Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 15/06/15
  • ....Well, this is beyond explanation.  It appears I didn't post a WiG last week.  Admittedly I was away on business in the first part of the week...Oh no, wait, I just named the 08/06 thread as 01/06.  Copy-Paste error.  Sorry for any confusion!

    As for what I've been doing - well, the aforementioned travel has held me back a bit and I've been a bit worn out for most of the week.  And of course, you know what that means.  Is there an easy-going, open-ended game with fun mechanics that I could maybe just relax into at the end of the day?  Oh, there is you say?

    (360) FIFA 14 Premier League Champions and Europa League winners two.  I'm currently torn about whether to bump up the difficulty (which has proved to be quite a challenge when I've tried it in the past) or just to keep playing on easy Semi-Pro setting and build a massive legacy with my artificially financially-enhanced Blackpool squad.  As it stands, my youth squad alone is probably better than the team that Blackpool actually have when you start a new career mode in FIFA14...

    OK, that's it from me.  What have you been doing with your time other than watching E3 presentations?
  • (Xbox One) LEGO Jurassic World
    Loved the movie, and decided to snag the game. It's all four films in one fun, LEGO-ish package. LEGO games are great and this one keeps up with that trend. Plus, combining dinosaurs together to make your own hybrids is great fun. I finished the story for each film and now I'm just sweeping up those achievements.

    (Xbox One) Telltale's: Game Of Thrones
    Just played the first episode considering it's free on the marketplace. I'm digging it. It's definitely capturing the feel of the show, and they nailed the portrayal of Ramsay Snow/Bolton in the first episode.

    (PC) Neverwinter
    It's pretty alright for a free-to-play MMO. Sadly, the whole Astral Diamond stuff is a bit ridiculous. Been playing for about a week now and I'm about half-way to the level-cap of 70.
  • Platted Lego Batman 2.

    Played some Helldivers. Waiting for the war to finish so the Illuminate respawn. Then I can get the last cape.

    Playing through Mass Effect 1 again on PS3. Glitched and become one with the floor like in Terminator 2 and had to go back an hour or so to a previous save.
  • Ok, Last time I Beat Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser but the achievement was broken so I've taken a break from that.

    Super Smash Bros. for WiiU I played some of the dlc that came out on Sunday. Still fun, but I cant seem to want to put much time into it in one sitting.

    Since I haven't felt like going back to Alien yet I started Lords of the Fallen on PS4. Was not keen on it at first but its growing on me. Finally getting the hang of it.

    I've kinda been in a gaming funk since I got the Platinum trophy in Bloodborne. I don't currently have the time or energy for any long or involved games. And the shorter games I've tried haven't grabbed me yet. I think I'm going to try and stick with Lords this week. See how that goes. I've still got Dark Souls 2 on PS4 in my pocket but that is a sink hole that if I start now, I won't stop til I get another platinum trophy and I'm not ready to commit that kinda time right now.
  • I have been playing the following

    Gran turismo 6 PS3 yep seasonal events

    War Thunder PS4 Finally got my KV1 only to get killed by a tiny medium tank, :P

    Warframe PS4 Got the damage mod fully upgraded, took a lot so know i can focus on other mods.

    Thief PS3 In the last level on the hard custom, no kill, no focus playthrough.

    Muraski baby Vita It is a great concept, but the controls are shody and had to play the whole game again to get the last 3 trophies (after reinstalling the game and not accepting the patch)

    Super Exploding zoo, PS4 Played this few times, it is a time killer not something i will keep playing i think.

    Cloudberry kingdom  PS3 getting harder but no frusty levels yet

    Call of the Juarez PS3 Liking the story mode haven't played the other game-types yet.

    Oneechanbara Z2 chaos Bought this cheap, simple hack & slash in underwear :P
  • I played a bit of Cloudberry Super Meat Kingdom too. Not for me.

    I bought Onee Z2 a while back but never played it. I still haven't played No no no on PS3 yet!

    Also forgot to write Dark Souls 2. Made another character which will be hand to hand combat only. No bows, no magic, pyro, or miracles, and no thrown items.
  • I'm still slogging through Kingdom Hearts. I'm trying to get as much done before finishing the game, i.e. side bosses, trinities, etc. The story is really making me roll my eyes considering how simplistic it is. Disney and Square have the ability to write really good all age tales, but here they forego any good writing and fill it with friendship platitudes. The worst part of this is that there are really interesting characters like Riku who actually has legitimate motivations and a character arc that spans across the entire franchise. 

    With that said, I'm really liking the combat system. The combat grows slowly throughout the game and gets better every couple of hours, which is exactly what you want when playing. The only downside to the entire combat system is the camera; it really gets in the way. 

  • I went a bit gaming mad Sunday and watched TV while playing some games that didn't take much concentration. I played the Titanfall horde mode for the first time. That's kinda cool. We kept bombing out on the final round. Erm some Call of Duty Advanced Warfare . 2 games and I got bored. A little Halo 2 Remastered Mumtiplayer. Was actually fun. I'm not much of a halo mp guy but I may play more. Finally I played a bit more Splatoon which is definitely my favourite "shooter" at the moment. It's just so damn fun to jump in do a few matches, check out what new guns or outfits I can buy and be done.

    I plan on checking out the 360 backwards compatibility stuff for next week.

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