What's the best LEGO game?
  • Well? What do you think?

    I haven't played them all, but I still have a soft spot for Star Wars. It was the first, and it was so fresh at the time, and a good break from all the ultra-realistic military shooters I was playing. 
  • Lego Marvel was my favorite by a large margin. These are not games, they are toys. The Marvel game was just a love letter to that universe. Having the old vinyl you had to send away for in the seventies was tear inducing.

    I suppose all the Lego games are homages and museums more than challenges or even stories. Everyone will pick their favorite by universe. You still have a soft spot for the force, despite the prequels.
  • I never got into them, but the Marvel one did seem like the best.
  • Westsw, I don't know if that's why. The first Star Wars was just pure simple fun, and the homage you describe, but I don't know about the games that followed. I remember playing Indiana Jones, Star Wars 2, and Batman after that first Star Wars game, and not really liking any of them. The games came thick and fast, and they've milked that cow hard since. The games also became steadily more convoluted and fidgety with each one I played, and after recently playing LOTR and Pirates, I see this trend continued. Johnny Depp's compass tracking parts in Pirates were total joy kills, but it was LOTR in particular that was irritating me. It has an open world. An open, empty world. You're also switching out characters every 5 seconds to get shit done. And to get just one bloody collectible might need a few character switches. This stuff breaks the flow of the game, and the fun, imo. It's not like there's ever any mystery as to which character you need next after all. The stop and start gameplay has reached crazy heights. The original Star Wars game had these stop and start elements of course, but not to such an extent.

    I guess the games are great babysitters for lazy parents. I haven't played Marvel so maybe I'll put it on the list. I also heard Batman 2 was good too, but I wonder if these 2 games get praise because they are genuinely good games, or because the DC/Marvel fanboys can't see straight after all the ejaculations.
  • Played only the Indiana Jones one and was done after 10 minutes with the game.
  • I really enjoyed my time with the Harry Potter ones, one of the few games that I felt motivated to revisit and replay a lot of the game since they had a bevvy of extra levels and collectibles outside the main game. I love ol' pothead though so I don't know how invested others would be.
  • @.Ethereal. I bought both the Lego Harry Potter games at the same time. I then thought, hmm it is a while since I read through the books and got hold of the audiobooks and listened through 1 to 7 (over the period of weeks) and forgot all about the games. Lost countless hours of my free time with my earphones in. + Never actually played them in the end!

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