Another Life - You begin a prisoner and by beseeching Mara can have just about whatever you want. If you want a challenge, you can start lore-friendly, such as being a Dunmer refugee from Morrowind in Solstheim or Windhelm. You can also Give yourself a huge mansion and suck all the fun out of everything, but it's not a bad option if you've played the vanilla game already and just want to start up quickly again and have a little fun.

    To Have and to Hold - This is a Marriage mod for Hearthfire which has an extended ceremony and also allows for guests and an afterparty! The guests are selected from people you've aided or have connections with. The banners around the Church of Mara are from your thanedoms and allegiances. You get a lovely outfit for you and your intended to wear, and overall it really feels like SOMETHING is happening rather than the simple 'ok now you're hitched' reaction. It's really pleasant and works well, if immersion is something important to you, this little thing works wonders for that experience.

    Interesting NPCs - Fully voiced and interactive NPCs, some of which can be followers and have quests that interact with one another! It's a big (in terms of MB) mod, but well worth it.

    So, those are the top mods I use, and if you upload only those, you'll have a decent time of life.

    Here are some other mods I've run and enjoyed:
    • Run For Your Lives!
    • When Vampires Attack
    • Leveling Merchants' Wallets
    • Horse Armors
    • Detailed Mine Map Markers
    • Salt Mines
    • <+> House Map Markers
    • Auto Unequip Ammo
    • Adapter Marriage Mod to Hearthfire
    • Improved NPC Clothing Hi Res
    • Cloaks of Skyrim
    • No More Blocky Faces
    • Ethereal Elven Overhaul
    • Apachii's SkyHair
    • Hunterborn
    • Cloaks of Skyrim (Recommended if you use Frostfall)
    • Winter is Coming (Recommended if you use Frostfall)
    • Guard Dialogue Overhaul
    • Immersive Patrols
    • Holidays (by the maker of Wet and Cold, holiday decor and other awesomeness)
    • Dovahkinder Collection
    • Velvet Robes and Cloaks
    • Left Hand Rings
    • Staves of Skyrim
    • Cutting Room Floor
    • Hearthfire Extender
    • Static Mesh Improvement Mod
    • SkyFalls and SkyMills
    • Hearthfire Display Case Fix
    • Skills Config (Cheater skill advancer, good for if you want to start at a higher level/advanced char. Having completed the game a couple times, I like starting at lvl 5 or 10 if say, I use the Live Another Life mod to start in a house. Makes better sense.)
    • Crafting Supplies (Same as above, this becomes available and I can craft a fancy robe or whatever I need to feel good about my new character's role.)

    And if you love player homes and play a Dunmer and are a Wizard or a Telvanni Operative roleplay, may I suggest: This. It's pretty ridiculous.

    All right! I think that's it for now, toodles!~

  • Finally have some gaming time now that my shifts have been switched over to mornings. 

    Focusing on the Wii U since i have the least amount of games on there. 
    Instead of tackling on my overwhelming Ps3 Collection, I'll start bit by bit with my Nintendo Consoles.

    Kirby and the Rainbow Curse - Just beat the game, and I have to say I was a little disappointed.
    I know kirby games aren't really big on story, but other kirby games had a better way of presenting some sort of story, even if minimal. While the story is told via cute little colored pages done by Elline, it would've been nice if the story had some cut-scenes like the intro of the game.
    The game looks gorgeous on the television screen, but your eyes are retracted away from that since the game has your focus on the touch screen gamepad. 
    Overall it was a fun experience. 
    Short campaign, but the game is lengthened by the hidden treasures and challenges. And that's where the difficulty ramps up. 

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