Dark Souls III - Official News/Pre-Discussion Thread

  • Only embers remain...

    Early 2016 release date. Here's what I'm seeing in terms of GOTY polls now, at-least here. Bloodborne stomps this year unless everyone decides Fallout 4 is GOTY, and then Dark Souls III stomps next year.

    Let's get some pre-discussion going on. I love me some Souls. Miyazaki is back too, so that's a bonus. Also, it looks like we're going back to Lordran for this one. Atleast, it looks like a pretty devastated Lordran.
  • I still haven't played any of the Souls games.
    Is there any worries about them releasing too many games too fast?
  • If Bloodborne gets GOTY I will be very surprised. The Witcher 3 or Fallout 4 have a much bigger chance imo. Bloodborne is the superior game for sure, but it was a 1 console exclusive, plus the voters are mouth breathing idiots so...

    Dark Souls 3 looks great. Bloodborne DLC will have to tide us over in the interim.
  • Also, that looks a lot like Gwyn's Crown in the trailer. Is it possible that we're also seeing the Chosen Undead from the first game?

    Let it be so.

    EDIT: I know it's far-fetched, but I won't complain if we get Solaire back...
  • Oh dude, if they link DS3 back to the first one to create a trilogy they HAVE to redo DS1 for PS4. Nudge nudge fucking wink wink FROM! You listening?!
  • YES! I want a DS1 remaster a lot! I finally watched the trailer for DS3 and I'm excited, Seems to be back in DS1 territory. 
  • I am very hyped! I've got late into the whole souls series but I've become a believer. \[T]/
    I am glad to hear that it will be coming to PC unlike Bloodborne which I sadly had to skip as I'm unwilling to pick up a console for a single game (I did that with 360 and Gears and was disappointed (That is even before I go into the whole fiasco of gold membership, what a bloody rip off), ended up doing most of that gen gaming on PS3 and PC)

    Souls have changed my perceptions and expectations from action RPGs. I can attest that every time a combat in Witcher 3 begins I think to myself: "I wish it would be more like DS."

    Also from what I am hearing Miyazaki being more involved could be just a PR stunt rather than the reality.
  • I've beaten Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. I have yet to play through Dark Souls II or Bloodborne. I'm clearly behind, but damn does that look beautiful. It's becoming harder and harder not to own a PS4 or have an updated PC. 
  • I assume we're going to get some Bloodborne-esque gameplay elements in this bad boy too, atleast considering what I've read. Who knows!

  • It sounds like they are going for some kind of mix of traditional Dark Souls and Bloodborne gameplay. It should be interesting to see how it pans out.

    Miyazaki is involved in DS3, it's not just a PR stunt. He even said point blank with the exception of himself and a few artists, they are completely different teams of people. He also said there was a 1 year overlap in the development, which means his role in Bloodborne (along with the artists) would have been pretty much done by the time DS3 had started.
  • I think the thing I'm most curious about is the body sacrificing stuff. That and if the Lord Of Cinder they're talking about is indeed Gwyn, or the Chosen Undead from the first game.

    EDIT: Also, once Dark Souls III drops I'll turn this into the official discussion thread :)
  • I think that that DS3 should try to emulate the level design from DS1 over DS2 and BB, that was the main strength of 1. Just keep the cutscenes to a minimum tell the story through optional item descriptions.
    I also want more monster bosses and less big dudes in armour bosses. Just make sure the hitboxes are tight (i'm looking at the DS2 Last Giant).
    As much as I hate the cheap tricks the games have I hope they're still in DS3, The Capra Demon with his mobs and stupidly small and tight arena put me off DS1 for 2 weeks, only after learning how to spam arrows from beyond the fog gate was I able to defeat him.
  • Gameplay trailer dropped today.

  • You can really see the Bloodborne influence. It could end up being the best Souls game yet.
  • I agree. They are clearly trying to learn from all previous iterations. Stances instead of weapon transforms. More speed than Dark, less than Blood. Way more stuff than Blood.

    DS1 had the best overall map of the four. The shortcuts all just showed off its folded origami. High hopes, high hopes.
  • 16 minutes of gameplay, with a boss fight. So obvious spoilers are obvious.


    Boss Battle
  • Jesus this looks awesome. It looks like Bloodborne with a Dark Souls skin on it. The locales are looking very Dark Souls 1 and Demon Souls-ish too. My wallet is ready.
  • @Dr Flibble

    I loved Dark Souls, adored Dark Souls 2 more, but still haven't played Bloodborne or Demon Souls yet :( This game looks fan-fucking tastic though. GOTY 2016. Calling it now for me.
  • You need to get on that shit Manio, you missed out on 2 great games. The current gen DS2 re-release is also worth a look imo.
  • I had a used PS3 but it crapped out before I got the chance to pick-up Demon Souls. I think once I've got some more money I'm probably gonna go out and buy a PS3 to play Demon Souls, unless they do an HD port for PS4 which would be some solid stuff.

    Gonna pick-up the Xbone version of DS2 sometime soon, maybe before Dark Souls III.
  • I think I may be the only Noobtoober not to get into the Dark Souls series. I just don't have the patience for difficult sounding games such as these. I have poor gaming dedication these days. I am too spoilt with other games.
  • 8drawt, the games' difficulty are a bit overstated truth be told. They won't babysit you, but they aren't as fiendishly difficult as some people make them out to be. With DS2 and Bloodborne there are also so many people still playing that even the noobiest noob can find help with anything they might find too tough.

    I'm still regularly playing Bloodborne and DS2 on both PS4 and PS3 sometimes, so if you or anyone else is on those platforms and needs a hand, my summon sign awaits.
  • Not to mention the co-op in these games is some of the best around when you get connected to some fools.
  • The Souls series has a lot of design tools that minimize the difficulty level. If you're a smart player or can team up with cooperative individuals, then you'll be able to succeed in these games with few problems. Also, grinding helps.
  • You know, I really hope Dark Souls III takes home the Most Anticipated Award for the Noob's Choice Awards (yes I'm running it again) this year. Dark Souls II won GOTY last year, and Bloodborne won most anticipated. Let's see some more Souls-esque stuff win awards! Love it.

    That being said. This video is pretty neat. I love how big these games have gotten. It warms my heart. Dark Souls III is gonna be one tough contender for GOTY next year. Atleast, for me. Get your wallet ready @Dr Flibble

    Now I need to go buy a PS3 since mine crapped out and play Demon Souls.
  • It's gotta be February. For the love of fuck, let it be February. They owe it to us for delaying Bloodborne.

    There's a guy in the video Manio posted called LobosJr. Get on YouTube or Twitch and check this guy out. He does some insane runs with From Software games. He beat Bloodborne using only the torch, DS2 with the wooden ladle, and I've seen him do runs with the screen upside down or in Limbo mode (everything is black or white), and many more.

    And where is all the Bloodborne DLC info? I thought we'd have heard something by now.

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