Silent Hills Is No More
  • :(

    It's official. Silent Hills is cancelled. Both Guillermo Del Toro and Norman Reedus and finally Konami have confirmed that Silent Hills will not be a thing. PT is also being taken down from PSN (on Wednesday), so download it while you still can.

    Oh, but don't worry. Konami assured us that there be more Silent Hill games in the future. Just not this one. Fuck Konami.

    Konami Code, 2015: ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → F U C K Y O U

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  • Good riddance.

    Very soon, it could be that Konami will be no more.

  • Hideo Kojima gets fired = No Silent Hills

    That's my theory.
  • Sad for the horror fans, it wasn't something I was looking to play, but it looked like it could have been something awesome
  • If someone could resurrect the project as a new IP, it would be Sony. PT was only on PS4 anyway. That would be quite an E3 announcement.

    If Konami is to be hitting the bucket soon enough and its IPs are up for grabs, I wouldn't mind From Software getting some of that Castlevania.
  • Sounds like Megaman Legends 3 allllllll over again.

    Roms are outright illegal but I like them for one reason. If a game isint picked up by the company or some HD remake or downloadable game its totally dead. You can't give the system or the creators any more money for the game. PT is officially dead as of today or yesterday. Now I'm not a horror game player but I have friends that are and I'm the only one that has the cash to grab it. I'm just waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 to be honest. Now, I can't get PT any more. Which also means it's gone unless they put it into the next silent hill as a extra feature.

    They are always illegal....but they keep story's, music and characters alive. Sigh. Haven't touched one in the past 4 years too.

    Bottom line as the only non-horror gamer out of my group of friends, i feel more sorry for them, and the game PT as well. It's such a shame.
  • A lot of hoorah from western bloggers the past week or so throwing a hissy fit over Konami going full mobile gaming. I don't get it. Konami has been almost full mobile for a few years now, and have never been shy about it. With Kojima gone their talent pool is now completely dry. Why all the fuss now?

    Maybe in Japan they a have mobile presence but where I am anyway they have a total of 6 apps on the Google Play Store. I wasn't aware they had a mobile presence at all to be honest.
  • Think about how many console games they've released over the past few years. Their console presence has been like someone reluctantly visiting in-laws. In Japan Konami are more interested in slot machines and gyms than console gaming.
  • That's true. I couldn't have put it better actually! With all of this recent news I thought Konami were going to kick the bucket, but I keep forgetting they have much, much more than console gaming. Especially gyms, didn't know they had those at all!
  • At the end of the day Konami is still a profitable company. SEGA is more likely to go down the drain before Konami if you look at the companies from a pure numbers standpoint. And interestingly, SEGA looks set to follow them down the mobile game only path, but I haven't seen much hullabaloo about that. It's looking like a mobile focus is coming, with an annual squirting out of a new Yakuza game a la Ass Creed (for SEGA of Japan at least). This makes me sad. Konami makes very little I give a shit about, but SEGA occasionally pull out some nice surprises.
  • Haven't SEGA managed to hold onto the Aliens franchise?  And didn't they also hoover up some of the stuff that became available when THQ hit the wall?  It would be sad if all that stuff disappeared to prop up the mobile side of things.
  • Fox owns Aliens afaik, SEGA has a licence to make games, but they don't own the IP. Whether that changes in the future, who knows? But if SEGA were to bite the dust, or go full mobile, it doesn't necessarily mean an end to Alien games on consoles.

    When THQ went bust I think it was Nordic Games who bought all their IP. I don't know what's happened after that, whether they held on to them or sold them off. Since Nordic loves making quick $$$ from HD remakes and with games like Arcania, Darksiders, etc coming, I'm guessing Nordic still owns most of it.

    Also, SEGA, Konami, and Bandai Namco, are all part of the Nikkei 400. It's worth keeping an eye who is on (and taken off) that list, as the 400 is basically direct access to the government's sweet nipple of the printing press. Sony was taken off last year and replaced with Panasonic, and currently Toshiba is shitting bricks as it faces removal. The government of Japan and the Bank of Japan -not market forces- control the Japanese economy at the moment. Being in their good graces greatly enhances your chances of survival, for now at least.
  • I thought Sega were doing alright recently. Alien sold well (although to them the sales were weak apparently), Valkyria Chronicles was released on Steam and exceeded expectations, and they acquired Atlus too. Sonic still sucks though. If Sega were to kick the bucket, I'm sure Atlus would be bought by someone else anyway. Their existence is the most important part of Sega to me personally.
  • I think the outcry is more that Konami holds a lot of nostalgic IP that will not see the light of day anymore (except on free to play smartphone games) I also didn't know that Konami has all the PC engine IP's 
  • Yeah but those IP were never going to see the light of day again anyway. Same as Activision or EA or any of the big companies really. Remember when NoobToob tried to buy the rights to Kickle Cubicle and got rejected? There will never be another Kickle game, or HD remake, and if they can't make a dime from an IP, nobody else is going to either.
  • Surprised people feel that Konami owes them a game or two just because. AAA gaming is too dangerous. That's all there is.
  • Hey Sunny! Long time no see. :) Many, many people were excited for Silent Hills, and the reason for its cancellation is probably more so because of the fallout between Kojima and Konami, rather than Konami not being able to afford it. Personally I think people's reactions are more than justified. Sure it's dangerous, but Silent Hills would have made truckloads.
  • See, I don't think it would have. I think it would have been a fine niche title, but I don't think it would have even made significant money, definitely not a risk worth taking. Truth is the Silent Hill name is kindaaaaa shit now. It's a shame.
  • Yeah, I agree. Someone posted that article about SEGA being unhappy about 2 million sales of Alien Isolation. Alien is a massively popular IP, much more so than Silent Hill, and with much less mud on its name. Sure Colonial Marines was shit and AvP was ass, but Silent Hill is a parade of poop across multiple platforms. Plus for me, the whole thing reeked of desperation. A famous game designer, a famous Hollywood director, everyone's favourite character from Walking Dead. Have you ever heard the expression about too many cooks spoiling the broth? Kojima and Del Toro's inevitable fallout would have been amusing to watch, but it wouldn't have made for a good game. And even if by some miracle it had turned out well, I can't see sales being all that high, and I can't see any scenario in which Konami would have made its money back on it. The PT demo itself was only downloaded a million times or so plus change too. The people who were hyping it, were hyping it a lot, but that hype was in a bubble.

    Perhaps it would have been a hit, and sold 20 million copies like COD, but that's being extremely optimistic, and it's a big expensive risk to take, in a world that no longer likes to take risks.
  • You may be right, but I'm sure Silent Hills would have gotten many new fans who've never played a SH game before (such as myself). Unfortunately, we'll never know now..
  • Regardless of the strength of the Silent Hills brand these days, it might just as much have been a reflection of the type of game.  I don't think any horror game under any name, no matter how good, is going to make the kind of money that Sunny's talking about.  It seems like the development costs on the new consoles are kind of catching people out and in the "quick/good/cheap - pick two" scenario, people are opting to either extend their deadlines or just pull out of development all together.

    Under those circumstances, and given the quick 'n' easy cash that seems available on mobile (in their home markets, at least) plus the far more secure options of gyms and casinos I can understand Sega and Konami taking a good long look at where they're spending their money with any expectation of actually seeing any of it back.  Are we ready for MGS5 to be the last-ever MGS?  Are Konami going to be a Pro Evo Soccer house in the future?

    Re: Sega specifically, I thought they had signed  a long-term contract to be the Aliens video game people with Fox.  I haven't heard it mentioned much, so maybe they have just cut off that deal with this new re-alignment?  And it was Relic that I was thinking of that had been bought by Sega, as well as Supreme Commander as well (I vaguely recall someone saying that they were effectively becoming RTS specialists).  I can't claim to have bought that many Sega games over the years, but it sounds like they still hold the license to a lot of valuable game franchises (Konami too, of course).  Watch this space, I guess.

    Good to hear more about how Japanese business works too, Flib.  It sounds more and more like an Old-Boys club every time you let us in on another bit of government/financial market shennanigans.
  • I'm ready for MGS to be done forever.
  • Metal Gear just wouldn't be the same without Kojima at the helm. They could still make great games like Metal Gear Rising (I don't think Kojima was involved much with that, not sure), but yeah TPP may as well be the last MGS.

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