The Witcher: Wild Hunt (PC/XB1/PS4)
  • I think you just have to surrender to it and keep playing it consistently, take your time, and explore the world. The writing and world-building are really top-notch.
  • Do the side missions to level up 
  • @GoodEnoughForMe and @Epke Cheers for the info. I was struggling a bit with the combat (and not saving often stupidly) just the camera angles (and probably a lower level than needed).

    @GoodEnoughForMe Everything seems to be awesomely well written and immersive , I picked up the game and both the expansions without a second thought. I am just going to have to set some time aside and go for it again, maybe a bit liberal with my painkillers lol and really just absorb the world. I am going to get right on it after finishing Fallout Nuka World (level 85 with my third character) and putting that to sleep once and for all.
  • I finished the game on the hardest difficulty once you get your signs? Magic? invest in health regeneration, extra life and shield signs, make sure you are a few levels above the mission level, and loot a lot, lots of chest and good weapons everywhere to find.
  • @epke Cheers guys gonna give it a go again soon, I am gonna go out of my way to explore and focus on the side missions and definitely gonna invest in health regen. Just had a google about the steel and silver sword difference which is one of the mechanics which had me confused and it seems that it is there purely to be true to the lore. So I feel mostly clued up, I just want to get lost in the beautifully rendered areas and understand the gameplay. I am gonna restart and take it as slowly as possible in terms of the main story and focus on exploration and i'm sure it will click. Hopefully :) .
  • Discovered that i was not blocking and it has completely changed the game for me. I am exploring avoiding the main quest line and having a blast. The levelling seems a bit slow, a lot of xp is required.
  • Side missions generate XP, killing monsters or people not so much
  • @Epke Yeah I have discovered that. It seems my brain is wired for mining monsters for xp until I realised I was getting almost nothing until I finished the quests. I am not even sure you get any xp from killing random unfriendlies ( I am probably wrong though ).

    Now in the next area and the monsters are ridiculously strong for my level (even though I did most, if not all the content in the first area). The internet recommended following the main quest and It would lead you to an area more appropriate for your current level. So will get back into it and see how it goes. 

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