Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 11/05/15
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  •  "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn"

    Bloodborne (PS4) Just been playing this game. Its better sweet, I'm nearing the end of my Platinum Trophy hunt, and while I want to get into other games, I've truly loved my time with this game. :)

    My laptop has been sent in for service 1 last time before the warranty expires, so I probably won't be around here as much the next couple of weeks. Well, even less than usual for me anyway I guess. ;p
  • Bloodborne - Almost finished the game with my 5th character, who is an old guy playing nude.

    Dark Souls 2 - Just dicking about with new characters and stuff.

    Helldivers - A massive new and free DLC dropped for this which has spiced things up a bit, so I'm playing it again now.

    LEGO Batman 3 - I like it. I think I prefer LEGO games that don't have the open worlds. It was OK in LEGO Marvel because you could whiz around the map fairly quickly, but in Batman 2 or Lord of the Rings it was just painful getting about. Batman 3 thankfully did away with all that, and focused on characters and a nifty little story. This is really a game about Green Lantern rather than Batman.
  • (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield 4 - Still playing Conquest. I been trying to go for the assignment Phantom Operative assignment which means using the Phantom Bow but that is proving very difficult and has a negative effect on my gameplay so I might switch back to using normal weapons.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield Hardline - Just jumping in to play the odd multiplayer game.

    (PS4) Dragon Age: Inquisition - Just made it to the late title screen and I'm slowly exploring the world.
  • Bunch of Jak 3, of all games. I finished Bloodborne and I guess I felt like playing something that fit like an old glove. I continued my 4% save file and suddenly it's 76%. It sort of just happened. I love it.
  • I started my week messing with Dying Light it's okay. It's just not working for me. The combat just isn't satisfying. I might mainline the story and slide back on the shelf. It's okay just not great.

    Last week I spoke about how I couldn't get into Dark Souls 2 because Bloodborne had fucked up my play style. Well I think I may have finally adapted. I started a new character. Went full on strength. I'm about 5 hours in and have smashed the first 4 bosses with my +2 club. Boom!!!!!!!!!

    Also last week I spoke about buying Fantasia but not having room upstairs to play it. Well I dragged the Xbox one downstairs. Set it up on the big TV and went to work flinging my arms about to Lorde's Royals. The games fun. Real fun. I never played dance central and I can't say it's as captivating as rock band but if I ever have a party. Why not throw this one out there.

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