Are game nights ever a thing anymore?
  • I miss back when noobtoob would set up events to play certain multiplayer games with each other. I understand now with less people circulating through the site that schedules might be hard to plan with all the time differences, and there is less incentive to buy multiplayer games at launch for that very reason. There is also the fact that not everyone has yet to purchase a next gen console. For major games that we know won't be a bust (Battlefield Hardline, Bloodborne for example) it might be easier to get everyone on the same boat and have some classic Noobtoob fun with one another. 

    Sorry GTA, heists won't convince me to double dip unless I find it cheaper than $40 in the future.

    Thoughts? Who likes the idea of having a game night in the future?
  • How about playing together in free to play games like Warthunder or Warframe (or others) no excuse of, I haven't bought it yet :P
  • @Juic3 It would be good if we could make it happen. Again as you point out the problem is numbers, but I would like to think we could get something together. Also the small community is scattered across different platforms (although there is probably quite a high percentage of people with PS4s) .
  • I'd be in it if it's PS4 and the time difference isn't too unreasonable. A lot of the old events started at like 4am Japan time which is just fuck that.
  • @Ekpe raises a good point! I'll make the attempt to get back into warframe when I get back in town next week.

    @8drawt @Dr Flibble

    What could be done is having a Multiplayer thread apart from the Discussion thread for major multiplayer games everyone is likely to have. People can discuss what time/date would be best, get on the same page and eventually pull something off. 

    This is just an idea, if a better way is found I'd be all for it! I just want to see a level of interaction among the community beyond discussions and opinions. Any game could be more enjoyable with the right company
  • If anyone's up for Dragon Age: Inquisition multi on the Bone, hit me up, I'm off on March 16/17 during the day, evenings not free. So it'd be like... 9 am to Noon/1 pm-ish Central Daylight Time (Winnipeg/Wisconsin/Minnesota time)

    @d4ftgmr on twitter and on Xbox Live

    I'm just working on my early stage multiplayer characters and would love to have some folks to grind levels with in lower level combat missions, but also we can try whatever, I'm not opposed to getting my butt kicked in Threatening level :D
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