Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 01/06/15
  • June.  It is already bloody June.  Clearly somebody somewhere is stealing days out of my weeks.

    (360) FIFA14 As with all addicts, I have a healthy bench of external factors that I can blame for my failure to address damaging behaviour habits.  This time it's work.  Having returned from holiday with a mountain of things waiting for me, I've been working late and although I've also been keen to get back to video games after a week off in Tenerife, all I've had the energy for has been the repetitive comfort food of FIFA.  

    Blackpool had been creeping up the league table, closing in on Liverpool who were in first but a frustrating draw with Stoke and then two losses back-to-back (one a last-minute goal by Franck Ribery for Manchester United, deep into Fergie-time, and another a six-pointer against Liverpool which they won 3-0 at my home ground; goals coming from Raheem Stirling and Yohan Cabaye) stalled things a bit.  I have since steadied the ship with a couple of good wins in the Europa Cup and the League, and we are now into the January transfer window, but I'm starting to worry that my young, inexperienced squad may not quite be ready for the rigours of a full league campaign, being able to win against the mid- to lower-table teams but getting found out by the big boys.  Other teams are using this transfer window to tap-up my out-of-form Goalie too, Grrrrrrrrr.

    Anyway, that's enough from me.  Chart here the minuscule ways that you have been able to use video games to distract yourself from the relentless, sapping effects of Father Time on the increasingly dilapidated corpse-in-waiting that is your body.

    Lil' g
  • Bloodborne - Because.

    Alien Isolation - For the 101 event. I like it so far.

    LEGO Batman 2 - Finished the story missions.

    LEGO Batman 3 - About halfway through the story

  • How was Tenerifé Egg. I went to Playa de Las America And Adeje last year. It's a pretty nice place. If you were near there you have to have gone to the water park.

    Anyway that's your holiday on to my games.

    I spent my week in Novigrad in The Witcher 3 it's a nice city. Full of life that seashell/ pearl economy system they have going is probably weaker than the euro though. Someone should sort that.

    I am probably 2/3 of the way tbrough the story. I'm doing a lot of side missions too. I would say I have put a good 30 odd hours into the game so far easy.

    And that's all folks just Gwent, gwent and a lot more Gwent if we can count that as another game. It's actually making me consider solforge or hearthstone.
  • I'm going through my ever expanding backlog and actually trying to finish games instead of just starting them and leaving them half way through. My nephew has a copy of Borderlands, so he and I are going back through and playing co-op through the campaign. I am seeing why this was such a fun co-op experience for so many people. I was a little bored playing this on my own, but with my nephew I'm having a blast just plowing through enemies. My only complaint is he's not the best team player so sometimes I have to switch from "online friend" to "uncle" in order to get him to play properly. 
  • Wolfenstein The Old Blood (PS4) I beat it. Decent fun. Took me about 8 hours, I felt the 1st half of the game was a bit stronger than the 2nd. Easily worth the $20.

    Dreaming Sarah (PC) I played this game on Sunday/Monday while I waited for the 101 event to start. I enjoyed it. Its short, I got 100% of the Steam Achievements in about 2 hours. Its a side scrolling platformer about a girl who is in a coma and you play thru her dream/nightmare world collecting different items and talking with NPCs. Decent.

    Thats it from me for last week. I did just mostly play The Old Blood. I have started Alien Isolation on PS4 for the 101 event, still near the beginning and not too much to say about it right yet.

  • Infamous: Second Son (PS4) - Beat it. It grew on me. I love the new powers, and the cast has grown on me. I think I know what felt kinda off at the start though, the game was less comic booky and more TV show like. As the story went on though, it got whackier and went back to being comic booky. Once I got back into the Infamous rhythm, I was addicted. I really enjoyed the game. Side missions are in dire need of some variety though.

    Power spoiler:

    Video powers are my favourite. Turning invisible is so fun! Also spawning digital wings and just swooping past everything is the best traversal ever.

    Witcher 3 (PS4) As much as I love the characters, the story, the world and all that jazz, the gameplay department could use some work. The combat just isn't fun, general movement isn't fun, it's just functional. Quest progression is great, it's just actually performing the actions in the quest feels sluggish. A 30 FPS lock would really help the combat as well. It's always varying a bit and it's quite annoying. Despite all of these technical issues, it's still a very compelling game. Side quests in this game are more memorable than entire plotlines of many games.
  • Played through and wrapped The Odor: 1080p. It was alright. No complaints with the length, but no reason to go back and play it either. Whoever the environment artists were, they need to be paid more because they were incredible. The story was trash and the gameplay lacking (and funny enough, not nearly enough of it) - they should have used far less QTEs as well. So at the end of the day, when they actually let you play it was nice, but they didn't enough, so it kinda sucked. Don't buy it.

    Been fuckin with Elder Scrolls Online since it's about to come out on shitty consoles, and it's...just ok. I think it'll sell a lot, I think. There's a weird amount of more 'casual' gamers (not meant in a derogatory sense) who wanted multiplayer in Skyrim, and this is basically that, and with no subscription required, well, there you go. So I'm expecting it to do REALLY well. It's ok. Not great. Not compelling.

    Did some more Axiom Verge and it's not really that wonderful. It's just ok.

    SO basically everything I've played has been ok, but not amazing.
  • @Firlocke I was worried about the gameplay of the Witcher 3 especially after coming from Bloodborne, So I wanted to play some shooting games before trying it out. ;)
  • @vampirelich Oh Witcher 3's combat ain't got jack on Bloodborne's combat. I have to say Zelda Wii U's horse-riding looks far more pleasant than the Witcher's as well. Roach is well named. I still emphasize that I'm having a good time with the game though, it's just these annoyances frequently pop up.
  • Just some more Master Chief Collection. Getting achievements, and playing the multiplayer. Not much to be said. I'm currently downloading the free Neverwinter game on my Xbone, so I'm curious to see how that is.
  • (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield 4 - Playing some more multiplayer. The recent update has made everything a lot more difficult and I'm moving down the leaderboards so I'm going to try and get myself used to the changes.

    (PS4) Dragon Age: Inquisition - I think I got to about the 2nd major story point and am starting to do some more side quests.

  • Binary Domain:I finish the game yesterday. This game is certainly one of the smaller underrated games, which should have sold better than 100k. Best Terminator game in a long time :) Even though it is not about Terminator perice;)

    Arcade gaming: I have taken the opportunity to buy a couple of Xbox Live Arcade games, while the shop is still up.

    Worms armagedon 2:
    I've played a few games with a couple of buddies, really really fun game .. Speaking of Worms .. Would have been fun to see the flash game Liero: A Worms games which you could move your worm  freely as you'll shoot your Buddies worm.

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Duels:  I have very long wanted to have a Yu-Gi-Oh game in the same spirit as Yu-Gi-Oh Online, And this game truly offer many of the same element,
    which made online so good.
    1 Generation Card Rules (with some small features such as evolution) You can buy random card, and it is geniun easy to meet other players.

    Fun game :)

    Also bought a pair Snes games on my town's annual summer flea :)

    Terminator 2 judgment day:: Ljn brrr...

    Tiny toon buster lose:         30 m of pure fun
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  • Binary Domain's been high on my backlog for a long time now. Someday I'll get to it! I remember liking the old yugioh online for the brief time I played it. Simpler times, when there were about 6 different types of cards. Fond memories.
  • Big Bomain is better than expected, so get to it!

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