Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 16/03/15
  • I posted last week's WiG fairly late and this one is relatively early.  Given the intervening days included business travel, a birthday for my significant other, Mother's Day (as well as two sporting events that I was keen to watch the highlights from in my usual late-night, everyone's-gone-to-bed gaming slot) it's perhaps not that surprising that I have registered a big fat Duck Egg when it comes to number of games played since the last update*.

    I did check in to Xbox Live to see what the latest Games With Gold were though - Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider, both games I had bought when they had recently been on sale.  I managed to pick up Spelunky for about £3, though which seemed like too good a deal to miss, even though I'll almost certainly never be able to dedicate the time to it that you need to see some of the late-game challenges.

    So I've had plenty of time to consider games that I'd like to be playing:  I'm getting increasingly anxious that I'm missing the crest of the wave on Helldivers, I can see that dropping off pretty quickly and already when I'd played a handful of levels I was conspicuously under-levelled and under-equipped compared to the guys I was getting lumped in with; XCOM is getting dangerously close to becoming my White Whale and I'm barely out of what counts as the tutorial for the game - I do really enjoy it whenever I get a chance to play it, but I just can never get a decent chunk of time with it; the guys talking about Ori & the Blind Forest on the Games Only Podcast (plus the aforementioned Spelunky sale) made me remember that I had never got into Dust: An Elysian Tale after picking it up on sale months ago.  I'd also had a good run of consistently playing Gran Turismo 6 a few weeks back, and I'd like to give that more time too.  So many games, so little time...

    * - Actually, I've just remembered, this isn't strictly true.  I played a couple of matches of FIFA14 after watching Manchester United suddenly remember how to play exciting, flowing football and falling back in love with The Beautiful Game.

    OK you young, thrusting, go-getting over-achievers.  Make me feel bad by telling my how much you got done this week while I was falling asleep in front of Match of the Day...

    P.S. Littleg's gaming Backlog, in case you were wondering:

    •  Assasin's Creed II
    •  Asura's Wrath (Epilogue)
    •  Bastion
    •  Batman: Arkham Asylum
    •  Battleblock Theatre
    •  Battlefield 3/4
    •  Bayonetta
    •  Bioshock Infinite
    •  Borderlands 2
    •  Crackdown
    •  Darksiders
    •  Dishonoured
    •  Dragon Age: Origins
    •  Dust: An Elysian Tale
    •  Fable II
    •  Far Cry 2
    •  Fez
    •  Final Fantasy XIII
    •  Forza Horizon
    •  Half Life 2 (incl Ep 1&2)
    •  Halo 4
    •  Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
    •  Iron Brigade
    •  Kane & Lynch 2
    •  LA Noire
    •  Lost Odyssey
    •  Mark of the Ninja
    •  Metro 2033
    •  Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine
    •  Mortal Kombat
    •  Outland
    •  Payday 2
    •  Red Dead Redemption (+ Undead Nightmare)
    •  Red Faction Guerilla
    •  Resident Evil 4
    •  Saints Row 3
    •  Spec Ops: The Line
    •  Spelunky
    •  The Last of Us
    •  The Witcher 2
    •  Titanfall
    •  Tomb Raider: Underworld
    •  Tomb Raider
    •  XCOM Enemy Unknown
    Noobied by 1FirLocke
  • That's a lot of potential 101 titles

    It's good to see you Littleg. I was getting a bit worried after last week!

    As for me, I have fully boarded the Bloodborne hype train and as a result of that, I have started another play through of

    Dark Souls

    Makeko is her name. I wasn't sure where to take this character but then I found the Balder Swag Sword. Dex build with some strength and pyromancy here we go! 10 hours in (the time just flies in Lordran), and I've just arrived at Anor Londo. Sort of plain sailing, but I haven't been able to beat Sif for some reason. I can't quite get the dodge timing right for when he does his double swing, and my puny Spider Shield definitely isn't big enough to withstand the attacks. I wonder if I can finish this run by the time Bloodborne arrives..
  • Adventure Time IETDBIDK (WiiU) Ok, I played this some at the beginning of the week. I am now on floor 76/100, and have also opened up a 2nd more difficult dungeon, I have no idea how many floors it has, as I've only gotten past the 1st floor once. This is where the meat of the game is I see. I have maxed out Finn, since he is the only character that can use 3 badges. I'm going to need to level up a 2nd character and get some co-op help if I'm going to make any progress in this 2nd dungeon. So as of now I've taken a little break from this game.

    Mushroom Men Truffle Trouble (PC)
    I picked this up when it came out near the end of last week. I loved The Spore Wars on the Wii. This game is a lot different. Its a speed running, timed moving block puzzle game. I HATE moving block puzzles, b/c I am so bad at them. It also doesn't help that you are being chased buy the huge Truffle Princess, who will literally kill you with affection if she catches you, while I'm struggling to figure out how to move these blocks and cannons to get to the next section. So far its been me just running as fast as I can, getting stuck on a puzzle and transforming into the spider and climbing over the wall so I don't get caught by the Princess. I did manage to beat the 1st set of levels and the 1st stage of world 2, but I haven't gone back since. Idk when I'll go back to this... decent fun when I was playing it though.

    Thats it from me for last week. My motivation to play games has been almost zero the past couple weeks and that really bums me out. Work has been nuts lately and me being tried and also not wanting to play anything seriously before Bloodborne drops next week, has definitely cut into my gaming time. I did finish watching Being Human on Netflix, and I'm half way thru season 5 in Archer, and I started The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy b/c after April 5th it won't be on Netflix anymore. And I love Billy and Mandy, so I took a short break from Archer for a bit.
  • (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield 4 - Trying to get some jet kills so I can get closer to the Phantom Bow.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield: Hardline - Just got this and getting use to the differences with Battlefield 4.
  • Last of us Remastered PS4 So this is the great game they are talking about, story is ok but i am hating the stealth mechanics

    War thunder PS4, shooting stuff is fun

    War Frame PS4 just a new storyline released.

    Yakuza 4 PS3 entered a massage parlor, that was funny

    Rogue Legacy Vita slowly leveling up me dudes

    OlliOlli2 Vita tried it a little, not for me

    Valiant Hearts PS4 fslowly going through it.
  • @Epke I looooooved the stealth. Apparently on Grounded Mode you can't use the batman style knowing where the enemies are too. Looking back, the characters were definitely a lot stronger than the story. I thought the story was still good though.

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