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  • I don't know if I was right to start a new thread (If not I apologise) . I was wondering if anyone has a complete collection they are willing to share of all the Noobtoob episodes (MP3s would be great) ? Or to just point me in the right direction. I do have most of them on an old IDE hard disk somewhere, but that is lost to time and probably the trash and/or neglect.

    I only ask because back in the day on the wiki there were links to all eps and obviously the first few ( 20 or so ) were audio only. Also, there are at least two or three which have been taken down by youtube -  I cant remember which ones off the top of my head.

    Any help would be massively appreciated . Thanks in advance!

    YOW! (Sorry if this is a duplicate post)
  • @8drawt I have ep 1-24 on my laptop.
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  • We're working on something. :) I'll update this post in due time! I do miss that episode where they reviewed The World Ends With You..
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  • Got in touch with Tobin and you can still find all the old files here:

    I'd like to grab the YouTube videos/MP3s eventually and put them all completely in (this doesn't exist yet). That way if videos are taken down, we've still got them with the forum. It's just a time thing that I have to work out.
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  • @zebure Thankyou anyway :)

    You guys are awesome! Thankyou so much - you have made my day!
    I really appreciate you going out of your way to sort this out. I cannot thankyou enough :) 

    You guys are really TOO helpful xD 


    If I can help out in any way please let me know. 
  • I grabbed them all just in case  (and the 3 specials from youtube) . Sorry for hogging your bandwidth :) .
  • Thanks sloth, have to download them before the PC police take them down! ;)
  • Here is a page of Noobtoob video downloads on the Wayback Machine.  The download links do not work but it is the only capture of the Noobtoob video downoad page on the site:

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