Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 20/04/15
  • 'I want to get back to posting WiG on a Monday'...Well, that went well.

    (PS3) Mortal Kombat (9) The recent coverage of Mortal Kombat X has made me think that it was about time I gave this a try.  Reading between the lines of what people are saying about X, they seem to prefer 9 anyway, and besides with X introducing a Run back to MK it's sounding like MKX is MK3 to MK9's MK2.  I fall squarely in the 'preferring MK2' camp (kamp?), so I'm happy to be sticking with this version rather than chasing the latest game - also, the thing I am most excited about this is the story mode, so it makes sense to start here with the characters I know.

    The actual playing experience so far has been very positive, I fell off 2D fighters after Street Fighter II Turbo (never even really graduated to Super) and MK2/MK3 so when I returned to Super Street Fighter 4 a couple of years ago I was utterly lost.  Possibly not helped by trying to play on a 360 pad, I couldn't pull off any of the moves and didn't understand any of the deeper mechanics (even Supers were lost on me).  In the intervening years since I was paying attention to them, 2D fighters have suddenly started sprouting multiple bars and meters, as well as being played on controllers with even more buttons - it's all terribly confusing.

    The MK9 tutorial goes some way towards easing that learning curve, although I will probably never make effective use of Breakers ever.  To my fevered, panicky mind that meter is purely all about building to the X-ray moves.  Also, the move set of each character has developed quite a bit and the overall pace of the fights can be quite manic - compared to the slightly clumsy animation priority of the early MK games it's almost dizzying at times.

    I've been enjoying the dumb action-movie nature of the story so far, I'm looking forward to getting further into it.

    OK, that's it for me.  Turns out the game from a few years ago that people were really enjoying is actually quite good.  Who knew?
  • @Littleg Mortal Kombat (9) was my favourite fighter of the last generation, it's one of the few fighters that's fun to play single player.

    For me I am continuing to play the same games I've been playing

    (PS4) Bloodborne - Somehow it's hooked me right in and I'm spending most of my time on this. I plan to level up my character a bit before I take on a big spider boss.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield Hardline - Still trying to get some cash to buy stuff and get some attachments to make the recoil on a lot of weapons more manageable.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield 4 - Just playing more multiplayer for fun.

    (PS4) Mortal Kombat X - Going to play some of the story to get use to the game.
  • Bloodborne - In my effort to avoid ever finishing the chalice dungeons I started a new character based on the Bloodtinge stat. It's turning out pretty well.

    Dark Souls 2 - Almost wrapped up everything that can be done in the 1st playthrough. Went through all the DLC and almost finished up all the covenant stuff. Just need to collect a few more spells and that plat is mine.

    LEGO Marvel - Still plodding away on this one; did a few missions, found a few bricks, I expect more of the same next week.

    Yakuza 0 - Put in an hour or so which was mostly cutscenes and tutorials. Seems decent, but it is the same Yakuza formula as all the other numbered games. Watch some cutscenes, beat up some fools, go to karaoke or a hostess bar, and repeat until you win. I'm getting a bit tired of Yakuza. I guess for people outside Japan it's OK since there is a substantial gap between games, and many games in the series don't even get released outside Japan, but here it's turning into a bit of an Assassin's Creed.

    I think that wraps it up. I keep meaning to play Zombie Army Trilogy but never get around to it.
  • zombie apocalypse:Just got finished with the last achievements.

    Red dead redemption undead nightmare:
    Completed the main story, and now I'm trying to get hold of some of the more special horses.

    Nhl 2009:
    Played a few games with some friends
    Counter strike 1,6;
    Felt a little nostalgic, so I played de.dust2. Always fun to see that people still play this :)
  • SMT IV (3DS) - Game is finally starting to get good. About 32 hours in and it still feels like I'm barely scratching the surface. Story progression is a little slow, but the side challenges/quests make up for it, there's always something to do.
    Might have cheated a little though. Forgot I had purchased some DLC and one of those DLC quests allow you to get some app points for killing enemies. Definitely sped up the game, though it did make the game easier. Might do another play through to view the Neutral ending, without using the DLC. Felt like I ruined the difficulty of the game by a bit.
  • Bloodborne (PS4) made some decent progress, and took down a few bosses. Nearing the end of the 1st playthru now. :) Really enjoying it.

    The Binding of Isaac Rebirth (PC) Still playing off and on, fun game for when I don't feel like playing much else.

    Mortal Kombat X (PS4) I played 1 or 2 single matches, and 1 of the Living Towers, its fun, but I'm focusing on Bloodborne right now.

    Had some decent time for Bloodborne this week so far. We'll see if I can beat soon.

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