NooBTooB 101 2015: Alien Isolation (June)
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    Alien: Isolation! Let's get scared together. :) I am mostly going in blind into this game, purely on the recommendation of the forum. I'm excited. All I know really is that we have to hide from an Alien who's on the prowl. Let's go.

    Alien: Isolation is available on PS4 / PS3 / Xbox One / Xbox 360 / PC so there are plenty of options to enjoy the game with us.

    For the uninitiated, the NooBTooB 101 is an event where the forum rallies to play a game for a month, and dissects it with discussion. Spoilers are encouraged. The goal is to complete the game, and to talk about the game in its entirety. Have fun and report back!


    • Report on your progress regularly, post updates and let people know what you're up to

    • Reports can be as text or a video, whichever you prefer

    • Be sure to be very detailed: talk about what you like about the mechanics and gameplay, the story, the look of the game etc etc

    • Spoilers are acceptable (even encouraged) but please place them within spoiler tags. To use the spoiler tag: (spoiler) insert your text here (/spoiler) and use square brackets like these [ ] instead of normal brackets

    • Help each other out, give hints and tips based on your own experience if people are getting stuck

    • NO WALKTHROUGHS - make it up as you go along, let the dice lie where they 
      fall, live with your choices.

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  • Cool, this game is well off my radar. If I can pick it up cheap I will defo join in.

    Edit: Might have to wait until I get paid though.
  • Nice! :) Hey Since I'm playing on PS4 I might try and remember to record my sessions with the game. Maybe it'd be cool to put up highlight clips of me getting killed spectacularly along with my updates. ;)
  • That's not a bad idea! If I notice I just had an amazing scramble to survive, I might upload it too :) My copy has dispatched from Amazon, and should arrive sometime this week.
  • I suppose if I get the time to play I could use the record that feature on Xbox. Might pop it in tonight for an hour or so.
  • Ok, I have started the game! I'm playing on HARD since thats what the game recommended. I have no video at this point since its just been me wandering aimlessly getting used to the controls and I haven't really seen anything scary yet.

    I'm getting a pretty decent Dead Space vibe from the atmosphere. I just got to the Main space station and I've started turning the power to sections back on (always a terrible idea in these types of games) lol. I didn't know if I should start with the Main game or play the Crew Expendable dlc that came with my game so I started with the main game. If the dlc is a prequel I'd like to do that 1st but I'm not sure.

    Oh and is it just me or does the sweat stuck on all the characters bother anyone else? I know ohh shiny graphics but idk, I just thought it was distracting when I saw it. It wouldn't bother me if it was dynamic and happened when shit was stressful but it seems to be just stuck on there.

    Oh and also I'm playing with the head detection on b/c that sounded cool. But the noise detection is off b/c its always loud in my apartment and thats just asking for trouble.
  • What's people's thoughts of the film grain? Do you not think its a little over the top.
  • I'll gladly dip into this game again. Might stream some of my stuff over on the Twitch app for Xbone.
  • Played a bit last night. The atmosphere, sounds, etc have been done very well. I found a lot of doors I guess I'll be coming back to when I find the right gadget to open them, and the alien finally made an appearance, so I guess I'll be meeting those NPCs again or at least the bloody puddles that used to be them. I'm enjoying it, but I wonder how long crawling through vents and dark passageways flicking switches and waiting for elevators to arrive will take to start feeling old.
  • OK, I've played some last night and today. I got the flash light, and I've run into the Alien and Killer androids. I've got a revolver with 5 shots left, (an android got in an elevator with me and I had to shoot it) I was trying not to kill any humans, but That section where you get the hacking tool the people there kept killing me so I whacked one of them with the wrench before running to the exit.

    I forgot I had smoke bombs. Oh and I also just got the emp blueprints so next time I run into more than 1 android I can get away clean(if I remember I have them lol). 

    Not sure what chapter I'm on though, but
    I just made contact with my crew mates with the internal comms since the main comms were down and I couldn't contact the ship.

  • Sounds like the game is off to a great start! :) Looking forward to my copy greatly now.
  • This was going cheap on 360 Games on Demand the other day, so I scooped it up, but the download has failed two nights in a row now.  Hoping for third time lucky tonight...
  • Ok, I've made it back to Riply's friends, and I'm now looking for keys for a Doctor so he will help me find medical supplies downstairs. What I really want to know is how much of the Alien is AI and how much is scripted? There is a lot of running and hiding from the Alien in Chapter 5 and I can't tell.

    I did get some video of my doing some of this part, but I haven't looked at the footage yet. Will upload next time I get on the PS4. ;)
  • I like how unpredictable the AI is. I think IGN or Kotaku gave it a negative review for being unpredictable which makes no sense cause that's the point haha.

    Either way, it's a solid game. Once I got some more money I'm gonna double-dip on Xbox One.
  • I am dumb. I've played thru the 1st 4 chapters of the game without looking at the map once, b/c the button to pull up the map was on the touch pad. And they never tell you to do that in the game, not even when picking up maps on the ship I kept thinking why the hell am I picking up these useless things for.

    I'm pretty sure I've hit a scripted part for the Alien and am currently stuck. I found the keycard I was looking for on this dead doctor (not a spoiler most people on this ship are corpses), and the Alien is outside the room patrolling and I don't have enough space to get out of this room without getting killed at all.

    Only 1 way in and out of the room, leading into a circular hallway and another door directly across from the room I'm in. Alien is patrolling the circular hallway. ;/ not sure how to proceed.
  • @vampirelich

    Crouch and move super slow!
  • Ok, I got thru chapter 5, and am now stuck in chapter 6. You guys need to get to chapter 6 and help me out.

    I've put all the nitrogen containers in their place and I opened the vent and fell down to a different area. I found the access code, and a vid log, but I can't seem to find my way to the next area. Its another circular room with the Alien walking around and half the circle is blocked by fire. Its hard enough navigating this broken ass ship without turning a corner and getting a tail thru the chest.

    1 helpful tool I did find is the smoke bomb. If you throw that even if the Alien is right next to you (as long as you don't touch) you're fine. But it doesn't last long and the materials to make it aren't too common.
  • @vampirelich

    I played through the game when it first came out, so I know the exact area you're having trouble with ;)
  • There's a trophy for getting through the game without dying. Is this just a giant piss take or is it actually possible without gaming the system (quitting to dashboard before it registers the kill or whatever)?

    I still haven't made any progress since last time. Maybe tonight or this weekend.
  • I watched some of his run, and read his notes (don't know if they're his, but his comments put me on to them) and they went into some detail about how the alien spawns. It's mostly scripted according to the speedrunners, so if you learn the trigger points, you should be able to do it.

    I don't know if I want to spend that much time with the game, but it's interesting to read that the "randomly" appearing alien isn't random at all.
  • I really need to keep vents in mind. I've spent way too much time looking where to go, only to go "Oh. A vent." Currently on mission 2, and I need to get through the door with the number 42 on it.

    Aesthetically, this game is awesome. It makes me want to sit down and properly watch the Alien films, as I've only ever seen bits here and there. All of the menus are great as well.
  • Download failed again, no idea what's going on :-(.

    Interesting about the scripting, Flib - I often wondered that about the oft-discussed AI Director for Left 4 Dead, were there just some set prompts written into the game that were difficult to spot that would appear random, but in fact would just initiate a zombie hoard (or whatever) once a particular set of criteria were met?
  • @littleg It seems like you should go to download history and look at the installation packs or something like that. Of course, also make sure you have the latest system update and enough space on the hard drive. Outside of that, I don't know what could be causing that. :/
  • Yeah, I've been going in an deleting the semi-downloaded version before re-trying but it always seems to get to 75% installed and then just stops...
  • @Littleg I had a look and the link I posted previously had the same problem of being stuck at 75%. He said that he went into download history and installed the pack that wasn't installing from there. Specifically, it was Pack 2 for him and it worked. Very strange problem.

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