Finally got an Xbox 360!
  • I can finally play Lost Odyssey. :D



    So a couple of years ago I made a thread asking about 360 exclusives, as I was considering buying one at the time. Last week, I finally bought one! And I love it. I got most of the games recommended back then, but some of them are hard to find nowadays, like the first Saint's Row. I have Crackdown on the way though, didn't miss that one. There are also a few Forzas to choose from, and am undecided on which one to get. I won't be paying for XBL, so single player stuff is what I'll be playing. :)

    The biggest reason I wanted one is indeed because of Lost Odyssey. There aren't many high production value JRPGs anymore, especially turn based ones. LO feels precious because of this. So far I love it. In terms of gameplay, I'm getting Final Fantasy X vibes, especially with the mini map in the top right corner while exploring the world. I feel like this is what Final Fantasy XII would have been if Square iterated on FFX's design. The tale is immediately interesting, the game looks great, sounds great and plays great. I like the Ring system it has going in the combat too. Good thing I have a wired controller, as this one's going to last a few hours I'd say.

    I'm pleasantly surprised by Splinter Cell Conviction and Red Dead Redemption. They were kind of throwaway purchases; "Ah, I'll get them 'cos they're cheap." Loving them so far, and Red Dead in particular holds up pretty well graphics wise. I don't really know why I decided to get Red Dead and Max Payne for the 360, but for whatever reason they felt like 360 games to me. Same with Fallout.

    As for said game, I'll need to spend some more time with it. I was doing the tutorial mission and all of the sudden I was killed by a giant Radscorpion or something. Is there any way to walk faster as well? The wasteland is large, and that's a lot of walking. It feels like a game that would be set in the Mad Max universe.

    Deathsmiles is whacky as fuck. I never played a sh'mup where you have to shoot left and right instead of up. I like it a lot. When I opened the case, it smelled like an old book too, which was pleasant. I think this will be my go to sh'mup for a while.

    The rest I've actually not played yet! Although I did play the trial of Super Meat Boy and I loved it. Thank God I didn't buy it though since it's just been announced that it'll be free on PS+ soon! I have Shadow Complex as well, and so far it's good but it doesn't seem to do anything particularly unique. Not that it really needs to though, it's a solid game.

    All in all, I spent about 160 euro on all of this. It's a 4gb Xbox, but I got a 120gb hard drive for about 20 euro. I actually also bought Jade Empire (for the OG Xbox) from a 2nd hand shop, but I only found out after I bought it that the hard drive needs to be an official Microsoft one for the backwards compatibility to work. At least the game's part of the collection now. :P Coincidentally, it was on sale on GOG for about the same price I bought it for the Xbox (€3), so I can play it if I wanted to.

    Loving it overall. The Twitch app is great too! Will be watching all of the E3 conferences on it.
  • If you never played either Fallout or Skyrim, those are my big recs, but I am one of the biggest Bethesda fanboys on Earth. I guess you can see what you think of Vegas. If you have not played Bioshock, I am pretty stunned, but you are in for a real treat.
  • I have played that at least! I didn't get very far into the 1st one at all, haven't played the 2nd one but I've finished Infinite. I enjoyed Infinite, it was a fun ride. Someday I'll get to the other two though. They would make a pretty good HD collection now that I think about it.

    I have to say TES doesn't appeal to me just from what I see. Pure quantity over quality series, but I'd be interested to see why people love it so much.
  • Bioshock 1&2 HD Collection, Firly?  Don't go giving 'em ideas...
  • And Infinite! I'm surprised it's not a thing already, since Bioshock is one of the most well acclaimed series of last gen. Then again....E3 is right around the corner..
  • Still baffles me that Lost Odyssey has somehow managed to stay exclusive after all these years. It's pretty good.

    Elder Scrolls has always been trash so don't worry, you're in good company.
  • Probs best bang for buck there dude! I just remember Playing new Vegas on the PS3 though @FirLocke and the load times were torturous!
  • I did enjoy Deathsmiles a lot from a shooter perspective, but it was a little creepy. Loli style ain't my shit.
  • They have a creepy doll-like horror vibe to them too. And then they're wrecking giant cows with magic. I really like the style I have to say, it's very unique.
  • God damn it. I knew I forgot something when I owned a 360. I never played Lost Odyssey.

    Enjoy! I've heard nothing but good things.
  • I got it so cheap too! Most of these games were under 10 euro each, I think LO was 6 or so. Witcher and Fallout I got new, so they cost about 30 euro together.
  • Deathsmiles was also one of the games that made me want to get a 360 a few years back. 2011 maybe. ;)

    There are a good number of shmups that are 360 only! Also if you are enjoying Deathsmiles the sequel is on the Marketplace (in the US at least). Its called Deathsmiles 2X and its Christmas themed. I really loved all of the bosses in the Deathsmiles games.

    Spoiler for the last boss name in 2X
    I cackled when I saw the final boss was named Satan Claws
    I fucking loved both those games!

    I also recommend Ikaruga and Radiant Silvergun.
  • I still have my copy of Lost Odyssey but I don't have a 360 to play it on, I really enjoyed what I played of it though, which was about 75% from what I can tell, so I'm holding onto it until I can pick it up again.

    I never came across any other 360 exclusives that I was all that fussed about so I never really got that into the console, then my brother took it with him when he moved for Uni and that was that.
    • Bioshock 1,2,Infinate
    • Fallout 3
    • Fallout New Vegas
    • The Cave
    • Saturn 9
    • Costume Quest 1,2
    • Crysis 1,2,3
    • Alan Wake: American Nightmare
    • The Orange Box
    • Dead Space
    • The Evil Within 
    • Doom 3 BFG Edition 
    Just to name some great titles for any game library. I am excited for you man, I wish I could go back and get all the feelings back from my first playthrough's of these games. 

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