Favourrite Tupe of Alcohol

    *Note: Drunk driving, wreckess drinking, or other comsumption of alcohol that endangers you or others is fucking dumb

    Please vote on your favourite tuype of alcoholic beverage.

    I am a little tupsy so I apologize for the tupos.
    Favourite alcohol
    1. What is your favoruite alcohol12 votes
      1. Wine
      2. Whiskey/Scotch (scotch being superioor)
      3. Brandy/Cognac (cognac being superior)
      4. Vodka
      5. Tequaila
      7. Absinthe
      8. Liquer
      9. siomne other fucking drink I dunno
      10. Straight Edge for life
  • I guess I might vote beer but I can be swayed towards scotch or cognac with a good argument.
  • None.. I don't drink. :o
  • Vote straight edge then I need to get as many votes as the tea/coffe/etc. poole
  • Beer, with the occasional hot sake in winter. I don't mind a bit of whiskey every now and then, but I don't drink it as much as I used to. Too many weekends waking up feeling like Satan pissed pure paint thinner into my mouth finally turned me off.
  • Shit, I forgot sake. RIP
  • Scotch obviously. Sake in a close second. I had it for the first time at a Japanese restaurant in my city a few months back. Love it.

    That said, nothing will ever top out whiskey for me. It's nectar from heaven. Drink that shit straight. I don't know why all the "kids" gotta mix it with all sort of other beverages. It's fine with coke, but it needs to be done by its lonesome. I'll never mix scotch though if I have a bottle. I generally just mix the shitty, cheap whiskey.
  • I recently moved on to ales. Before I was a larger drinker but that shit just goes down smoothly and you don't get as much of a headache the next day.

    It's very rare I actually drink theses days. I'll have a binge once a month with the boys maybe.
  • Cider fo' life, yo.
  • I am with New Age and Yuzo old school. I am stunned straight edge is leading. That is not gonna last. Did any of us water wagon guys watch the fuggin show? Has residual damage made us think this is a CM Punk site?
  • You offended this Dutch Noobtoober by making denigrating snipe at Gin, No Alcoholic beverage is superior to another that is alcoholism man! :P
  • Gin has the honour of being the first drink I puked to. I spent the night drinking a lot of Scotch then switched to gin and then switched to puking in a cardboard box in my closet. Yum.

    I don't get the appeal of pine needles drenched in alcohol. :P
  • Stick to those designer drinks then wimp :P
  • A friend of mine recently switched to gin and lemonade as his choice of beverage. Mainly due to his diet. Keeping away from the beers.

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