Looking to start a group on youtube. Looking for people that might be interested.
  • A friend pointed me in this direction to hopefully find some people. 

    Alright let me start by saying that stuff could very well change as this progresses. Right now im just going to share the base format of what I want to do. Do I have a plan, Yes.....Will it go as planned? Your guess is as good as mine. lol

    I am code naming this project as "Duel Lets Players" (Name will be changed, just something to call it for now.)

    To put things in a very simple way, I want to do lets races with people on games. However I don't want to call it a race. I want to take a different approach. I want to focus on it being more of a casual , fun social time while playing though a game. 

    Now I am not saying hardcore speed runners cant join, that would be ridiculous. I am simply just saying, If they do want to join then just be aware this is not a heavy competitive group. I am also accepting people that might be average to bad at older style of games. 

    Next let me try to explain the process leading up to the event/group playing.

    With out knowing when this will start (Depends on how quick i get people that are interested), Each month I will post a small list of games Somewhere (FB, Twitter Not really sure yet). Everyone in this group will then give two votes. There number 1 game they want to group play. They will also pick a number 2 game. (A fall back in case there first game choice has two many people for a single group.) How ever maybe if the one game get so many votes then maybe I will do two group sessions. Though I suspect the most common thing that will happen is Some people might get pushed into there 2nd choice to fill up that group. If you get pushed back to your 2nd choice, it will not go unnoticed. If you have previously been pushed backed to your 2nd choice of game then I will look to try to push for your first choice in the next month/game vote. 

    That is the general set up to build a group/event. Next I will talk about the format of the youtube video for the group. Now each group will have at least a minimum of 4 people....I have not decided if I want the standard for a group to be 4 or 6 people. Guess it depends just how quick this gets peoples interest. Basicly there will be a background image to represent the game being played and I will place everyones video/perspective of the said game on the image. Everyone is going to be playing the game at the same time, So to add to the social part of it, everyone in the group will be in a skype call that way everyone can chat and react off of each other. 

    A final thing to add to that is I will also be voting for a game i want to play. If I am not participating in a group then I will most likely be hosting a group. 

    As you would assume, everyone will be responsible for there own recordings. (its required that you need to be able to record. If your interested and do not have a recording software, I can recommend one) I of course need to receive the other recordings to be able to edit it all together, the tricky part is being able to send it to me as they will be roughly big files. The best way I know is threw skype since if the sender or reciever have to leave during the file sending, the next time they are on skype with each other, the file sending will pick up where it left off percentage wise. The other option is file sharing websites which i have never used. So this is open for discussion if anyone knows a better way.

    I think the final part I want to bring up thats important is Anyone can do what they want with what they record. (post on there own channel and such). However (still a working process) What im going to do with the video i edit together will be posted on my gaming channel. Then there will be a 2nd editor will cut down my uncut video to be shorter and to the most interesting parts. The cut down versions will be posted on the channel made for this group project. There will be a link in the description of the cut and uncut videos leading to each other. I am doing things this way so I can cater to everyone. Some people don't have the time or get board watching really long videos and some people want to watch the video and see it all. 

    The games are going to be NES games to start with then maybe after awhile move into SNES games....then who knows where.

    I think I got out everything I think I wanted to. Guess all that left is to list the requirements real quick.

    What you need, Recording software, Mic, Skype(debateable if another group speaking program is popular enough), A decent amount of freespace left on the hard drive. The files that are recorded are not compressed at all so they are big. Is there a age limit? Well sort of....let me explain. 18 and on I am alright with, Most people should be rather mature, SHOULD BE being the key words. Anyone under 18 can be interested, I just have to chat with you to try to see where your mature level is at. I guess all i am saying is people under 18 have to prove there mature level to me I suppose. lol 

    If you are interested add me on skype or steam.....or you can just reply here.

    Skype : jja17@hotmail.com should be able to just use my email
    Steam name:Viro5000

    Thank you for reading and sorry if this sounds like spam. never ment for it to come out like that. Im just looking to game with some people.
  • Group Plays maybe?
    At first I wasn't sure I liked the idea. but it could be good. For the first few videos I'd suggest short games.
    What would be interesting to me is watching a group of people that have never played the game, to go in blind and help each other with tips etc that they find as they play.
    I don't like the idea of them racing through the games, but some games may just fit that kind of video. so the goal could change from game to game.

    I can't join in, but I'd at least check out the videos.
  • Would be neat to set up a google group chat as well when playing. 
    Though, with a lot of the members here living in different time zones, and with work and what not... Setting up a time to play will be an issue. 
  • NewAgeRed Trust me, i am all for throwing people in blind, however for now, I think that may make it harder to get people in on the idea, so I am playing it safe for now and giving them a choice of what games they want to play.  As far as racing through games....I know on my end im not going to be winning any medals, thats for sure. I cant speed run a game to save my life. lol

    SpaceOfSoul I will have to look into google group chat, never really herd of it....I know, time zones will make it hard. Which is why i know, i will never be able to set a stable schedule. So just going to have to plan with each other and hope for the best. 

    Thank you all for being understanding.... I got negitive comments on one forum i posted in and eventually the topic got locked..... I mean i thought i was pretty on topic. It was a retro gaming board and I plan to play retro games with people. lol, any ways thanks for the feedback, still on a search for people.
  • Maybe we should all set up a giant skype call and we all can talk about it. I vote retro! 
  • GameByNightReviews- That sounds like an epic idea. (Thumbs up to that)  Right now i only have about a handful of people that are interested, Would like to get another handful before starting. 
    Noobied by 1GameByNightReviews
  • Well let me know or post on here if we can get it going. I do Let's play's from time to time on my channel and have a good set up for it. 
  • I take it you are interested then? Would you mind if I add you to skype or steam. It is how im doing to keep in touch with people and it helps me keep track whole all i have that is interested. 

    You can just add me, that way you dont have to post it public. 

    Skype: viro5000

    Steam: viro5000

    If it for some reason does not work you can email me at jja17@hotmail.com 
  • Ya for sure I think its a great idea! Hopefully more of the NoobToob community comes to do it. 

    Add me on Steam

  • Fantastic movement guys. I'm not comfortable putting myself on video so I won't be joining, but best of luck to ye. :)

    And welcome to the forum @viro5000 ! The way your message was structured could have been taken as spam at first glance (you kind of popped up from nowhere and started a huge thread, which is the style of spammers), and I was worried about that. But I waited, read what you said and you were earnest and honest. It's fine by my book! Best of luck to ye again!
  • Firlocke - Yeah I can understand that, In fact that happened on another board and the topic got locked before i could even respond to the people.  I realized that when i was posting it at a handful  of places. Was not really sure how to find people though. If this topic got no responses, I would not have bumped it because if I could help it, I did not want to come across as looking like a troll. 

    Anyways with out going to long on that, I honestly do just want to do this project and thank you for not judging the topic overall at first glance.
  • @viro5000 are you familiar with NoobToob? If not how did you find the forum?
  • @GameByNightReviews This is the first time I have been on the forum. A friend of mine led me here. He used to be here, but he doesn't surf the forum anymore (I don't think). If you're asking if I have heard of the YouTube channel, I have not really heard of it. But I once checked out their YouTube channel, I know I checked out their videos at some point in time. At least I'm sure I remember watching one or two of them that I stumbled across a while back.

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