Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 23/03/15
  • Late again!  Avid followers of the gripping Littleg Twitter feed will know that I was in Frankfurt for business in the first part of this week, hence WiG not arriving till Wednesday.  All the prep for that also meant that my gaming time was limited too.  Sooo, my mighty haul of gaming goodness amounts to...

    (PS3) Helldivers Only a handful of missions, seeing if I could solo Easy or Medium missions.  Turns out I could!  Reading the exploits of Dr F in the game thread is really making me wish I could put more time into this.

    (SNES) Sim City The current buzz around Cities: Skyline being the game the last Sim City should have been made me want to find a way to play a nice simple city-building game, so on my flight back from Frankfurt when I should have been typing up notes from the meeting but was just too bushed, I put about 15 minutes into a game of this on one of the highly-illegal emulators that you can get for Android phones.  The on-screen controls suck shit (and I hope to remedy that soon) but the core game is still charming as hell.  So far, this is the most time I've spent on any game on any phone, maybe I will make this my go-to travel game?

    So that's it from me, where you at Mother-WiG'ers?
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  • Mostly been playing the waiting for Bloodborne to come out in Ireland game. The cut scenes are very long, and there's no fast forward or skip feature. :/

    I've actually been playing the Final Fantasy XV demo; Episode Duscae. I'll write up a bit about in its thread. Sneak peek though: I like it. I like it a lot. Final Fantasy XV is going to be really good guys.
  • Bloodborne - My hard on for Souls needs no further stroking, suffice to say I'm loving this.

    Helldivers - This game is like a crack addiction for me. I can't stop playing it and still logging in daily even with Bloodborne being out. People need to get on this one. The cyborgs should go down this weekend, and then it's humans versus Illuminate for the title.

    Lords of the Fallen DLC - I grabbed it because I enjoyed this game and even despite the crappy reviews for the DLC, I want to support it. I haven't played enough to judge it yet though.

    LEGO Marvel - Played a little bit.

    LEGO LOTR - Same as above

    LEGO Movie - Same as above

    I also finally found someone else who wants to go for a Dead Nation plat on PS4 so I may play that next week.
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  • Good week for Sony, I am on the Blood and the Helldivers. Google good stuff.
  • Decided to go back to some ps2 games and started playing Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne again.
    I remember the game kicking my ass a few years ago. Dropped the game because I just couldn't handle the beating lol...

    About 6 hours in right now, and forgot how great of a game Nocturne is.

    Aside from that, just a little bit of smash bros. Anyone up for a match? ;)
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  • @SpaceOfSoul Oh man Nocturne. In Europe it's called Lucifer's Call. It's such a memorable game, but sooooooo much harder than Persona. I got my ass kicked against Matador and never went back to it. It's certainly a bit tedious though, you have to be a patient person to really enjoy Nocturne what with random battles and that maze like tunnel network you have to explore.

    I haven't played Smash in a while, but DM me on twitter whenever you want a match and I'll let you know if I'm available. :) Fear my Link, for he is bad ass.
    I don't own a PS4 or Bloodborne so I've been playing some Dark Souls on Steam and working on my NG+ run through.

    I wish I had the cash to put down on a PS4.
  • DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou (360 import) I didn't want to play any serious games before I started up Bloodborne this week, so I decided to pop this in, being one of the last 360 games Cave made (2013) before switching to mobile games, I've been dieing to play it. :) Currently I've beaten the 360 mode, and the Arcade HD mode with all the characters, and Version 1.5 with one character. I like it a lot, its on the difficult side, seriously the final boss in 360 is almost Touhou level crazy bullets. All I have left to do is get the 1cc, and beat the True Final boss in Arcade mode.

    Mario Party 10 (WiiU) This came out on Friday, and I played 2 rounds of Bowser Party against my sisters. Fun times, I won the 2nd of the 2 games we played. Then on Saturday, I played the regular Party mode with my sister, and the mini games are really fun. This will take me some getting used to though, b/c its pretty different from other MP games. Before this Mario Party, I've only played 1,2,3,and 7. 10 has been a huge jump from what I'm used to, but the main attraction are the mini games, and they seem to be fun and plentiful so I think I'll enjoy it just fine.

    Thats it from me for last week. I'm just getting with Bloodborne this week, but ... I'm really enjoying it right now. :)
  • Grand Theft Auto 5

    Tried playing the online heists. The matchmaking is terrible. It takes forever to get a game started and then someone will inevitably fuck up, annoying another player who then drops out. At that point your stuck back in the world miles away from your apartment (where you start the heists). Meaning you have to drive back to your apartment and start matchmaking all over again. There must be a better way to do this.

    I have managed to finish two of the heists though. Thank god and what I did of those was hell of fun. I can actually see with a group of mates (my friends don't really play games) this being pretty damn awesome.
  • @FirLocke that Matador battle was brutal ! And actually, I think it was right after that battle where I gave up and dropped the game
  • (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield 4 - Still playing MP.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield Hardline - Playing multiplayer mostly during the double XP weekend.

    (PS4) Bloodbourne - Feel like I need a guide to know where to go. I am still in the starting area and have gone round in circles for ages.
  • @amardilo Take another gander around the place. There's a decent chance you'll find a shortcut or another area entirely. Hit the Bloodborne thread if you need help! A lot of progression spoilers there though, so don't read too much ! :)
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