The Witcher: Wild Hunt (PC/XB1/PS4)
  • That money system sounds broken. Are shells in limited supply or something? How do they stop people exploiting it and turning themselves into instant millionaires?
  • I heard there was an actual money glitch too.

    Yup, here it is.

  • So I played this morning went to a drunken barber and he totally fucked my dudes hair up. It was a kinda funny dialogue tree

    I'm pretty much wrecking shit in Gwent now. Who would have thought a guy who hates ccg'swoukd get so much into Gwent.

    I wish I could take my deck online and on fools. I wonder if there is enough depth in the amount of cards to allow you to actually do that
  • It's a little bit broken, but it's not quite as broken as it sounds. Vendors have limited amounts of money to buy stuff from you so you can't just use it infinitely, not without waiting for days and days for their money to go back up. The broken part is that there is one vendor who sells infinite shells, you buy around 10, quit out, go back in and he's got another 10. If they altered that so you had to wait for more shells, that would probably work. But the whole point is having the ingenuity to crack open shells and get the pearls from inside, because it's not something that's right there in your face. If you didn't know what you were doing you would see the shells like everything else in your inventory as something to use for crafting or something for selling, not something to dismantle. 

    Another pro tip, there is a potion in Novigaard that lets you reset your skill points. It's sold by a general vendor next to a barber in the north east of the city.
  • I see lots of people picked quick attack, I leveled quick attack and potions brewing. Is it me or strong attack really feels lackluster?

    I also never run short on money but I playing as a bloody pack rat and pick everything to vendor, I am even too stingy for repairs and just carry a spare set of gear and sell the "broken" one once I get upgrade.
  • I'm repairing quite a lot because it's taking time for me to find gear that's better than the stuff I have. I'll Occasionally pick something up but it's been quite rare. That's where a fair bit of my money's going. Repairing my silver sword now will cost over 100 coins a pop.

    I have over 1000 coins at the minute thanks to my Gwent game kicking off.

    If your not down to messing with the game the monsters contracts seem to give you the best bang for your buck when it comes to quests.
  • Anyone tried doing the Witcher School Gear quests? I got the Griffin School armour the other day which is great at level 8, and then each armour set has upgrades you can find and make. There's a fair level gap between the upgrades, but I've found they're better than most of the stuff you can buy.
  • Mopped up some lower level side quests yesterday and I think I have all of the special Gwent cards in Velen and Novagrad.

    Does anyone know why the level cap of the Gwent competition is like 24? Is there combat. I'm only level 16 but I think my Gwent game is ready for the big competition. If it's just Gwent I'm probably gonna give it a shot.
  • Joe nails it!

  • Roach is the most lovable dumb horse ever though

  • The latest patch is great. I'm finding the frame rate to be much more stable overall. Can get back to enjoying the game! I just did the Ladies of the Wood quest. They are the real MVP. This quest was awesome.

    Ciri is so OP holy shit. So fun to play though! Way more nimble than Ol' G.

    I also set Black Beauty on the world. I wanted to see what would happen. I hope it's epic.
  • I'm getting wit her fatigue now it may be time to mainline the story and put this one to bed.
  • I'm treating the game like a fine wine, and savouring it. I'm in no rush to complete it, and will be taking it really slowly and playing it for months. :)
  • I felt that way until earlier today. The sidequests while interesting take up so much time and go and go.

    Gwents fun but I am just starting to see through the game and getting easy wins now.

    The monster contracts seem to wind down to use witcher vision. Follow blood stain. Skill monster.

    Don't get me wrong I was enjoying the game. I just think I I played a little too much my hour count is into the 80's now. I just need to put it to rest.
  • I just checked and I'm a little over 13 hours! It doesn't even feel like I've played for that long. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing my friend. :) Take a break and come back. I think it's a game that can be dropped and come back to, as all the info you need to know about what you should be doing is pretty clear at all times.
  • Fuck yeah. 4 million sales. Congrats to CD Project Red! Well deserved.
  • Level 14, mopped up Velen, Did every side quest and question mark up to level 16 and just stepped into Novigard. I am not sure I like the latest patch, before it I had stable FPS, and encountered little to no glitches, in the three hours of playtime after the patch I encounter them all the time now, but that could be due to the fact that low level areas had more of attention given to them.

    It's a bit sad how Witcher quests are hold down button while you move slowly, I'd prefer if you could do it without or if there were some kind of decision making and figuring things out.
  • Just started this over the weekend and I'm just out of the starter area.

    The only downside for me is the movement seems a little difficult to control at the moment. Hopefully I'll get the hand of it soon.
  • Yeah they apparently patched that recently too, to make it slightly better. The movement is annoying and you won't get used to it but the world and story definitely makes up for that.

    I finished up the story over the weekend. There are some annoying quests towards the end. A gnome following you around who keeps falling asleep. What bullshit.

    All in all the game was pretty cool. I wanna go back and do the Gwent tournament but apart from that I think I am all done.
  • SHAZAM! Finally got a copy! US version, because ass n tittays.

    This had better be good.
  • Well, I'm gonna cave and pick this up in two weeks on my birthday.

    Can we lob off people's knobs?
  • I played a very tiny bit yesterday. All seems well so far. Gwent seems like fun and was pretty easy to get into, and the map seems large and the side quests aplenty. So far all I've encountered are fairly standard fetch quests but it's early days yet. The combat is OK. Better than something like Dragon Age but infantile coming off Dark Souls or Bloodborne.

    I was also surprised by the ton of free dlc already released. I downloaded about a dozen free dlc quests and items before I started playing. The quality of what I've played so far plus the amount of free shit they are dropping is taking the sting out of that season pass. I would feel a whole lot better about giving these guys another $20 or so than those clowns over at Bungie with their Destiny BS.
  • Just got around to playing The Witcher. It feels and plays great even with hairworks on full on my PC. Say it averages 50fps with pretty much ultra settings. But Damn this game is F****ing gorgeous, especially the way the hair moves and is individualy anti-aliased it looks stella.. I will need to get my head around the menu options such as repairing weapons alchemy. So far great. It already feels like a huge game.

    I don't seem to be very good at the game or saving. I keep running into high level areas.

    Only complaint is the pathfinding of the horse, (only a minor gripe). But the Navigation on the map is really helpful. I look forward to improving my combat. Nice nice game,
  • Any helpful tips guys would be very much appreciated?
  • Got a new GPU a while back (GTX 1080) getting constant 60fps which is always nice. But I am struggling to get into the game I have got as far as after the scene where Geralt was almost forcibly shaved. I really need some help/ tips starting out.

    The forums are looking pretty deserted at the moment...

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