Anyone following the Silk Road case?
  • What do you think of the verdict that was just handed out? 

    Long story short; a 31 year old man who founded a website that functioned as a black market e-Bay just got sentenced to life behind bars. He believed himself untouchable due to internet and Bitcoin anonymity, but as the song goes "I fought the law, and the law won". I hope Lizard Squad is paying attention.

    If you are unfamiliar with the case or what the Silk Road was, read these:

    Did he get what he deserved? Too harsh? Thoughts on drugs or black markets? The justice system? Bitcoin? Anything really. There are so many meaty themes tangled up in this case. 
  • I skimmed over most of those pages, it's a long read.
    Surprised I've never heard about this before.
     Being sentenced to life in jail sucks. but he did solicit some murders, even though they were people that weren't innocent themselves.
  • Yeah but the murder stuff was never proven, not even whether anyone was actually killed, and apparently no charges were even made in the trial regarding those, so it's all just hearsay really.
  • Without murder charges, I say the life sentence without parole is BS. :\
  • Judge made an example of him.  He was trying to build infrastructure for anybody to be their own mob boss.  The brazenness of it would truly piss off a judge.  The idea that anyone could do murder for hire is very upsetting.  I am not sorry for this sociopath to rot.

    The naivete of blind libertarianism is on full display. The government is evil. The government uses violence. We are escaping oppression. If you replace the democratically agreed to rules of government with nothing, you are now a barbarian, and evil old violence will be along shortly. The moment the dread pirate felt threatened, he started thinking about killing people. Life without government is not really freedom so much as it is nasty brutish and short.
  • Libertarianism and the average run of the mill libertarian as I understand them to be are not anti-government, they're anti big government. To a hardcore statist I guess both ideas are equally abhorrent but there is a difference. What you are describing is anarchy, but I've seen some anarchists hitch themselves to the libertarian bandwagon so I guess it's hard to keep ideas separate in simpler minds. Maximized personal freedom is not one and the same with abolition of a government however.

    Who gives a shit what the guy was thinking about? Thought crimes are a thing now? Fucking Hell. Talk about naivete.
  • I did say blind libertarianism.  Obviously there is and spectrum, and obviously this guy is on the extreme end of it.  Fucking duh, dude.  If you want to call me an absolute statist then you are being intentionally dim to promote conflict, which is often your M.O.  It is also a bit confusing that you opened the floor to many "meaty themes" and then instantly accuse me of wandering too far afield.  Again, inconsistency in the interest in starting a fight rather than a discussion.

    Ross was convicted with copious evidence on seven charges.  Took the jury under four hours.  He is fucked on his actions, not his philosophy.  I was just pointing out that his version of libertarianism is so close to sociopathy that it there is no real difference.
  • Oh dear, more projections, egotism, deliberate obtuseness, and pettiness that is the hallmark of your angry little existence. I didn't call you anything, nor did I say you can't post about a topic, but you're so fragile and vain you see personal attacks everywhere. Must be a tiring way to live. But let me guess, you knew what I was thinking! As you know what everyone everywhere is thinking! Hehe.

    We could continue, talk MO and delve further into your delusional world but the mind of one useful idiot is much the same as any other, and you don't have an original thought in your head with which to entice me, so that'll be all. Adieu, mademoiselle. No wait, to keep this conclusion more in check with your fascistic tendencies; Auf Wiedersehen, Fräulein.
  • I state you seem to be needlessly promoting conflict and you respond with a torrent of insults and storm off like a child. You prove my point for me.
  • A torrent of insults? You are a delicate flower aren't you? 

    Storming off? Fragile as a snowflake. 

    Your hard-on for wanting to see conflict in everything I post I dare say is yet another reflection of your own projections and broken psyche, buttercup.  


  • "Don't be a dick"
    Noobied by 2FirLocke sloth
  • Uh Flibble, you are still simply escalating. This is stuff a 14yo would post. This is upsetting nobody and only illustrates you are upset.

    In terms of Silk Road, I still maintain a market place that allows literally anything, not just drugs, is by definition so criminal that any further political position it proposes is undermined by it.
  • I think DPR is an alias passed through the generations. Catching and making an example of this one will mean nothing as is rebranding a law firm; the infrastructure/mechanics/same bunch are still there.

    I believe it hypocritical to be sentencing a man like this when governments commit the same atrocities. I am stupid and naive and wish for a kinder solution of rehabilitation and furthered research into this direction rather than hard time; applied to all.

    I feel that it is dangerous to target platforms as information exchanges and banks fall under the same criteria and yet something like HSBC/other banks are bailed out rather than seized. And then other crypto orgs are raided etc. In the end it's just about who has the guns and man power to assert control and tell the story. I don't think this is wrong (in a competitive market sense) but I do wish it were more right sometimes.

    I do not have sufficient evidence or knowledge to make a call or judgement on any of these topics however this is a forum and where we openly talk about all this and can hopefully continue doing so even in a vulnerable way.

    I dream of a future where proactive measures of open-minded education, meaningful employment and measures to aid purposeful living make extinct some of the darker recesses of the internet, rather than the reactive path we're taking now rooted in fear desperately trying to control it all.

    I could be totally wrong on all this.
  • It is possible Ross was the one left holding the bag.  He was found with almost excessive evidence, so the dude made his bed.  The articles describe a guy who seems to have been into murder for hire and offered kingpin size bribes when caught.  He might as well be wearing an I am evil T-shirt.  I suppose I would be satisfied with 20 years, but I have zero sympathy for the guy.

    The comparison that this guy lost everything and the bankers behind 2008 got bailed out is totally valid.  I just happen to think we should elect people who will punish rich criminals as well, rather than letting everyone off.

    If you think about what Silk Road was trying to do, sell literally anything with complete anonymity, you end up in some fucked up places pretty quickly.  If anyone could do murder for hire, where the buyer and hit man are completely protected, what would market prices fall to?  Right now murder for hire is incredibly risky and unsure.  What if it were as cheap and easy as Ebay?  I mean it turns into a scifi short story.  People are offed over petty grudges for a few thousand dollars or less, and no one, no even the person who paid for it knows who did it.  The cops have zero chance of catching the guy, and the family is left to wonder who is responsible and possibly hire somebody to kill their favorite suspect.  The cycle goes on and on, we use the internet as a way to hide, not just from the government, but from everyone.  What would the world look like?
  • What are your thoughts on the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin?
  • I am not sure I know enough to comment usefully. It mostly seems like a tax dodge. Periodically barter currencies arise, and grow until the government recognizes that it is money and they are not getting their cut. Then said currency dies out, because it has no advantage and is less convenient. It seems simple enough, all money is imaginary information. I certainly do not propose to understand how it is "made". It just seems like a commodity. If anyone wants to explain that.... The collapse of Mtgox does not seem to have destroyed confidence. Did they get rid of the shorthand that allowed that to happen?

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