What are you reading?
  • Man, programming is such a relaxing thing to do. I couldn't see what language you're learning, but if you have any questions let me know. I should be able to help point you in some good directions.
  • So I purchased the two Sandman omnibi by Neil Gaiman a couple months ago, and now I'm beginning to venture off into one of the most well known comic book series of all time. Shamefully I've never read this before now, but I guess now is better than never. 
  • @laphamking

    Neil Gaiman is awesome. He's also written some stellar Doctor Who episodes. Are you by any chance going to watch the Lucifer television series? It's going to be a comic book show based on one of the characters in Sandman, and obviously the Lucifer spin-off comics.
  • @Manio

    I'm curious about the show, but from everything I've seen it doesn't look like the comic series. Still, I'll give it a shot. 
  • Atlas Shrugged - A girl I work with started reading the classics (Kafka and Dostoyevsky) earlier this year and when she finally got to Rand she showed me the book. In English it's no picnic at 900 pages but the Japanese translation is just shy of 1,300 pages! Anyway, this got us talking about the book and put me in the mood to read it too. It's weird going back to this book. I guess age and experience does count for something. It's also interesting comparing notes with my coworker, as she's in her mid-20's, and her thoughts remind me at times of what I felt about the book when I first read it. Reading it now, I understand why it resonates with some people so deeply, and repulses others so much. It's also interesting how many people refer to this book, without ever having read it. Bit like Kapital or the Bible.

    The other book I've been reading is about HTML and website design.
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  • I finished the first Sandman Omnibus, and now I'm working on the second. There's a lot of merit to this series; I can definitely see why so many love it, but I'm not certain how it would end up as an overall piece for me. It's more anthology than long form story/character study. I tend to prefer the latter. 
  • Forgot about this thread. Finished Middlesex, which was a good book, now reading Fates and Furies, which is excellent so far.
  • Just reading some horror comedy scripts so I can polish up my horror comedy. Shaun Of The Dead is one of the main ones I'm reading. Using it for inspiration.
  • I normally get audiobooks for journeys etc. One of the last books I have been through ( its really short ) The Missionary Position; by the late linguistic genius Christopher Hitchens. Good for a quick read I suppose it is quite heavy and inflammatory. It is mainly an assault on the media and their portrayal of certain people.
  • Christopher Hitchens?! Now that is something I must read.

    I'm still making my way through the last bit of Sandman and then I don't know what I'm reading next. I've piles of books and comics, with plenty more on the way. I think I might end up reading "The Vorrh" which is a book a bought while perusing in a B&N and saw the following quote by Alan Moore: "Easily the current century's first landmark work of fantasy." 
  • Surprised you hadn't read some Hitchens already, @laphamking - I'd have thought he was right up your street.  Actually, as one of NT's resident comicbook guys, have you ever heard of Loan Sloane?  It was mentioned on Twitter yesterday by the write of Imaginary Cities ( @oniropolis - I've never read his books, but he posts beautiful concept art of future/fantasy cityscapes), and looks wild.

    Just read a review of The Vorrh and it sounds fantastic - I'll add that to my list!
  • @Littleg I've read some Hitchens, but I haven't managed to read everything he had published in his life. I had spent many years just listening to his lectures and debates and then decided to start reading some of his work after he died.

    I've heard the name but haven't read anything. Outside of UK writers that have ruled American comics, I haven't actually read too many European creations. I've been wanting to get into some of the french comics since I saw some fairly decent reviews by the guys over at iFanboy. 
  • @laphamking @littleg Christopher Hitchens was a one off, he loved argument. And was permanently intoxicated yet could still produce some great stuff and yeah his debating ability was pretty unsurpassable . I would probs recommend reading his other books other than his autobio which wasn't amazing.  
  • I'm just re-reading the Harry Potter series in preparation for the Fantastic Beasts film next year.
  • Finished the second Sandman Omnibus yesterday and now I'm going to start on Necronomicon by Neal Stephenson. I was going to read The Vorrh, but Necronomicon came in the mail much faster than I expected, and it's a book I've wanted to read for quite some time.
  • Cryptonomicon was excellent, as was the cycle. I even read his Mongoliad thing. I never read the 3000 page Anathem. Diamond Age and Snow Crash are absolute classics that everyone should read. I gotta get around to SevenEves at some point.
  • I picked this book up and started it because of a post you made @westsw
  • I think Snow Crash would make such a great movie.
  • Just ordered this book online. Been wanting to read it for years.

  • Neal Stephenson is a good read. He's pretty high on my list of favorite Cyberpunk writers.

    I finished up Atlas Shrugged a while ago (and loved reading it again), and then I read a book called "Mathematics for Non-Mathematicians" which I started reading earlier and got sidetracked. It is a good read if the history of math is something that sounds remotely interesting to you. It's not just a book of equations, it goes right back to the origins and explains how and why math became what it is.

    Now I'm reading "The Art of the Deal" by Donald Trump. I don't think I'll be building a real estate empire anytime soon, and a lot of his advice can be found in plenty of other business books, but it is interesting to get an insight into how he thinks and where he came from.
  • Snow Crash is great and there has been a movie about in in constant rumour for like the last decade. It is such a visual and kinetic book and could make a killer movie if done by a director who is willing to run with the attitude and snarkiness and over-the-top-ness.
  • Raven is a bad mutha. Rock may be too likable, please God not Vin goddamn diesel.


    The ending could be tweaked. It does not end strong.
  • What is Art by Arthur C Danto

    Still working through Crypto but I wanted to have something to read in case it was slow at work today, and considering it's a fairly short book I thought I could bring it along. Sadly I didn't make it far because my contacts started to aggravate me, and my whole day went to shit after that.

    Regardless, I'm going to keep flipping between the two. I'll most likely have Danto finished by Thursday and then I'll be singularly focused on finishing Crpyto, which keeps getting better and better. 
  • I had finished reading Mary Shelley's Frankenstein last month.

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  • Frankenstein is so, so good. 

    I'm reading 100 Years of American Short Stories. It's a collection of 40 short stories spanning the past 100 years of, well, American short stories.

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