The General Gaming News Thread
  • I dunno about you guys, but there's often some news in the industry that I feel like I should share, but don't really feel like making a thread for it. So, this thread is gonna be for that very purpose! Found out some gaming news that you feel like sharing? Post it here.

    Of course, if you feel like the news is thread worthy, go ahead and make the thread. However, if there's news for a game that already has a thread going, like we have for Bloodborne and Persona 5, post the news there.

    So! To start off, here's the collector's edition and release date of Metal Gear Solid V:


    I believe the map comes with standard editions of the game if you pre-order. Release date is also confirmed to be September 1st. It would have been awesome if this came out in the middle of summer, but ah well.

    Axiom Verge - an indie game I'm very interested in - has gotten a release date and price. In America it's out March 31st for $19.99 And in Europe it's out April 1st for €17.99 This is only for the PS4 version, the Vita version will be out at a later date. Cross buy, so if you buy the PS4 version, you'll get the Vita version for free whenever it releases.
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  • Why are we paying $20 to play NES-looking games on PS4? Nothing against indie games, but they should have indie prices imo. 

    MGS5, another round of Kojima bukkake in the face. Not for me.

    Uncharted 4 is a bummer. 
  • @Dr Flibble , Never played a Metal Gear Solid game.. I have Metal Gear Rising, but its been in its plastic wrap for a whole year.
    Would you recommend It at all? 

    As far as Uncharted. Bought the Bundle where it came with 1 & 2, didnt catch my interest. Its a neat game... but, something about it felt wonky. So don't really care for Uncharted 4.

    Sony is pulling the plug on PSM (Playstation Mobile). Already saw this coming, most of the games on there were not really that great anyways...but I did see some games on there that I've been meaning to play.
  • @Space, Rising is the least Metal Geary of the MGS series, so it's not really the best game to use to judge the series. Rising was made by Platinum, and Kojima didn't get to put his fingerprints on it as much as the other games. The game is better for it. Just play Rising and then play MGS4, one is a game, the other is gratuitous self-indulgent wank.

    I know what you mean about the wonkiness of the Uncharted games, but I'm surprised that was a deal-breaker for you. The Indy Jones vibe and story didn't interest you?

    Sony is quickly going down the toilet. I read an article that the lunatics in charge over here are going to devalue the yen even further, which is going to kick Sony in the balls even more.
  • From a Metal Gear fan who actually enjoys the storytelling, yes I would recommend MGS but ONLY if you are willing to play the previous installations to get a grasp on the picture Kojima has painted over the past decades. The gameplay will be great, but the story is everything.

    Definitely buying the Collectors edition, already have my preorder.
  • @Dr Flibble , the wonky feel was not enough to make it a deal breaker. Not sure, I'll eventually give it another go sometime in the future.
    But the story never really stuck out for me.
    Call me a gaming hipster, but when a game gets way too much attention (Like assassins creed, or call of duty), I immediately lose interest.

    @Juic3 I've been meaning to pick up the previous titles, since I hate playing games out of order. Which is one reason why I'm hesitant to play Rising. Not sure if there's any connection with the previous MG games.
    I'll check them out this weekend and see if I have enough to buy them.
  • Says he loses interest in games that get too much attention.

    Follows by saying he might buy the whole MGS series.

    Just sayin' :p
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  • I loved the Playstation MGS version before it became bloated with a story so intertwined that it becomes un-followable.
  • @spaceofsoul The Essentials Collection that bring 1, 2 & 3 is your best option. MGS4 is basically a movie. Sit through it only if you really enjoy the first three. 

    Forget Rising
  • I loves Rising, but it's pretty much a stand alone entry on the Metal Gear series. Nothing at all similar to the gameplay of other Metal Gear games. Raiden, the main character, features in MGS4 and is also the main character of MGS2 I believe. Rising takes place after MGS4 as well, so it is actually canon I think.

    Damn great game though. Super short, super fun. I think it was on PS+ a while ago, if you have that.
  • Yeah, MG Rising was my favorite game the year it came out. Amazing combat, I still love it. I'd love to see it come out on PS4. I also have the MGS Essentials collection for PS3, but I haven't played them yet, and I've never played MGS4.
  • @Dr Flibble haha, I'm not sure how to explain what I meant.
    Games now a days such as God of War, Assasins Creed etc, such games where they become an annual release and over hype the product is what I'm referring to.
    In other words, current AAA games.
    Yea, they get small improvements graphically with every release. But the quality of the game diminishes.

    And that is what I felt with the direction of Uncharted.
    1. The story/theme didn't appeal to me.
    2. Because of it becoming a AAA game, I felt that I would only be disappointed with future releases.

    And there's a difference with modern games now and those made in the early years of gaming.
    Games felt as if more work was put into them in previous generations of consoles. Current games now feel so half assed.
  • I'm just fucking with you Space. I do things like that, cuz I'm an asshole and I enjoy it.

    I wonder about that last sentiment of yours though sometimes. The old "games of yore were so awesome and now they sucks" line is a frequent flyer on the internet, but I have to say I remember a LOT of God awful shitty games back when I was a kid. I played a lot of them, on Famicon, Intellivision, Atari, Commodore 64, PC, etc etc... There was a lot of fucking bad games back then too. Shitty games that were squirted out with massive hype and marketing campaigns geared at fooling the consumers, which they did, all culminating in the much vilified atrocity of ET.

    It appears from the park bench on which my drunken craggy arse sits that a lot of young-uns who never lived through those days speak of what they cannot possibly know, like if I tried to tell you of the horrors of being dropped in a hot LZ in 'Nam. And a lot of older gamers have rose tinted glasses permanently crazy glued to their faces. The good ol' days when you revisit them, really weren't all that good. Sure there were some classics, and we had some good years and some bad years, but a lot of garbage also got swept under the rug of history, and we didn't have YouTube and Let's Plays and Google back then. There were no torrent sites or shady downloads. We used to find out about new games in printed paper catalogs, or just go to the game store and see what they had on the shelves. And if you wanted to play/see a game, you either paid for it, or a friend did. There were no games magazines or gaming sites like came to be later. There are plenty of good games being made today, but the challenge remains the same, you have to sort the gold flakes from the muck, and you have to be able to spot the charlatan peddling snake oil. People have proven to have abysmally poor skills in these latter areas, but I can't beat them with my wooden spoon too hard, the modern moron is constantly being bamboozled by bright lights, big tits, and chainsaws from all angles these days. I'd almost feel sorry for them. Almost. If I weren't an asshole.
  • Flibble, if the internet allowed it, I'd buy you a pint for that speech.

    I see so many gamers complaining about the quality of modern gaming and wishing things were "still as good as the old days". And it's nothing but older gamers not remembering the shit they went through for the occasional gem, and younger gamers who weren't even born at the time, trying to be hipsters.

    I never played the original Mario games, or Zelda, or Metroid, I have an understanding that there are many very good games in those series, but I wouldn't sit here and claim that classic gaming is any better or worse than modern gaming. There's always shit somewhere, it's part of the Eco-system.
  • Haha, way to put me in my place flibble lol.

    Fully agree that there has always been a history of shitty games, and we have so many resources now to help us make a decision whether or not the game of interest best suits our tastes.
    Rather, I am just speaking of those really high budget games such as Call of Duty/Assasins Creed/uncharted/Batman

    Then again, my taste in gaming does den to be a bit "Weeaboo-ish" as described by Sunny. Part of the reason why current AAA titles don't even catch my interest, are due to the fact that they are shooters.
    I have nothing against shooters, but it's just not my cup of tea.
    I've heard great things about bio shock, and I've bought 1 and 2, but I can't seem to enjoy it due to the fact that they are shooters. In other words, I just suck at them.

    Also, going a little more in depth about me mentioning the quality of gaming being diminished in big budget games.
    The focus now seems to be Online Co-Op/Online Play.
    While that is great, some games focus too heavily on the Online and take a chunk out a story.
    Those servers aren't going to last forever, and I'd rather have something that I can always go back to.

    Now, as far as classics go, I don't think they are the greatest. Cause yes they have had some flaws, with gimmicky controls (rugrats search for reptar, Croc), but there was so much more in the game that would deter your hatred for the controls to keep you going. I guess I should say games back then were only interesting because they were new concepts.

    Oh and Orion, I don't ever rave about those. I've always said that legend if Zelda series was just ok.
    The only zelda games I really enjoyed were Majoras Mask, and Wind Waker.
    Never played the classic metroid games. Only ever played one on GameCube. Can't remember the name of it though.

    And as an experienced gamer, I've already seen a lot of things done. So yes, my stubbornness gets in the way sometimes, but I still give other games a chance before I fully drop it. Hell, I've tried and tried to like Resonance of Fate, but... That game is just something else.
    It's the same thing with film. So many people criticize a lot of films because everything has been done already. It's nothing new to them. Especially in the horror genre. There are very few horror movies this generation that I truly hate.
    People just go with "Oh, it didn't scare me, so it sucks", that's not the way I think.
  • I understand where you're coming from Space. The early 2000's will be remembered for its guns and sandboxes.

    I don't watch many movies these days. Unless someone recommends something or I'm really not in the mood to do anything else, will I watch a movie. So I'm not the best person to comment on that. My take on movies is Hollywood is out of ideas, and has been for a while. The last 10 years was a decade of remakes, and the next 10 years will be another decade of remakes, with girls! (see Ghostbusters, Escape from New York, etc etc). Yawn, wake me in 2025.

    "The focus now seems to be Online Co-Op/Online Play.
    While that is great, some games focus too heavily on the Online and take a chunk out a story.
    Those servers aren't going to last forever, and I'd rather have something that I can always go back to."

    This is true, and I agree with you. I'm all about that single player baby. Unfortunately we are living in the arse end dying days of a disposable culture. Nothing is built to last, and it's by design. The stockholders don't want you to have a great single player game you can go back to (unless it's to play their latest DLC). They want you to keep buying their shit, again and again and again. It's the autistic and fixated mentality of the corporate ever-expanding ever-upgrading culture. It's not new, and not unique to gaming. "Longevity" is a swear word in the boardroom.
  • PlayStation Now Beta is happening in the UK this Spring.

    Ireland is generally lumped in with the UK when it comes to things like this, so I signed up anyway.
  • NX

    Nintendo are desperately trying to not become Sony. A new console and iPhone Mario ahoy?
  • @FirLocke @vampirelich I never played. It always seemed like a fun game but my draw to the MG series was the stealth so I didn't bother. As far as story, Raiden was a surprise in MGS2 and it's nice to see that they gave him a nice role in the series. I personally didn't count Rising as a major piece to the puzzle since
    Snake is dead shortly after MGS4, diminishing my interest in anything that happens after
    I might have to read up on the story though, if it truly is Canon. 

    Locke, I am enjoying PS Now.. a bit too much haha. The rental prices in beta were bullshit, but the full service is worth the money
  • Not only are Nintendo working on their next dedicated games platform, they are now also going to make games for smart phones and tablets.

    They're no longer proud enough to only make games for their platforms anymore, times are a'changing! I only got my Wii U last year, so I'm hoping it'll last another couple of years at least. I'm thinking they'll reveal their next system next year and release it 2017 or 2018.

    @Juic3 I don't think I'll be using Now that much, but I'd love to give it a shot and see how it works with my internet. What I love about Now is that when there's a new entry in a series coming out, it could be a great way for people to check out the older games of that series. I know I'd like to play Witcher 2 before Witcher 3, but I don't have a 360 nor a strong enough PC to run it well. Now would be great for that. Not that that'll stop me from playing Witcher 3, mind!
  • Golden Mario Amiibos release tonight at midnight. March 20th.
    Any one going to try and snatch one?
    Going to try to get off early tonight from work and head to walmart (god I hate Walmart, but they're the only place selling them)
  • I've managed to ignore amiibo thus far and I'm hoping that doesn't change. Nearly bought the Ike amiibo a couple of months back, but I cancelled my order. I've never been a figurine man.
  • So, Kojima isn't part of Konami anymore. Does this mean no more Silent Hills?
  • Yeah there's some news about Kojima leaving Konami. He'll see MGSV through to the end, but he may leave afterwards. Nothing has been 100% confirmed, but it's looking likely.

    That definitely leaves Silent Hills in an awkward position if this is true. As far as I know, Kojima Productions is developing SH, Konami is publishing. Now, I have no idea if Silent Hills is actually being treated as a separate IP to Silent Hill. If they are two different properties, then it could be possible that Koji-Pro could look for another publisher. Or they could just stay with Konami as a contract, considering the game is already in development. Worst case scenario of course, is that Konami take Silent Hills away from Koji-Pro and give it to another developer. And Del Toro gets really sad he's not working with Kojima anymore (I'm sure they're getting on like a house on fire).

    I'm no law expert, but that's my 2c.
  • Firly, I'd say you're being extremely optimistic about Silent Hills. If it isn't part of the original IP I'd expect copyright infringement lawsuits all over the place. You see what happens to any developer who even thinks about putting the word "fallout" somewhere into their game title.

    I won't be sad to see Kojima gone. I can't stand the guy or his games, and I hope Silent Hills gets given to someone else to handle actually.

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