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  • Without derailing Firlocke's music thread, where he is doing his own thing which is cool and all, I decided, since we have a thread about what we're reading, watching on film, or watching on TV, we might as well also have a music thread! So post what you're listening to or have most recently listened to here. Don't know if there's enough general interest in music to keep this sustained like there is the other ones, but let's give it a go!
  • Winsord clued me into this album by Elvis Depressedly, which is very good, and I've been listening to it a lot lately

    I've also been listening to the newest album from The Tallest Man on Earth a lot. Here's one of my favs from the album:

  • No worries man. My thread is just "Song of the Day" really, something like this is more viable for discussion. I've been listening to Hans Zimmer a lot recently. He's involved with a lot more movies than I originally thought......like Kung Fu Panda. No idea he worked on that.


    His music is pretty good at getting me in the mood to do some work! Sagres was a very enjoyable song. Beautiful. :)
  • Zimmer is great, the best thing going about Interstellar. Nailed the Batman trilogy and Pirates. Gladiator's soundtrack was fantastic. Everyone knows Lion King.
  • Found some MP3s that I had backed up before my space crapped out and started listening to some kpop.
    And I had totally forgotten about Clazziquai Project. They have some pretty good stuff. If it wasn't for DjMax Clazziquai, I wouldn't have heard of this group at all.

    But as of late, this song has been stuck in my head since I rediscovered it
  • NO ONE and I mean NO ONE here will like my music taste. It's a mixed bag but all of it pretty shite for others.

    I have been listening to the newest yelawolf album recently. The mix of country and hiphop is really unique. It's a shame I doubt it will sell too much even with a eminem feature on the album.
  • Most recently Marilyn Manson's new album. I haven't followed him much since The Golden Age of Grotesque but being in the news recently for the PS1 disk thing aroused my interest and I checked out the new album The Pale Emperor.

  • I've been listening to a lot of Silversun Pickups. I started listening to them when my old boss played their music at work and really loved their sound. All three of their albums are extraordinary, but my favorite of theirs is Swoon. I have a soft spot for distorted guitars and that slow steady build up of a song that was somewhat invented by the Pixies, and Silversun Pickups are masters of both. If you only listen to one thing by them I'd recommend their song "The Royal We."

    I've also been listening to a lot of Faith No More/Mike Patton in order to prepare for their upcoming album. Faith No More is my favorite band, and Mike Patton is my overall favorite music entity. The man has more range and ability than any other front man I've ever come across. He's probably the most prolific musician I've ever come across as well considering all his side projects and the varying genres he works in. Just listen to his second Fantomas album; fucking genius.

  • My sister really digs Silversun Pickups, never been able to get into them myself much, although I admit Panic Switch is catchy.
  • @nutta27 If you like a mix of country/hip-hop, you should check out Buck 65. Stylistically it's very different from Yelawolf, it's much less of a traditional interpretation of the genres, but there certainly are songs that mix banjo and scratching.

  • Currently listening to the drunken women in my hotel Lobby rant about who has slept with the most men. 
    Its currently 7:27pm...
  • I'm finally listening to Faith No More's Album "Sol Invictus" and I may just cry from pure joy. This bands last album came out in 1997, and thus far this album is even better than "Album of the Year" which was their last album. Mike Patton is an eccentric man (which is why I love his music) but sometimes needs people to reign him in. That's exactly what happens when he works with FNM. All his eccentricity is spread across the album slowly and efficiently making it so tantalizing(in the best way imaginable). 

    Everyone else on this album is killing it to. Billy Gould is still the best working bassist in the world (John Deacon is best living bassist). This man is not only an exceptional bassist but also has as much input as Patton regarding the music, and you can almost tell from song to song which one of them had the most control. Rod Bottum's keyboard is heard better here than it was on their last two albums(which hurts to admit). Jon Hudson is finally validating himself as the official guitarist of FNM. No one thought Jim Morris could ever be replaced, but Jon is showing to be as versatile than he ever was. Finally there's Mike Bordin who proves to be one of the most malleable drummers out there. He may not be the best technician, but the man knows how to work within any range put in front of him.

    So far the only other album I've heard this year was The Decemberists "What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful world" and I have very mixed feelings about that album. It's growing on me, but nothing like what I had hoped. This album though, brilliant from start to finish, even the song "Motherfucker" which I didn't like when I first heard but works wonderfully within the whole album. Here's a little taste of "Sol Invictus" for all of you:

    Now go buy this album.
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  • @laphamking I don't know what I expected. It isn't my kind of music, but it somehow felt great nonetheless. That was weird.
  • What more could you want than Asian Hookers?
  • I've been waiting years for a new Arcturus album and its finally coming out this week! So I've been listening to old Arcturus albums. ;)

    here is something from the new one.

  • One song, one album. 

  • Deric talked me into making a Spotify account. Should we maybe share those? or just regular old youtube pages only?

    I'm going to post a few songs I've found and keep listening to over the past month or so.
    Courtney Barnett - Pedestrian At Best

    Starcadian - Chinatown.

    Scissor Sisters - I Can't Decide (I don't see an official video, and GF is good anyway.)

    Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Multi-Love

    Susanne Sundfør - White Foxes
  • Courtney Barnett's entire album was really good, I couldn't get into UMO's most recent.

    Saw Lady Lamb in concert in Detroit several weeks back, After is still probably my favourite album this year. Here's the opening song:

  • Edge of Sanity- Crimson
    I really enjoyed this album. Nothing like what I was expecting, and yet delivered everything I wanted. 


    Neutral Milk Hotel

    I heard a lot of great things about this album, and I'm utterly disappointed. In less than ten minutes I was begging for mercy. I wanted to rip my ears off.

    The Clash

    After listening to that garbage I had to put something listenable in, and chose "The Clash." I don't love them as much as everyone else, but I enjoyed this album. There are a lot of other punk bands that are much better.

    Dream Theater

    This song is beautiful. 

    Rush 2112

    Decided to finish off my night with this classic. Considering my political leanings it would be no surprise to anyone that Rush is one of my all time favorite bands.

  • I've been listening to variations of Jazz over the last week. Everything from Miles Davis to John Zorn, and I've been loving it.

    Here we have some fusion with the Mahavishnu Orchestra and Return to Forever.

  •  W.a.s.p
    asian kung fu generation landmark

  • Am I crazy or is this Jake remix song catchy enough to listen to over and over?
    Because that's what's happening.. :(

  • I saw a concert last night. 4 bands, one was Elvis Depressedly, who is in the OP, so I won't repost. There's no album version on Youtube, but here's my favourite song from the other band I really wanted to see at the concert.

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  • Not sure if I should bump this or use the Not So Daily Music thread.. BUMP :P

    This Cosmo Jarvis guy has a hand full of catchy songs. Lots of interesting music videos too.
    Thought I'd throw this one with Skinned - Blind Melon, Lotion - Greenskeepers, and Object - Ween, on my list of creepy/catchy serial killer songs..

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