Coffee or Tea
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    Coffee or Tea
    1. Do you prefer coffee or tea?21 votes
      1. Tea
      2. I prefer both and lack the fortitude to choose one over the other
      3. I am a boring human being who likes neither
  • For the record I really like both but since I have fortitude I am choosing coffee
  • Both, but hot drinks are terrible so only the iced versions.
  • So not only do you choose to lack fortitude you choose to besmirch the deliciousness of hot drinks. 
  • I dislike both in actual fact I had rarely drank a beverage that contained caffeine until my missus introduced me to blue raspberry rockstar. That shit is sweet as hell but tastes beautiful. Because I have no tolerance for caffeine either 2 cans lights me up for a whole day.
  • They're equally, if not more delicious cold, you just are no longer subjected to heat which is nice.
  • I make my coffee and tea go further ( and save electricity ) by using a thermos! : D I've drastically reduced my caffeine-beverage expenditure over the past 4 years.
  • Neither. Deal with it.
  • You're British dude
  • Off with your heads
  • Tea. Of course. It's the gentleman's choice.

    Coffee drinkers are degenerates.
  • Tea. Hate coffee.
  • Coffee for this degenerate. I cut out all caffeine a few years ago when I was getting shakes and low blood sugar moments every afternoon, but eventually fell back into the arms of ice-cold diet cokes and very strong coffee.
  • You see! How many times have you ever heard "I was off the tea but I'm back on it now" or "I really should cut down on the tea"? Never, that's how often!

    Tea is to cigars as coffee is to meth. Coffee drinkers have slightly better teeth than meth-heads though, but maybe worse breath.
  • Macha te (y)
  • Coffee drinkers:

    Tea drinkers:

    Tea drinkers:

    Noobied by 1SpaceOfSoul
  • I really enjoy tea but don't drink it as often as I used to. Waking up at 3 AM for work makes the stronger kick of caffeine in coffee a necessity rather than a desire. Although, there is nothing like a steaming hot mug of coffee on a cold, -40 C January morning.

    The reason I prefer tea is it is not bitter and gross the way coffee is, so I can use no sweeteners. Important step when you're trying to cut out sugar.
  • I am a hardcore coffee guy. We always have boxes of Kcups. Take that planet Earth! If we got down to one, probably a knife fight would occur. The winner would drink the losers blood for enough residual caffeine to drive for coffee. I am the guy who orders the Americano
    with extra shots and drinks it before he gets to the car.

    Not much for tea although my time in India sold me on chai. I hate fancy Western chai. It has to be swept from the corners of a Bombay wharehouse, and then boiled for three days with all the milk and sugar available and then sold to me in a clay cup by the dirtiest man you can find.
  • Coffee off course Tea drinkers are stuck up elitist
  • As a true dapper gentlemen, one must choose Tea, no other will do.
  • I'm a coffee drinker. 

    I generally don't like the smell of most teas and I like the smell and taste of coffee plus the caffeine is good too.

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