Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 08/06/15
  • Another week, another WiG.  E3 hype seems to be building with a sudden deluge of pre-E3 announcements.  I get that companies want some time of their own to get the publicity of announcing their big game, but if that's the case, what's the point of the E3 press conferences at all?

    (360) FIFA14 See last week - once I'm done with work, this is all that I have energy for.  Going well, although if anything my squad is too strong and I can't give all the superstars I've assembled as much game time as they deserve.  A summer transfer window clear-out beckons...

    On my to-do list: finish (360) Bastion, each of the levels are fun bite-sized things, so hopefully this shouldn't take too long; figure out how I'm going to download (360) Alien Isolation so that I can finally join in on the 101...

    That's it from me. Hit it!
  • I really can't believe people are still trying to play Bastion. It's like nothing has changed in five years. It ain't worth it, friends.

    I tried Dragonball Xenoverse, and it was trash, just like the show. You Must Build A Boat is dope. 10000000 sequel. Same game just more of it, which is good. 

    Regarding E3 I couldn't be less interested. I've fallen way out of love with marketing and PR, and this stuff rubs me the wrong way. I'll wait for games to just...come out. I'm a grown ass man, I ain't got time to waste on hype, especially when it's being pushed by shills.
  • Half of last week and a whole of the week to come means I have a little if not too much more time for games. Me and my girlfriend have mainly booked our time off up with walks round Sherwood Forest to see a tree being held up by metal scaffold (amazing right) and she wants to watch Jurrasic World on Thursday. I'm not expecting much but it could be a plea same surprise anyway as for my gaming what have I been up to?

    Most of my time has been spent playing The Witcher 3. As I said in its own thread I'm feeling Fatigue now so decided to mainline the plot for a while. That's when shut just started getting interesting again. The story is really well told and the voice acting is steller. I'm pretty much at the end of the plot now. I might divulge in a few more side quests and a little more Gwent.

    When not wandering around forests in the Witcher or in Nottingham I'm painting the floor in the wonderfully cute Splatoon. A Nintendo shooter with style is a definite spot on description of this. I find myself playing it while watching the WWE network and having loads of fun.

    Played a little bit of Helldivers and Massive Chalice too not much to say. Might need a restart of the latter because I got so far in and ran out of archers and the class that throws bombs. Seeing as the game uses a lineage system that pairs couples then their offspring follow the class of the parents. I don't really see me getting any of them anytime soon and the game is quite difficult playing with just close range fighters.
  • (Xbox One) Master Chief Collection
    Scooping up some achievements, and playing the multiplayer. Been doing some Legendary co-op on Halo 3 over the last couple of days with some friends, but the campaign keeps crapping out on us near the end of the level called Covenant and for some reason I don't think co-op saves progress so we have to replay the level everytime and it's just rubbing me the wrong way.

    (Xbox One) FarCry 4
    I'm sort of liking this one. Messed around a bit in the co-op, and I think I'm already at the end of the game? I've still got a lot of the side content to do, so I'm hoping it will be like the previous game and let me mop up the extra stuff after the story. Something about this game though feels super boring and I have no idea what that could be. I loved Far Cry 3, but something here just isn't clicking with me.

    (PC) Kholat
    Got a review copy of Kholat for PC. It's a "horror" game based on the Dyatlov Pass Incident (a link for the incident and all it's creepiness). I've only put about an hour into it since it somehow conflicted with my anti-virus and couldn't get it to start for like three days. It's...alright. It feels sort of empty so far and I've died twice without any indication on how to avoid said deaths, feels sort of cheap and more like a "haha, gotcha!" type of situation.

    It releases to the public in 9 hours, but you can buy it and pre-download it. From what I've seen so far I'd say avoid it or wait for a price-drop.
  • Re: Bastion, @Sunflower, I dunno - it seemed to be one of many people's highlights of the last gen and as soon as I started it I loved the art and the tight mechanics.  It's not as if all the games I'm playing aren't from ~5 years ago anyway. Can't decide between Lost Odyssey, Red Dead and Skyrim as the game I want to play after Bastion/Alien Isolation (assuming I can get that working)...
  • Pokemon Heartgold (DS) Went on a road trip and was feeling nostalgic about Pokemon's old 2D graphics. Heartgold really hits the spot, as they really get you going quickly. "Pick a pokemon. Oh here's your rival. Here's your friend. Say bye to Mum. I'll call you! Now feck off and explore the world." Cool. Got to 3rd badge in one day, but haven't gone back to it since. I wanted to a catch a Growlithe (favourite mon) and once I did that I didn't feel like playing anymore.

    Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-a-fied Edition (PS4) Neat little turn based strategy RPG. I wish it was more clear on determining attack ranges, but other than that it's solid. It has an interesting mechanic of eating the skulls of your dead opponents (yourself being undead already), and you heal up and get stronger if you do this. It's essential to master this, or else the game is much harder.
    Metal Gear V: Ground Zeroes (PS4) Holy mother of Mary I'm bad at stealth. MGS4 was way easier! Gonna have to get used to the controls as well, they're different from what I remember of 4. Was surprised to find that this was running at 60FPS, it looks gorgeous!

    Witcher 3 (PS4) Just did a couple of quests. Great stuff as usual.

    Alien: Isolation (PS4) Stuck on chapter 2 or 3 for now, I used to be decent at this stealth thing I swear.

    Plus all my 360 stuff.
  • @Littleg you can't really go wrong with Lost Odyssey, Red Dead and Skyrim. All are amazing RPG style games but have slight differences. If you want a JRPG go Lost Odyssey. If you want a story driven game go for Red Dead and if you want a giant world to explore go for Skyrim. But even then they all have large worlds and stories you can follow.

    Anyway my same old games continue in my rotation.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield 4 - Playing some more multiplayer. Still going with this but the changes have made it difficult for me and I'm getting 1 shot killed by shotguns at long ranges. I'm going to try and stay in cover for longer periods and only make runs when I feel it's clear enough.

    (PS4) Dragon Age: Inquisition - I'm about 85 hours in and it looks like I'm just going to keep going with this. No idea how much more of this game I have to go. I think I've also forgotten what the main storyline is about.
  • @Littleg Get Red Dead done. It's one of those games you really ought to play. You'll never, ever finish Skyrim and it tells a trash story and plays like trash, so leave that for last. LO will also take you 3 years. Just do Red Dead and enjoy it.
  • @Littleg @Sunflower Agreed with Sunny, Get Red Dead Redemption done, the plot and the ending omg just do it you WILL thank us. Also train robbing. TRAIN ROBBING! OLD WEST! Seriously, it's one of my top favourite open world games... ever. I loved the shit out of Skyrim but I'm an old Elder Scrolls fangirl and without the PC mods, Sunny is right Red Dead is WAY better.

    Life is Strange (Xbox One)
    Another thing in which I agree with Sunny, if you haven't played this game and you love something with a damn good narrative, you NEED to play this game. So damn good. I can't say more than that without spoiling it so just do yoursself a favour and play the game. Like Twin Peaks? You will love this game.

    Dragon Age: Inquisition MULTIPLAYER (Xbox One)
    I've been a bit bored with gaming recently so I've gotten back into the pick-up and put-down aspect of shorter games, and I've been trying out the new multiplayer bits in Dragon Age. Specifically, I cracked open the Virtuoso character. I find that the multi is very lopsided these days to try and find a good match where everyone's under lvl 10. Been a lot of fun though! the Virtuoso has pretty unique gameplay in that you have to string together combo spells for your attacks and buffs. You really have to memorize moves rather than mash buttons so it definitely provides more of a challenge to the usual beat-'em-up action you find in this game. really interesting concept and I hope they do more of this in future with the spellcasters in DA titles if there are more coming, because honestly I felt like the mages in this game were crazy powerful. Especially in the multi. Almost too much so.

    Rogue Legacy (Xbox One)
    Okay, so, fuck it, I bought this game. I really really suck at roguelikes, but I love them, but I suck at them. This game makes dying fun :) the whole thing about having a flatulent hero is fucking hilarious. Near and farsightedness, can't see in 3D, colourblindness, etc. All this will have you laughing. I love that the castle changes every time but it also means you die with alarming frequency. Fun little game, love it, do recommend.

    Massive Chalice (on Xbox One, and Humble Bundle)
    This game surprised the shit out of me. It's like Xcom, right? but then you have the Crusader Kings breeding mechanic, and a bit of Civilization thrown in for good measure. Not sold yet? Too bad you missed the month it was FREE on Xbox Live Gold, wait for a sale and pick it up. It's a humble bundle title, too. Here's more info:

    If you're remotely into strategy, pick it up and have a go. I have already sunk way more hours into it than I ever intended.

    That's it for me, happy gaming everyone!

  • I think Massive Chalice is free through June, so there's plenty of time.
  • Kingdom Hearts
    I'm going through this game as it has been sitting on my shelf for sometime and I really wanted to revisit one of my favorite games of all time. Going back to it I can see why I loved it so much as a teenager, but growing older has not made the heart fonder for this experience. Incredibly mediocre writing coupled with an annoying camera that tends to get stuck makes this experience less whimsical than I was hoping. Overall it's still a good game, with a beautiful soundtrack and a combat system that evolves slowly over time. It has tons of collectibles, a really fun tournament, and worlds that are different enough that they don't feel like someone pasted designs over a starter template. My one complaint regarding the worlds is that there's not enough design changes for the characters as you go from one world to another. Also, I'm playing it on Proud Mode, and this has made the game far more challenging and frustrating than I ever remembered it to be. That's all for me. 
  • @tallchick Yooooo Massive Chalice sounds right up my alley! If I catch it on sale for PC I think I'll pick it up. I'm waiting for Life is Strange to be complete, so I can get it all in one go. I've been interested in it from the start, and it seems to only have gotten more interesting as the episodes go by! I love Twin Peaks' theme music. It's so memorable!

    Tip for Rogue Legacy; if you like a map and want to try it again, you can lock it by talking to the small, white bearded man with glasses who is standing next to a giant...screw, I think. Before going into the castle, that is. It costs money, but it can be worth it! I love the game, but I suck royally at it.

    @laphamking I went back to KH1 last January or so and my God it has not aged well. I totally agree. I hate and dread doing the gummi ship mini game as well, which is mandatory to get to new worlds. But it really has some of the best stuff in the whole series. Best level design. Best tournament (Hades tournament was so tense!). Simplest story, so to many people it's probably the best. Fond memories, but the rose tinted glasses crack immediately for me whenever I go back to it!
  • @tallchick

    Rogue Legacy is solid. I have it on Steam and got all the achievements. I think I'm on NG+6 or something now?
  • Stop being a wiener about Life is Strange and hop on board now. I don't care if you'd rather wait. Go now.
  • I'll be waiting Sunny :) Still, it's a sign that you really, really like it. I wouldn't mind hearing about why!
  • I talked at length about it on Games Only Podcast BUT we do some spoilercasts as well (with fair warning, no accidental spoilers) but that's a lot to listen to for my thoughts on it.

    Simply put, it's fascinating and beats the shit out of Telltale's same style of game. The idea that you can set things how you want them before you proceed in the story is a neat idea, and there's people that are perfectionists and want the story and decisions to go a particular was is...interesting. Especially when there's SOMETHING ELSE I CAN'T TALK ABOUT because seriously that shit floored me.

    Jump in now. Every day you wait is a risk-filled day of seeing a spoiler. GO. Come on.
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  • I must say you're doing a very good job of tempting me.... :)

    I just looked it up and found out Dontnod made it. This makes perfect sense because
    Remember Me game spoilers:

    the rewinding time to find the truth aspect of Remember Me was great!

    So it makes sense that the game is based around that mechanic, or at least a similar one. Anyway, just a musing. I'm thinking about it. Looking up the price.
  • Alien Isolation (PS4) Ok, after being stuck in chapter 6 for longer than I cared for, I'm in chapter 7 now. Mixed feelings presently, some good, other times not so much. Can't decide either way yet though.

    Supercharged Robot VULKAISER (PC) 70s giant robot anime inspired side scrolling shmup. :) You fly the giant robot, and there are 4 other pilots with smaller robots you can combine with and it changes your shots. :) Great fun, I love shmups. Been playing this whenever I get frustrated with Alien. ;) I haven't beaten it yet, but I can get to the 6th stage on normal, and all the way to the final boss on easy. I should be able to beat it soon.

    Thats it from me for last week. Super hectic this week, so I foresee very little time/energy for games this week, but I'd like to try at least. When I'm playing Alien, I tend to play for a good bit, but once I stop its really hard for me to want to go back. Probably more VULKAISER this week.
  • Been playing the following

    Gran turismo 6 PS3 seasonal events and GT acadamy

    War Thunder PS4 Have been playing ground war a lot lately

    Warframe PS4 Not a fan of the latest update, but still enjoying the game.

    Thief PS3 completed the game and am now doing the custom difficulty, no focus hard play though

    Tried a lot of PSN free games 

    Muraski baby Vita like the puzzly nature but the controls are sometimes annoying.

    Super Exploding zoo, PS4 another puzzle game in a zoo  with animals and aliens

    Cloudberry kingdom  PS4 a platformer that slowly get's slowly more difficult.

    Call of the Juarez PS3 Playing a desperado killing people!

  • Damnit! Well I just beat Vulkaiser on easy, but the achievement is busted (after a quick look at the Steam forum all the beat the game on X difficulty achievements are busted). :( Looks like I'll be holding off beating this on normal and above until its fixed. ;(

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