Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 25/05/15
  • As discussed in the previous WiG, I was away Tuesday-Tuesday the last week.  A week at an all-inclusive resort in Tenerife has done no harm whatsoever to my tan and general stress levels.  Not so great for making progress on Bastion or my highly unrealistic FIFA14 career, however...

    (Android) Terra Battle Whilst the hotel we were staying in did have free WiFi, it didn't seem to be enough to support the network connectivity requirements of this, which was a shame as once the kids were asleep in the adjoining room, all I could really do was hold whispered conversations with Mrs Littleg, watch some very quiet TV or do some reading.  I had intended to put some time into games on my phone and had even packed the silly famicom-designed bluetooth gamepad I'd bought to play some emulated SNES games (yes, I know very well that emulation is the devil's work) but once I found out I couldn't play Terra Battle after downloading it months ago but never getting to it, I kind of lost interest in the whole enterprise.

    Fast-forward to our return home, after 5 hours of trying to keep two small children entertained in their aeroplane seats and lugging multiple heavy bags on and off airport trolleys/buses/cars, I was keen to get an early night before returning to work today.  My eyelids had other ideas however and sleep evaded me so I finally, after months of waiting, got round to trying Terra Battle.

    For those of you not familiar, this game is a Japanese-developed grid-based RPG which includes such names as Sakaguchi and Uematsu on the credits roll (I can't tell if people like that ending up developing a FTP phone game is exciting or kind of tragic), which melds a Final Fantasy-esque aesthetic and storyline with a very stripped-down battle system that includes aspects of stone-paper-scissors and a 2D grid puzzle.

    I've only reached the end of the tutorial and some of the ways in which your movements of characters about the board interact with each other, as well as the support effects you get in each battle according to who is aligned with who on the grid are a little baffling.  Also, I haven't yet started bumping up against the free-to-play 'Energy' mechanics or the ways in which the new character accrual tries to goose you for cash, so it'll be interesting to see what that ends up looking like - this is the first game with that type of model that I've played, unbelievably!

    One last note for the music - as the first game I've played since FFIX which has featured the music of my favourite video game composer, I've been quite enjoying the soundtrack.  Not so sure about some of the lyrics, though.

    OK, that's enough from me talking about a stupid phone game.  Show me your tan-lines and I'll show you mine...
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  • @Littleg Might have a look at Terra Battle as I really should make use of my phone when out and about to justify the contract price, all I really use it for is reading web pages. But currently it is with Samsung being repaired. I should also make use of my 3ds and Vita for that matter... Haven't even looked at my Vita for months.
  • Not a big gaming week for me but I do have a few games I plan on playing.

    (PS4) Dragon Age: Inquisition
    - I'm slowly making my way through the story. I think I've now reached the middle section of the game as a lot of new areas have opened up to explore.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield 4 - The latest Spring patch is out this week so I'm planning on trying out the new weapons and seeing how the changes to things like the net code and suppression are.
  • Might take you up on that tan line offer...

    A few hours into Witcher 3. The game is like a fine wine, to be enjoyed slowly. I'll be playing this for months. I love how every quest has its own little twist. There was one quest that ended on a bit of a cliffhanger and the game marked it as complete. I let a couple of days pass in game time, and I went back to see if its story actually progressed and it did. That was great.

    A few rounds of Smash on the 3DS. For some reason I seem to do better playing Captain Falcon on the 3DS than on the Wii U.
  • I am the palest person known to man. I spent 2 week in Tunisia and came back whiter than when I went. So I dare not even compete.

    Got a code for the Planetside 2 beta last week. Not delved too deep. It seems okay. I dunno what the payment structure is like or if it's worth playing long term because most of my time has been taken by The Witcher 3 oh my this game is spectacular. I'll pop on intend to do a main story quest and end up playing 3 hours of Gwent. Never has a games world sucked me in so much as this.
  • Mistwalker studio, how far they've fallen. They haven't made an actual console game since 2011, and these days they chuck out an annual mobile game and then go about their business of being irrelevant. The tale of Mistwalker is a miserable one.

    LEGO Pirates - Hot on the heels of platting LEGO LOTR last week I platted this one this week.

    Helldivers - Playing the new version, still grinding that 100K kills trophy.

    Bloodborne - Been hitting a lot of chalice dungeons this week. The lower depth ones are starting to grow on me, and there seems to be a lot of high level co-op and PvP going on down here. I also found a few blood stones so I now have 4 weapons at +10.

    Destiny - I loaded this up for the first time in a looong while and was dismayed. If you haven't been buying the DLC, there's not much for you to play. My map was an ocean of red demanding I spend more money to access it.

    Lords of the Fallen - I bought the DLC a while back and thought I'd try it out, but first I have to get a new character to where the DLC is accessible, so I haven't actually played the DLC yet.
  • Bloodborne Got the platinum trophy before the new patch came out, so I haven't seen the new stuff or upgraded more weapons yet. Waiting for the dlc. :) Fantastic game.

    Wolfenstein The Old Blood I started this up after I finished Bloodborne. Its fine. I'm still terrible at FPS games.

    I only just got my laptop back so I might be trying out some PC games this week, But mostly I'm hoping to finish up Wolfenstein. Currently about halfway thru it now. :)
  • I went back and played through God of War 2. I was really impressed with how well certain elements held up, but there was a lot left to be desired. As the player you never have any real control over the camera, which sucks whenever I'm trying to backtrack or jump to an inconspicuous are within a level. This is one of those times that I really appreciate the camera work in Uncharted, because they don't restrict you like they do here. They had pretty much everything else you'd want. Superb sound design, excellent leveling of weapons and diverse enemies to keep combat fresh, and really tight pacing that swings you between action and platforming throughout the game. My biggest complaint would be that Kratos still sucks as a character. That man takes zero responsibility for his actions; he's just a sociopath.
  • Following Dr F's comment, I went away and looked up Mistwalker.  I had no idea these were the same guys behind Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey!  We've talked about the move of other Japanese dev houses to mobile games as a lower-risk proposition, but to go from the team at the vanguard of Microsoft trying to muscle their way into the Japanese console market in the early days of the 360 to this is a bit of a surprise.
  • Surprise? It's a Greek tragedy. M$ funded them to break into the Japanese market, and Mistwalker delivered Blue Dragon, which remains the highest selling Xbox game in Japan ever, by a big margin. Then they gave us Lost Odyssey, which was one of the best JRPGs ever imo and definitely in my Top 10 games of last gen. But that wasn't enough for M$. They had ridiculously high expectations and rather than try to build upon or even finish what they started, they canned Cry On, cried "racism" themselves, took their ball, and fucked off back home with their tails between their legs.

    Xbox in Japan misses out on a lot of games, and the region-locking often prevented importing. LIVE was paid compared to then PSN's being free (and nerfed to boot), and their biggest sin of all; releasing a pile of shit console that breaks when you make a loud noise near it. Doing that in a market that demands quality as Japan does, is suicide.

    But yeah, from M$' great hope to peddling mediocrity on Nintendo, to finally looking to end their days giving handjobs for meals in the mobile market. Horrible fate for some of the men that defined Japanese gaming back in the day. And you know what other studio is following a disturbingly similar path? Platinum Games.

  • (Xbox One) Master Chief Collection

    Got to dick around in the menus while I install a 56GB file. That was fun. Just got my console today so I'm waiting to dip my toes into this, the download time is taking eons with my shite internet speeds.
  • I finished Old Blood and loved it. Played through the entirety of Sunset on PC, took about 4 hours. I enjoyed it. Tried The Crew. Ala Men on Film - Hated It!

    Also been getting a grip on Elite: Dangerous. It's pretty dope, but staggering in scope. And rhymes. I kind of want to be an information broker, which I can be, which is fun. Go out to unexplored areas, scan, and sell the data...doesn't sound so bad.

    Been trying to enjoy Infamous Second Son but Seattle is just so fuckin' boring, honestly. It's a shame.
  • I still haven't finished Second Son. The new protagonist, the new powers, the new city, everything is a yawn fest.
  • @Sunflower

    Elite is all one of my buddies talks about nowadays. It looks like a mighty fine game too. Gorgeous.
  • I'm waiting for Elite to hit PS4. Bloody Boners have a timed exclusive with it.
  • Yeah I just started playing Second Son yesterday and everything just isn't quite as interesting as the first two inFamous. Still, it's fun and addictive just zipping around the place after not playing an Infamous game for a while. So far I like playing as Fetch from the First Light DLC more than Delsin.
  • I've just been playing Elite: Dangerous on PC. It's already growing socially in some interesting ways. I get the feeling it'll be just as cutthroat as EVE managed to get. Dunno if it'll be adopted as much though.

    Regarding Second Son, Delsin's a big nothing personality-wise. At least Cole was kind of a shitlord, I guess. I mean, I know he was nothing special but Delsin is really uninspired. Infamous 2 had the best city, so...I like that.

    It's VERY hard to go back to Second Son after playing Sunset Overdrive, though. The traversal is so much better in SO, it's ridiculous. Infamous feels like it has no fun inside of it at all compared to SO. I love the shit out of that.
  • Haven't really played much due to me working over time at work.
    But finally got two days off and picked up splatoon on release.

    The game is fun, quirky and addicting.
    While multiplayer is fun, and that's where the games main focus seems to be, Nintendo did a great job separating Multplayer from Story mode.

    Story mode isn't just multiplayer with computers.
    It cleverly takes its shooting components and adds elements of platforming (Made me feel like I was playing a ratchet and clank game).

    Story mode starts off really easy, a bit too easy, but gradually bumps up the difficulty as you progress.
    While it doesn't make it too difficult, it makes it difficult enough to bring a challenge and manages to still make it fun.

    Now, I did get a chance to pick up the Amiibo 3-Pack.
    And once you're done with the story and its levels, each of the 3 amiibos adds 20 challenges to a select few stages from story mode.
    Things such time trials, limited ink, complete the stage with different weapons all add some sort of challenge as well as exclusive content gear that can be used in Splatoons Online Multiplayer mode.

    The Limited Ink stages are brutal. These had me flipping tables because even if you die and are sent to the check point, all enemies you had killed, any ink you splattered will have been erased. Not only that, but you don't retain the lost ink. Limiting you the already scarce amount of ink provided for the challenge.

    Any Wii U owner should definitely pick this up. This game feels "Fresh" and new, and takes me back to when Nintendo wasn't afraid to try out something new.
    Makes you feel like a kid again.
  • I am actually quite impressed with Splatoon. It's one of the few shooters I'd actually enjoy online. There was an article documenting what a 10 year old thought about the game and it's just the cutest thing! She's also the most eloquent 10 year old ever.
  • (Xbox One) Master Chief Collection
    Figured I could update my progress. It's still downloading (I have super shitty download speeds as of late) but luckily it's almost done. I'm glad I can play while it installs. I've polished off the Halo 4 campaign, and the CE campaign as they were the first two to finish downloading completely.

    Currently making my way through Halo 2 (it's at like 70% downloaded) so I'm curious as to how I can play it. Then, next up I'll tackle Halo 3's campaign, and dive into some multiplayer. I never got to play Halo 2 online so I'm sort of looking forward to that, unless the matchmaking is complete shit like I've been hearing.

    ODST also dropped for MCC yesterday, and is given free to anyone who played MCC from Nov.14-Dec.14 I believe, but I could be wrong.
  • @Manio yeah I got my code yesterday through the Xbox messenger app. Me and a friend started playing through on legendary when the game came out. Stopped midway though 2. We are considering picking it back up now.
  • ODST is $5. The right price.
  • @Sunflower

    $5 is fantastic. ODST was a solid game in every way. The soundtrack and feel of the game was phenomenal.

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