Would There Be Interest In Reviving Halo Mind Of NooBTooB?
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    Back in the good ole days I'd host Halo events for people to come hang out, and just have a good time on Saturdays. Lots of fun was had and now that MCC is out on Xbox One and Halo 5 in October it got me wondering if it would worth it to revive these events, being dependent on how many people have Xbones and MCC and would be planning on getting Halo 5.

    It was a lot of custom maps, and game-types. I had videos sitting around somewhere but can't find them sadly. Oh well.

    Just trying to get a head-count cause NooBTooB Events were the bomb. And to this day, the members of the NT are my favorite people to sit down and game with.
    Mind Of NooBTooB
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  • I'd watch NTA shenanigans.
    I can't join in though, no XBone.