Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 04/05/15
  • As with many of the world's current ills, I blame the banks for this week's WiG being late again.  That's my hilarious way of saying that yesterday was a Bank Holiday and that's why I was nowhere near a keyboard...

    (PS3) MK9 Done and dusted with the campaign and I really enjoyed the overall experience.  The story itself was pretty dumb and I can't help but feel that things might have worked out a little better had Raiden not been such a doofus, but it was fun to see it through to the end.  I had a slight sour taste at the end as I had to wind down the difficulty from Normal to Easy to complete the Shao Kahn fight - in over two hours of trying I couldn't take a single round off him.  Given that I had had a relative breeze with the rest of the game without needing to repeat any fight more than a handful of times, plus the fact that as soon as I wound it back to Easy I beat him on my first try, I have a suspicion that this fight is just designed to be almost impossibly hard (or is just badly designed altogether).  

    I tried a few challenge tower fights, and they are a fun twist on the gameplay.  Whether I'll go back to the game to get anything else out of it, I don't know, although it feels like I've missed out on big chunks of the game by only doing those two modes - I've barely seen any of the Fatalities, and why else do you play a Mortal Kombat game?

    (PS3) Luftrausers CAN. NOT. STOP. PLAYING.  This has proven to be a brilliant purchase, good for throwing in for 10 minutes/half an hour at the end of the night if you can't face getting into something more involved or story-based.  My go-to rauser is The Humpback (laser - defence body - underwater engine), did anyone else get good results with a different build?

    (360) Bastion Casting around my backlog list, I was going to try Dust (as discussed last week) but for some reason this called out to me more.  I only gave it an hour or so, so impressions are limited, but goodness me does this game look good and the controls are as tight as a gnat's whatsit.  Having heard how important the narrator is to the overall character of the game, I had to smile to myself when Mrs Littleg (who'd been sitting silently next to me reading while did a few rounds of rausing and had then faffed around thinking what to play for about 20 minutes) started talking over him the second he opened his mouth.  Something about an undisclosed catastrophe and the world forming around the Kid characteras he moves around?  I dunno.

    I remember the reactive nature of the narration getting a lot of praise at the time, and it is very cool, but in many ways it feels so simple that I'm amazed it wasn't done before.  As I was making lunch a moment ago, I was thinking how in that way it was a bit similar to the way Batman's cape gets shredded up during the course of Arkham Asylum, or the way the vocal queues change in Spec Ops: The Line (not that I've actually played either) - nice simple ways of grounding the story in some kind of reality, but is surprising in that it hasn't appeared in games before now.  I can't wait to see what type of mechanic like that will be introduced in new hardware games that will help to build an immersive world.

    OK, enough from me.  How about you share your tales of success, failure and running from monotone blimps (or whatever it is that people do with three-day weekends)?
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  • As always, the long weekend was far too short.

    Bloodborne - I've been trying to play my skill (read: dex) focused character, but I just love the Kirkhammer too much. NG+ does a good job making me feel like I'm lvl 1 again. Co-oping here and there, but I think I'm done with Bloodborne for a while. Loved my time with it, but my interest is headed towards other games now.

    Shovel Knight - On the 2nd trio of bosses now, and it just gets more and more difficult. It feels great conquering these levels though. I'd like the emphasize my belief from last week that this game is the Dark Souls of 2D Platformers!

    Played a few rounds of both Smash Bros and Mario Kart as well. Those two games are going to be the old faithful of this gen. Can always depend on them for a good bit of multiplayer mayhem! Also played a couple of rounds of Hearthstone, but mostly to see if my old 7 or 8 year old laptop could run it. To my pleasant surprise, it does! And it does quite well. The new Blackrock Mountain expansion looks pretty cool too.

    I'd like to mention that I am going to be quite inactive for the next few days, until the 14th or so. Numerous exams, projects to finish and whatnot. But I'll be back with threads of 101 and Witcher 3, so stay tuned! :)
  • Bloodborne still chipping away at NG+ but I haven't played since Saturday. The Chalice Dungeons are starting to get harder.

    Mortal Kombat 9 I think I made it to Chapter 5, Liu Kang but I'm not good with him at all. I only played this off and on, I do plan to beat the story mode, but I can't seem to tear away from Bloodborne whenever I have time, which has been very slim lately.

    Thats it from me for last week. There are a ton of other games I want to be playing like Shovel Knight again, and Titan Souls and Axiom Verge, but I'm still trying to get the platinum trophy in Bloodborne.
  • Bloodborne - Finished my NG+ playthrough with my Arcane build, and worked some more on my Bloodtinge build. Going to do a pure Strength build next. Also worked more on the chalice dungeons, and have finally entered the Defilement dungeon (which halves your health). I just have to finish this dungeon, grind or find some red jelly in another dungeon to create the final dungeon, and the plat will be done. The dungeons at level 4 and 5 have become pretty tough now.

    LEGO Marvel - Platted it.

    Helldivers - Grinding those 100K kills.

    Edit: Also LEGO Batman 2, which I've done 5 missions and a few open world activities for. Hopefully no glitches with this one.
  • (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield 4 - Still playing some multiplayer Conquest. I've hit level 120 on the PS4 and have run out of realistic assignments I would be able to do so I might go after the Phantom Operative assignment and see how well I do with the bow. 

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield Hardline - Just playing the odd game of Blood Money and Conquest and unlocking stuff as I go along.

    (PS4) Mortal Kombat X
    - Playing through the campaign. At the moment it's working out well as a game I can quickly pick up and play for a few rounds but I'm not so sure how long that will last when I come up against some more tougher AI opponents.
  • Guacamelee.  It was a plus game.  It is clearly excellent.  Heroes of Might and Magic 3.  I will probably play this game until I die.
  • Jubeat + : my iPad is running smoother than before. Thought I would go back to my rhythm gaming and see if I still had it. My skill is stil there, but with new songs being released, my ranking has dropped. I went from global rank 8 to 570. Gotta buy some more song packs and make my way back up!
  • @westsw I really like this month's plus. Race The Sun is fantastic as well.
  • My time gaming has really been limited lately. I piled so much time into Bloodborne though. It seems nowadays if a game hooks me I will play it and play it to death. But everything else just gets thrown on a shelf after about an hour. Anyway finished Bloodborne at some point can't remember if I spoke about it in last weeks WiG or not. That game is fucking awesome. It takes the souls games and makes them a little more accessible in my opinion.

    My girlfriend picked up Dying Light for me for my birthday last week and post Bloodborne this seems to be the game that I pop in when I get an hour spare. The combat is a little dull and weapons break way too fucking fast but the traversal model they use is pretty damn awesome. You feel so fucking awesome 5 zombies chasing you jumping from rooftop to rooftop. I'll keep playing. Hoping that when I level up combat may be more fun or weapon durability will get better later on.

    As for gaming that's 'bout it. I picked Fantasia Music Evolved up for like £6 the other day on Xbox one. I tried it but in my room I don't have enough space to play, the game keeps telling me to move back. "Can you not see I'm up against my fucking wall!!!!!!!"

    I'll take it downstairs to the living room this weekend I suppose I will repor back on that in next weeks WiG

    Peace out bitches.

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