Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 06/04/15
  • Late again this week, although this time it was simply down to not having anything to write about.  Not much fun in writing 'Nothing' as it turns out too...

    Well, I say Nothing, but I did confound the last few weeks by returning to (360) FIFA14 for a handful of matches and to roll the squad over into the new season.  Manchester United made a £22M bid for Paul Pogba which, if you know your football, is hi-larious.  I turned it down, of course, he's the engine of my midfield!  A bit of squad-thinning here and there by loaning out some of the younger superstars I scooped up with the Ronaldo/Messi/Ribery windfall and Blackpool are looking strong for their first season in the Premier League, not too much competition for starting slots in the side and a good batch of young players coming through.

    I am of course, shaking my head at myself as I write all this.  Why on earth do I keep going back to this game?  In the next week or so, I'll settle on something from my backlog to focus on and kick on with that, put this FIFA-obsession and XCOM disappointment behind me...

    Share your gaming targets and goals for the next weeks in here, folks.  Are your objectives Specific, Measurable, Acheivable, Realistic and Time-bound?
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  • BloodBorne (PS4) I've beaten the Blood Starved Beast, and then dropped a lot of Blood Echoes at another boss, and I haven't played since. Nothing to do with the game, just been really busy/tired lately.

    Super Mario 64 (WiiU VC) I played this a tiny bit on Sunday, I got the 1st 9 stars I think. Its old, but still a pretty decent time. :)

    I really want to go back and play more Bloodborne. Dark Souls 2 PS4 arrived in the post today, and Titan Souls, and Mortal Kombat X are coming out next week, and I still can't manage to squeeze more than a few hours a week to play games. ;( I may have even less time this week than last. But its still kinda early in the week, and I'm going to try damnit. ;)
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  • I'm continuing to play the same games 3 weeks in a row as well as the Planetside 2 beta.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield 4 - Still playing the multiplayer and still really enjoying it.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield Hardline - Working on getting some attachments and mostly playing Hotwire, Blood Money and Conquest.

    (PS4) Bloodborne - Slowly levelling up to make my way to a boss with a giant gun.

    (PS4) Planetside 2 - Playing the beta and trying to figure things out.
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  • Bloodborne - Went through and saw the 3 endings. Started NG+ with my Arcane character and am up to the Forbidden Forest section. NG+ is not much fun. You get more blood echoes from enemies, but that's about it. Also started on the dungeons because I have to to get the plat, and am just starting depth 3. So far it's been pretty easy and mindless killing, but the enemies are slowly getting tougher the deeper I go.

    Dark Souls 2 - Restarted all over again with the PS4 version. I bought the Japanese version because it was so cheap. Why Americans are having to pay $60 for this is beyond me. The Japanese collector's edition which includes a book, 2 disc soundtrack, and map/character poster, all in a sexy box, was only $40.

    LEGO games - Played various LEGO games and made various progress.

    Helldivers - Grinding to 100K kills when the mood strikes me.

    This evening I will try a game I bought a few weeks ago and neglected; Zombie Army Trilogy! I'm curious to see if anyone is playing this game online. It received zero fanfare and zero shits given from everyone I've talked to about it.
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  • Damn! @Dr Flibble, thats a good deal on DS2. DmC Remastered was $40 here, I have no idea why DS2 is $60 here and came with no extras goodies at all. :(
  • DS2 is gonna drop in price so fast it will be twenty bucks before Halloween.
  • @Littleg There is always something about football games that keeps dragging you back! I am the same but It is a little while since I have played PES 2015 (not FIFA), so long in fact that I cannot even remember which Championship team I am managing; I have played nearly a full season with them!

    The Elder Scrolls 4 : Oblivion. 
    I am 33 hours into this playthrough and I am still getting my arse handed to me :( . I have various mods installed many of which improve the enemy variety, AI and strength. I thought by now the promised rewards would present themselves, but no, I am poor and weak.
  • @vampirelich Most HD remasters start at $40 here. There are a few exceptions like Diablo 3 and Earth Defense Force which went for the full $60. It's outrageous that they are asking full price with EDF.
  • @westsw no doubt! There will be at least some sort of Halloween special on the souls games.

    SMT IV - Restarted my game of Shin Megami Tensei IV. Could've easily just started up my old playthrough, but felt like I needed a good refresher, and my stat distribution for my character was all over the place.
    Going to try for a chaos ending this round.
    Forgot how brutal this game can get, I love it.

    Not much gaming being done. Trying to focus on practicing my guitar a bit more. Neglected it for quite a while, and now that I'm back on it... It's quite addicting.
    Instead of blisters from fighters on using the D-pad, I'm now getting cuts from the strings. What a wonderful trade.

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