What are you listening to?
  • Been listening to some podcasts about wrestling

    And a youtube series about the great war
  • Alkaline Trio!
  • A lot of Appetite for Destruction and Blood Sugar Sex Magik at the moment. I love Frusciante's rythms. Also a bit of Mothers Milk just for when Flee does crazy fast funky baselines.  He has seemed to have moved away from in later albums due to not liking having a reputation for only really fast aggressive slap base riffs all the time.
  • I just found this, it's catchy, and I'm really liking the videos. when I went looking for more I found that these may just be fan made videos.. they're well made imo.


  • Draconian like constantly lately. lol. ;)

  • Last night I was at Bogart's in Cincinnati and saw Silversun Pickups live; it was fucking awesome. 

    The show began with the opening band "Kiev" who I had never heard before, and by the end of their second song I was ready to buy their album (which I did). They're a stellar quartet with an exceptional Tenor Saxophonist who come from similar parts of California as the Pickups do. Great opener that gave Silversun something to work for.

    Following the opening there was a fifteen minute lull in which the set-up crew prepared the stage for the band, and at the end of that fifteen minutes Nikki walks on stage; throws the horns; and I know I'm in for an incredible show. They opened with "Night Light" from their most recent album and quickly followed into "Well Thought Out Twinkles" from Carnavas; which was glorious. This began the progression of the show as they played a song off their latest release and followed it with one of their hit singles. 

    I was overjoyed watching them live as whenever I've seen taping's of their concerts, Brian is the only member who really seems engaged in the moment. Last night, every member was invested and the audience was charmed and enthralled the whole way through. I was particularly elated to watch Nikki (who is one of my all time favorite bassists) hop around on stage and treat nearly every song like she's having the greatest jam session of all time. 

    Brian was also a wonderful, playful, front-man, who lovingly interacted with the crowd; waiting for call backs and painting the ethos of the songs with his hands. It almost felt as if, one some level, he was attempting to embody aspects of Freddie Mercury or Iggy Pop; but to less of a degree (no blood on stage or fuck you's to the crowd). Still, he was having a wonderful time and that energy spread to every member of the audience. 

    My only complaint(s) from last night were 1.) They cock teased me by starting "Rusted Wheel" and then moving onto "Lazy Eye" prior to finishing. Granted, it was a mind-blowing rendition of "Lazy Eye" and I know that's a universal favorite, but I prefer "Rusted Wheel." 2.) I never got to hear "Royal We" and was really hoping that it was going to be one of their hits that they were going to play. 

    Overall, it went better than I could have hoped. They had a great opening act, and once they were on stage they progressively got better with each and every song. Brian's vocals were broken at the beginning, but by the end it seemed as if the music God's had repaired every chord. They also won me over a little more on their latest album, which has been their weakest release, but I'm growing to appreciate it. It's a departure from their previous work lyrically, narratively, and sonically; but I think they has to do more with a shift in control and focus within the band. I'll wait for the next album till my final verdict on their new direction, but nothing will change how wonderful they were last night.

  • Ich bin spinnin ze alt Eisbrecher discs dis Woche

    And watching old Hanetobi dvds reminded me that this sort of awesome existed.

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