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  • Square Enix Eorzea café
    A couple of weeks
    ago, I was at Tokyo. and one of the places I visited was an rather intrensting theme based
    The Eorzea café is a Final Fantasy XIV-themed cafe located in Tokyo's Akihabara district.
    after the in-game location, the Carline Canopy, and named after the
    country Eorzea, where the game takes place, the cafe is the result of a
    collaboration effort between Square Enix and the entertainment company
    Located on the 2nd floor, the cafe opened on the 31st July, 2014.

    The cafe's décor includes replicas of items from the game, such as
    weapons, armor, and moogles, as well as a giant map of the game world.

    The cafe also has computers where patrons can play the game. The food and drinks served at the cafe are Final Fantasy
    themed; the menu has 33 articles of food, and 28 articles of drink.
    Many of the drinks are named and presented after alchemy recipes
    familiar from the game.

    For those who wonder if there are  any English menu .. However, if you want to get more info about the dishes, the staff has very little knowledge of English
    When you buy a drink or dish, you get a souviner in the form of a coffee coaster with the theme around your chosen dish.

    First visit
    Secondary visit

    My chosen dishes went on about 3000Y first time and  the second time it ended up at 2000y.
    You pay mainly for the experience, because the dishes are very small
    and dishes in themselves were not anything special when it comes to what Japan has to offer in term of food in general..
    At a price of 3000Y (24dollar) (20E) you get considerably more if you choose to eat on a regular resturant.

    However, if you are a huge fan of everything with Square-Enix or if you want to go for something with a bit more gaming related
    after a long day at Akihabara, then this place is for you.
    There are 4 diffrent times for you to book a table per day, either book via the web. Which means you should have knowledge in Japanese and it goes here on a smaller fee (1000y) or do as I did during my two visits.
    You go directly to the checkout and requesting to reserve a table, which costs you nothing and you get a table in any case.


    Ps: in the same building there are two other theme food areas
    and a theme cakes place..

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  • @zebure Wow, that is cool! Japan is crazy :) .

    Thanks for the time you spent on this post, I enjoyed checking it out xD
  • Yoooooo this is awesoooooooooooooooooooooooooome! Thank you for sharing @zebure ! :) That pizza base (is it even a pizza?) looks hella burnt though haha. I actually have the PS3 collector's edition of XIV, which I've upgraded to the PS4 version for free. I mostly got it because it was so cheap on PS3, it was the collector's edition, and just in case I felt like playing an MMO, I would have XIV to play.

    Again, thanks for sharing. These are really awesome to look at. :) I'd love to go to Japan someday.
  • Your Welcome :) japan is weird but equally awesome. @8drawt Was just there for 8 days, but there is always something to do or see, haha.

    Yoooooooooooo @
    FirLocke Good question XD 
    It was a somewhat difficult to eat the pizza, because you only got chopsticks and a pizza slizer to work with.
    I Did not know there was such a version of ps3 :) you would not be able to post a picture on your console? :)

    I highly recommend that you do so. I traveled from Sweden in February during low season. The price of the trip went on 800eu which then included bed at Sakura Jimbocho Hostel and Hotel (best hostel i have ever been to ) it also included return trip back home.

  • What no maids? :P

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