What's your take on nightclubs? (Semi Rant)
  • Hear me out on this, what's your take on the Club Life? Would love to hear other people's input/opinion on this.

    Out of the 9 years I've lived in Austin, I've found it very difficult to find a group I belonged in.
    Every one here seems to try so hard to stand out. To the point where they are just too loud and absurdly obnoxious.
    Not much to do in this city aide from drink and barhop.

    It's very rare to see me downtown at a nightclub. But, when I do go, I always find myself to be having the most unpleasant experience.
    Being surrounded in a dungeon full of strangers, trying to make your way to an area where you can move about and breath. Whag about this is so appealing?

    Now, I can understand the social aspect behind these environments. I myself though, am extremely shy. So, places like these make me slightly uncomfortable.

    My friend just came into town, and she wanted to take my buddy Joseph and I out.
    So we went out, went a few places but still I was showing little to no interest out of the 10+ bars we went to.
    It upsets me because my disinterest starts to show and it starts to upset every one else.
    I do not want to be that guy that kills the vibe for everyone, but I can't just see what's so entertaining about these clubs.
    The music being played is great, but I can't even carry on a conversation.
    My ideal bar location would be more of a laid back lounge.
    But for some, that's too boring.
    I like to sit and socialize with the group I'm with. Not just bounce around and stare at my phone, while posting on Facebook "Having so much fun" when all you're doing is staring at the phone that's glued to your hand.

    I struggle so much with the friends I have here, because all they want to do is party hard and get drunk. And that just isn't the lifestyle I want to follow.

    Any party goers on here like to put in their opinion? Or are you guys on the same boat with me?

    Sorry if this wasn't composed properly. It's 3:23 am and I'm just kind of ranting from something that happened earlier
  • Personally, I'm right there with you. I hate clubs. Can't stand them, don't understand how other people enjoy them. It's expensive, you can't talk, you can barely breathe. The only times I've ever enjoyed them is when I'm so drunk I would enjoy anything.

    When it comes to going out with friends, we all prefer pubs to clubs, and we know there are 3 or 4 pubs in the area where they serve good drink, where the music isn't ridiculously loud, where there are plenty of seats and tables to sit around, beer gardens to drink in when people are smoking, and you walk in with £20 and stumble out drunk.

    Don't really know what it's like over in the US, I guess the US bar is equivalent to the UK pub.

    It's all about finding a place you like and staying there. I've had nights out where we moved from place to place and I just get annoyed. It always ends up with me standing at the bar going "hang on, why am I paying more for the same drink here than I was in the last pub? Can we go back? Ok, why can't we go back?"

    Find a place you like and stick with it. Where I live, there are 2 pubs I like, and they are the only 2 places in the city that I'll go out and drink in. Fuck clubs, and cocktail bars.
  • Man, if you can't have fun in Austin there may be no easy solutions. It is much too hip, but has good diversity. I had a nice time in Austin. Never big on clubs myself. The obvious advice is common interests. Find folks with common interests. Between the Internet and the diversity of Austin, they are probably out there.
  • @westsw
    When you live in Austin and you find out how segregated this city actually is... You'll see things differently.

    Don't get me wrong, this city is beautiful, but it's centered around UT (University of Texas), so you have a ton of these college students roaming the streets wanting to party.

    The city is too young, and the city's road planning never even considered expansion.
    I believe I read something way back, that Austin had a No Growth policy. And now this city is growing way too fast for such a small city.

    The city itself is too young and tries way to hard to maintain a slogan that the city doesn't even deserve.
    "Keep Austin Weird".
    The only weird thing I've seen out of the 9 years here, is people confused as to why they moved to Austin.
    Sorry if I'm just complaining and complaining.
    Guess I just miss the diversity and culture Chicago had to offer.

    Now this is straying off subject. But, jumping right to it again.
    I just want to get a perspective from a party goer/ bar hopper.
    What exactly is appealing about it?
    Being seen at these locations? Just doing to be "cool"?
    God I sound like such a prick. Every one has ways of having fun, and I shouldn't question the reasoning.
    But, I am curious and usually stick my head in where I shouldn't.

    @Orion , now I have found my group of friends. And those are my coworkers.
    We go out to socialize, and usually stick to one bar downtown where they have the occasional karaoke night on the weekends.
    It just bugs me when I see old friends, and all they want to do is party hard and get "wasted".
  • Clubs are abysmal. I went to one once and that was enough for me. Everyone is crammed together, and tons of shitty music gets blasted. I'd rather go to the pub with a couple friends, have a few drinks and eat pub grub. That's far more ideal for me.
  • @SpaceOfSoul Clubs aren't my thing really either, a while since I have been. I would much rather just be in the pub and be able to have a conversation. I am completely with you in that I don't see the appeal, but I have had quite a few really quality nights out touring the clubs, always when we are all hammered though tbh.
  • Never been much for nightclubs. I was always more into live concerts and bars. Watching drunk narcissistic fucktards desperately gyrate against each other to the sounds of endlessly looping bad music doesn't appeal to me. You could practically smell the insecurity and herpes in those places.
  • Wouw, getting old and cynical? clubs are for young people or places to go and dance and meet your friends or if you are lucky pick up a one night stand. I am from The Netherlands, and we have Bar's bar-dancings, Clubs, h dance music venues, and of course the concert venues big and small. I used to love to go to a German club called the "Fabrik" that had 3 area's one for metal, one for alternative music and one for dance music, awesome place.
  • In my opinion, dive bars and bars with outdoor areas are much better. It's easier for you to meet people and start up conversations with new people, especially if you have a wingman with a foreign accent. Plus, the music in clubs is always just shit that's too loud. I'd rather be knocking back drinks and talking with 4-5 people then... whatever people do in clubs.
  • @Epke Haha, the weird thing is... Im 23.

    I know im being a little over the top with this case/subject. But it is a general wondering of mine.
    As I mentioned, I shouldn't be questioning other peoples preferences when it comes to entertainment

    Don't know, I just don't see what's so fun about getting so drunk that you can't remember a thing. Getting drunk has never been a fun experience for me. 
    I'll stick to my Board game nights with friends playing Settlers of Catan and Cards Against Humanity. 
  • It was my 27th birthday last week and I came to the realisation. I'm getting too old for this shit.

    We went to Nottingham and at 3 in the morning sweating like fuck in a mass of people. Now most younger than me. Screwed out of my face bouncing up and down to heh okay music. At that moment I thought what the fuck. This isn't me anymore. When I was younger I was in my element. Check out girls. Try and pull (try being the word).

    Now it's just no fun. The next morning too. Watching my kebab from the night before float on the top of the toilet water. Head aching. Why do I do it.

    So yeah basically I'm done with that now. Pub for a meal and few and beer nights in with sports friends are the way forward for me and the boys I think
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  • I am gonna go out clubbing with my mate that and his friend as I haven't seen him in a while. And i havent been clubbing for a couple of years. We may or may not likely will be fuelled with certain stimulants to get through the night lol.
  • "We may or may not likely will be fuelled with certain stimulants to get through the night lol."

    Hell yeah coffee is cool.

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