NooBTooB 101 2015: Suggestions
  • It's that time of year again! The NooBTooB 101 summer event rose from the grave last year, and it was quite a success! It's a new year, a new summer and what better way is there to spend the summer than to lay under the sun and play some games with friends. :)

    So, this thread is talk about which games we will be playing for June, July and August. As the host, I'll be choosing the game in the end, but I'll be taking everyone's suggestions into consideration. Make a case! And I will listen. For the uninitiated, the NooBTooB 101 is where the forum rallies together and plays a game for a month. Let's get started, shall we?

    But first! Some rules. In the past, for a game to be eligible as a candidate for the 101, it used to have to be available on at least PS3 and 360. I've decided to do away with this rule as the new generation of consoles has settled in, and PC gaming is more popular than ever. The PS3/360 gen, however, is still clinging on and both platforms are still getting new releases and are still played by many people. So! These are the new rules:

    For a game to be eligible as a candidate for the 101, it must be available on at least two platforms that aren't from the same family. Preferably, the game would also have been released during the PS3/360 gen onwards, as those systems are the most commonly used nowadays. iOS/Android games do not count, as those games are generally not deep or long enough to be played intently for a month. I'll give some examples:

    Valkyria Chronicles is eligible for the 101, as it is available for both PS3 and PC. The Witcher 2 and the Left 4 Dead games are also eligible as they're on Xbox 360 and PC. The Last of Us is not as it is only available on the PS3 and PS4 (same family). While TLoU is technically available on two platforms, they are in the same family of systems, so it still feels like an exclusive. Exclusives are not good for the purpose of the 101, which to involve as many people as possible to play a single game and talk about it. Thankfully, there aren't many examples like TLoU, so this rule will not kick into effect all that often.

    Now that that's cleared up, here's my list!



    For the past few years of 101, we have pretty much stuck to retail games. They're bigger, they're flashier, they have more mass appeal. But Indie Games have more than made their mark on their industry, and in 2015, there's never been more of them to choose from across all platforms. Bastion is an action game that's narrated by a really cool voice. It has a gorgeous art style and great music. Easy to play, fun to play, and very likeable.

    Available on: PC / X360 / PS4

    Launch Trailer (2 mins)

    Dust: An Elysian Tale


    A wonderful, gorgeous and creative 2D Action Platformer. I like my 2D platformers as much as the next guy, but I really like them when they have a fun combat system strewn in there too. Dust is just that. It has very impressive production quality for an indie game. It puts Ubisoft's recent 2D Assassin's Creed games to shame! Dust has voice acting, flowing, beautiful animations, an intriguing story, fantastic music and great gameplay.

    Available on: PC / X360 / PS4

    Launch Trailer (2 mins)

    Valkyria Chronicles


    Valkyria Chronicles is a unique game. Set in a fictionalised WW2, you command a growing squad of unique characters. The gameplay is a mix of third person action and turn based strategy. It sports gorgeous, water colour visuals, great music and a thinking man's gameplay. There are not many games quite like Valkyria Chronicles, give it a shot. This is the very definition of a hidden gem!

    Available on: PC / PS3

    PC Launch Trailer (2 mins)

    Sleeping Dogs


    Sleeping Dogs is an open world action game set in Hong Kong. You play as (badass) Wei Shen, an undercover cop whose job is to find dirt on the gang/mafia Sun On Yee. For some, this is 'GTA in China', but it's more than that. As you progress, you develop a relationship with your brothers in the Sun On Yee and you begin to question the job you're meant to do. It has heart, it has crazy car sequences and overall, it has some damn fun gameplay.

    Available on: PS3 / PS4 / X1 / X360 / PC

    101 Trailer (4 mins)

    A Complete Telltale Game Series


    Specifically, The Walking Season 1/2 and The Wolf Among Us. Telltale's games are all about the story, and stories are best experienced with others. Especially stories that change depending on one's choices! All of their games have a cel-shaded visual style, and cool animations to boot. I've never played any of their games before, but they have always seemed very interesting.

    Available on: PS3 / PS4 / X1 / X360 / PC / PS Vita / iOS / Android

    Walking Dead S1 Trailer
    (2 mins)

    Wolf Among Us Trailer (1 min)

    The Binding of Isaac


    You escape from your brainwashed-by-God mother. You hide in a basement in horror. You are Isaac and you must survive. Who knows what you have to get through..

    Randomized dungeons, tears as projectiles, themes that video games never touch upon, and a very memorable aesthetic. I always hear of how brilliant this game is, it might be time to check it out!

    Available on: PS4 / X1 / PC / PS Vita / Wii U / New 3DS

    Launch Trailer (2 mins)

    Alien: Isolation


    An actually good, and scary Alien game. You play as Amanda Ripley and you are searching for answers about your mother's disappearance.

    Dripping with atmosphere, you explore the station step by step, avoiding the alien as best you can. Because by the time the Alien sees you, you're already dead.

    Available on: PS4 / X1 / PC / PS3 / X360

    How Scary is Alien: Isolation?
    (11 mins. Long but entertaining!)

    Fallout: New Vegas


    'Cos Fallout 4 is coming, yo.

    Available on: PS3 / X360 / PC (Ultimate Edition includes all DLC)

    E3 Trailer (2 mins)

    A Classic Game


    Now this, this is a wild card. I'm talking games like Chrono Trigger, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Super Metroid and Banjo-Kazooie. Old games that are still talked about today, are easily available today and actually may hold up next to today's games. Games that have stood the test of time. I wanted to give this idea a go, if there's an old goodie that people want to play, let's give it a shot! This bucks the rules from earlier, but hey that's the point of a wild card. :)

    And those are my suggestions! Tell me what you'd like to play. It doesn't have to be from this list either. If you've got a game in mind, suggest it and I'll consider it. Share with your friends, get involved and have a good time talking and playing games! The more the merrier! Also, the game that is chosen will be revealed on the 1st of every month, so, argue away about which games you want to play! :)

  • Awesome timing with this as I just finished up Bloodborne. I like all your suggestions (I've already beaten Bastion though).

    I also love Classic games; would Mega Man X or X2 thru X6 be possibilities? All those games are available digitally on Wii/U/PSN. Would Shmups make for good suggestions? Or are those too obscure.

    I also will throw a game out there, I've never played any of the Silent Hill games, and I'm pretty sure I've got the 1st game on PSN and then the HD collection on PS3. Also CONTRA! :) as another suggestion.
  • Mega Man X is a good suggestion. :) Sh'mups are pretty obscure, but whatever is popular with the forum is worth a go. I hear Silent Hill 2 is the best one, so I'd go with that one if SH is going to be picked. I heard the HD collection wasn't great though, has it been fixed?

    I know nothing about Contra, so you'll have to flesh out that suggestion!
  • Tough one, some great games in there that I've played, mostly just scratching the surface. Would love to replay the telltale games and discuss what choices everyone makes. Sleeping dogs would be awesome. Bastion wasn't my cup of tea. New Vegas was epic. The rest iv not played.
  • With the exception of Fallout 4 I'm good with any of these. The games on the list I beat on PS3 I can play again on PS4 so I don't mind doing them again.
  • Contra Shattered Soldier on PSN or Contra III: The Alien Wars on the Wii/WiiU VC. Run and gun, like Metal Slug. Oh and I think I bought a Metal Slug game on PS4 recently, not sure which 1 at this moment though. :)

    I also haven't played Ico/Shadow of the Colossus  or any of the Mass Effect games or Dragon Age. A lot of games I haven't played. lol. I'm not sure I'm up for whatever, I don't really replay stuff though unless its on a different platform, then I don't mind.

    I still don't have my laptop back yet, so no PC games for me.
  • I've never played alien, so I'm willing to pick that up. Was kind of waiting til October to buy it since it might hit the PSN with some sort of Halloween Special sale.
    Been wanting to dive into a horror game since I'm all RPG'ed out.

    Bastion was ok, never beat it but didn't really fancy it.

    And as far as classics, I think that's a great idea. The games are fairly cheap now on the digital stores, and I'm curious to try out some castlevania games. Only castlevania game I've played was castlevania 64... And that was just a mess.

    Silent hill HD .... I had to return this game.
    It's so buggy, and they never released a patch to fix these issues. A patch was promised and never was fulfilled.
    I was about 4 hours in the first one and it glitched out on me. The whole city was just fog and I was able to walk through buildings and off the map.
    Sad because this was my first experience with the silent hill games.

  • YES! The Castlevania games are amazing picks also! I've got most of the CV games digitally, the GBA games on WiiU, and the classic ones, and the PS2 game on PSN.

    and according to this the PS3 version did get a patch.

    I'm pretty sure the 360 version missed out on the patch. Not 100% sure though.
  • Even post-patch the Silent Hill remakes were pretty awful. I think they gave it to a bunch of interns to work on. Interns who also happened to be batshit insane shit-flinging monkeys. I heard the excuse about Konami somehow losing the source code of the games and having to go back to earlier builds and that being why the HD remakes turned out so badly, which even if it's true, reeks of professionalism as only Konami can do. If you can get the original PS2 releases, treasure them. Silent Hill is dead and it ain't coming back.
  • Man, I'm totally for Alien: Isolation. That game was tied with DS2 for my Game Of The Year last year.

    Hell, you could even put Dark Souls 2 on the list since it just re-released as Scholar Of The First Sin.
  • Hmm, interesting. I'm leaning towards Alien for June. Would everyone be down for that?
  • Yeah, Alien is solid. Let's do that.
  • I've got Alien Isolation for PS4 sitting on my bookshelf in the wrapper. Yeah I think I'd be up for it. :)
  • I'm down. I'll pick it sometime next week if it's all set in stone
  • Sounds good. The DLC is on sale on PSN at the moment too I think for those interested.
  • I just remembered I'd also be fine playing The Evil Within. ;) Since I also haven't unwrapped that game either.
  • I have alien sat on my shelf barely touched.
  • Alien it is then. :) The thread for it will go live on the 1st of June, so don't start until then!
  • Currently on sale on 360, I think, in case you're a change-resistant caveman like me...
  • Will you be joining us Littleg? I think Alien runs well enough on the 360, so it should be ok!
  • As I peek into my crystal ball....

    Everyone: Hey, lets all play Alien Isolation as a community! *tee hee*
    Everyone: Yay!

    1 month later...

    Everyone: Sorry guys, I couldn't pull myself away from Witcher 3, but next month for sure!

  • Alien is such a solid game.

    Everyone better set aside Witcher 3 for it.
  • No worries there. I'm not playing Witcher 3 presently ;) not til I start 2 anyway, but it won't be anytime soon.
  • I'll be jumping around with Splatoon and Alien, so it'll take me a while to finish the game.

    it's been a while since I've even completed a game..... Will also be flying out to LA June 11th, and will be back home on the 16th. 
    Will try to take my Ps3 with me, but might not game much while I'm in LA.
  • What's the difference in the difficulties? The alien kills you on sight right? I'm playing on Hard now (since that's what the game recommended) but is it a big jump to Nightmare? 
  • @Dr Flibble

    Not a clue, mate. I played through Normal my first so I might try Nightmare for when I re-snag the game on Xbox One. I've heard Nightmare is instant kill and no checkpoints, but I could be mistaken.

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