What are your favorite broadcasting shows?
  • favorite Broadcasting shows
    During the seven generation feels as if broadcasting was something that became part of one's gaming habbit, if they may be noobtoob or other :)

    My favorite
    Noobtoob: Awesome
    Invisible Wall (game trailer): fine for a while.
    Epileptic gaming (Old Show That You Can find on youtube): good some moments, bad other moments.
    Hotspot (Gamespot): good :)

  • what is proad casting?
  • Didn't we have a thread like this a couple of weeks ago?
  • I had a similar thread a while ago, but this seems to be more specific to podcasts. Or broadcasts, I'm not sure.

    Anywho! For podcasts, I often listen to TotalBiscuit's Co-Optional podcast and Kinda Funny Gamescast. Sometimes I listen to Podquisition too. All of them get very off topic quite often, but I like the people there. They all talk about games eventually though!
  • We did^^ oh .
  • No worries zebure. :) It's very good that you made a thread, but do have a look around to see if there are already threads like it, so that we can avoid duplication.
  • I listen to a few gaming podcasts (as well as a few other genres). A lot of the podcasts I liked aren't really frequently being released (or have stopped totally) any more but I mostly listen to:

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