Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 23/02/15
  • Writing this whilst watching Luis Suarez score goals against Manchester City in the Champion's League - it's cheating, violent, racist unstoppable force meets despicable made-immovable-by-someone-else's-money object!

    (PS3) XCOM: Enemy Unknown Progress of sorts, gradually scraping together some decent gear and a few experienced squad members, although I did lose my highest level Assault Class to another one of those bastard Chryssalid things.  I swear those are becoming my bogey enemy unit and I will focus all fire on one of them even if there's a cyberdisc hanging around as well - it seems every time they get in close with one of my squad, they can deliver a one-shot kill.  Hate 'em.

    Now, if the game could get around to gifting me a few more Assaults (it seems obsessed with giving me Snipers and Supports whenever I level up a new grunt at the moment), I might actually be able to get round to that Alien Base mission.

    (360) FIFA14 A couple of matches after watching Match of the Day. Knocked out of the FA Cup by Chelsea (who had just bought Cristiano Ronaldo off me) and then held to a frustrating draw by Bolton.  Think I might be a bit rusty.

    And that's it from me, WiG like there's no tomorrow!
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  • (PS4) Diablo III I admit I missed out for quite a long time. I didn't pick it up immediately so I could pick it up on sale, not knowing if I would enjoy a Diablo game. I found it on PSN for $35 the other night and decided to indulge in something new. 

    I love it! Beautiful game, great gameplay, all the hooks you could want. Much is left to be desired in terms of story, especially since I am the type to speak to everyone in RPGs and try to immerse myself in the lore. Currently lvl 20 with the Witch Doctor and lvl 14 with the Crusader. 

    (Xbox) Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks Revisiting my favorite Mortal Kombat game of all time. If only they had made a sequel!

    (PSVita) Final Fantasy X Ordered online the other day for a trip in the coming weeks, but couldn't stop myself from starting a bit early. This is tied with FF6 as my favorite Final Fantasy, and I had never actually played X-2 so that is something I am looking forward to.
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  • Evolve
    Picked this up last Tuesday and since then I have tried to put in at least one match every day. I'm in to this. I'm really enjoying playing as the Assault and Medic so far. My favourite match so far sees me as the Monster. Getting my ass handed to me for the first 5 minutes. The hunters are behind me every step of the way. I'm finding it hard to eat creatures and level up. I finally get to level 3 about 15 minutes into the match. Turn round and just stomp all over their arses. Breathing fire to make my victory look sexy.

    The order 1886
    Another game picked up. I'm probably half way through. Probably about 3.5 hours gameplay. I like it though. It's just a fun little story to follow along. Pretty cool.

    The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time
    My first Zelda game. I haven't gotten far. I have only been playing on my breaks at work and here and there when I get 15 minutes. I'm about to enter the Goron temple and get some ruby or something. Again I'm digging this. I dunno why I didn't play a Zelda game earlier.
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  • Haven't done much gaming.

    All I've played this week, is a few matches in
    Super Smash Brothers Wii U, and
    Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask 3D.

    Currently just collected all Zora Eggs in Majoras Mask, and about to venture into the water Temple.

    I'm usually so tired from work that I don't really feel like playing games.
    Scares me a bit, because I got a huge library that id like complete someday.
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  • Lords Of The Fallen - Finished NG++ and got the plat. I might try the DLC coming soonish but I've read it's puzzle based which sounds a bit meh.

    PvZ Garden Warfare - Still like playing this every now and then. It's good brainless stress free fun.

    LEGO LOTR - Finished the stories

    LEGO Johnny Depp - Same as above

    The Evil Within - Chapter 5, which is 1/3rd of the way through the game. It's OK. Some elements of the gameplay can be annoying but it's not bad. It's no RE4 though. The gore is so overdone it comes off as just silly.

    Tomb Raider - Tried to get into some multi for PS4 but it was a ghost town.

    The Order 1886 - Got it cheap from a coworker. On about chapter 8 now (chapters 6 and 7 were pretty much only cutscenes), and around 4 hours in. The game is goddamn beautiful to look at. The setting and concept is great. The shooting is decent and I've played far far worse. The guns are mostly generic with an exception or 2, and the enemy AI are completely useless, often just standing there waiting to die. As I was playing it I came to realize, this is possibly the best interactive movie I've played. Since it wasn't marketed as such, it's a letdown if you compare it to other top of the line shooters, but compared to Heavy Rain or Beyond Two Souls, this game kicks arse. The story is fairly by the numbers but well presented and voice acted (Japanese version has no English voices though), and the music is good too. I can't speak to the overall length yet but I doubt I'll be done in 5 hours. The only other gripe is there is absolutely zero world exploration, and the collectibles pretty much jump out and slap you in the face. Worth a look, but wait for a discount.
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  • (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield 4 - Still playing this every week. I'm working towards some Phantom Prospect assignment and having to drive around in a tank. I'm also going after the Ultimate Engineer assignment which requires me to lay a bunch of mines down. Also this week is double XP so I am going to play this as much as possible.

    (PS4) GTA V - Just doing some missions to get some extra cash in time for the heists that are out next month.
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  • Castle in the Darkness (PC) Oh man! I am loving this game. I've played a ton, and I've beaten the game and saw the end credits with right at 75% complete, BUT ... you only get to fight the True Final Boss at 100%, and I love the combat so much, that I think I'm going to go for it. :)

    That was all I played last week! More Castle in the Darkness this week for sure. And I started The Order 1886, but not far enough into it to from an opinion. I played the first 20 mins. or so.
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  • @Dr Flibble I'm always impressed by how many games you cover a week and I appreciate how blunt you are with your recounts btw.

    @vampirelich Oh wow, that looks like such a great gem! I'm going to add it to my wishlist for the next sale. Have you tried Cave Story?

    (PC) Borderlands the Pre-Sequel: Finished this. I really loved Jack's character in Borderlands 2 so helping him ascend or descend into his madness made for a great adventure. When I first played Borderlands, I hated the brown palette and how trashy its aesthetic was but as I am now, I love the franchise so much because of how much co-op goodness it has afforded me. I've even got the Tell-tale games spinoff and think its great! If anybody wants to join, my Steam account is in my profile and you're always welcome.

    (PS Vita) Sly Cooper Thieves in Time: There's a big Vita anniversary sale on the PlayStation store right now and I saw Sly for $7! I played through all three previous games on the PS2 and loved it! I have fond memories of pick pocketing in Paris! I bought this thinking its probably a dumb watered down game for portable but found as full an adventure as I remembered it on the PS2. It's a lot of fun and I'm about half way through the game. The Ratchet and Clank/Sly Cooper formula of open world do what you want and then mini games in between is great. I've failed at the mini-games however they're so short and pattern-based that they're never vexing. I'll probably go on to finish this as I'm playing for half an hour every night.

    After I've finished Sly, I intend to go onto (PS3) The Last of Us. I snagged it up on eBay for $15 delivered which is a bloody good bargain. It's sitting next to an equally unplayed copy of Red Dead Redemption. Good times~
  • I have been playing;

    Warframe PS4, an event going on of invading ships where you first have to get resources to create an item and then attack a huge ship flying (using the archwing which is a flight suit.

    Wolfenstein PS4 on a bridge now zapping them Nazi's!

    Regular daily stuff for Gran Turismo, Destiny of Spirits and No more heroes

    Girls Und Panzer Vita High school girls having competitions using tanks you can't go wrong :P

    Payday 2 played some of this, crashed on me a few times.

    Yakuza 4, running around Kabukicho i mean Kameracho or something, kicking ass ;)

    Thief played through the first 2 levels.

    Oh and downloaded Warthunder for ps4 playing very similar to bird of steel and is free no trophies though :(
  • The Order 1886 is a 1 day plat, 2 days if you take your time.
  • @Dr Flibble as someone who has never gotten a Platinum Trophy before (got a few games on the 360 with all the achievements but never anything on the PlayStation side) this sounds rather interesting. 

    I'm not as crazy as I used to be about Achievements/Trophies (I now just play until I no longer have fun) but I might pick up a copy just to get my first Platinum Trophy.
  • @sloth I have played and beaten Cave Story on the DS years ago, it was really fun if I remember right. I also have Cave Story + on Steam, but havent gotten around to playing it yet. Also Castle in the Darkness is only $5.99. I think I got a 10% discount since I bought it the 1st week. But its so much fun I easily would have paid $10 and been happy. :)
  • Knights of the Old Republic 2 - I was away from home with access to a mid-range PC and I fancied a bit of an RPG fix and it was one of the first games I saw on my steam list. It is still very much playable. I enjoyed myself and was desperate to get a lightsabre, but i never got far enough to get one and I will probably forget to go back to it which is a shame.

    Rome Total War - Never gets old, taking over the mediterranean as city after city succumbs to the might of Rome. 

    Fallout 3 - I have played through fallout 3 plenty of times , but this time I have modded the shit out of it. Adding new voiced missions, buildings and game mechanics. Some of the mods are highly adjustable allowing you to make a judgement as to how you want that aspect of the game to play at the beginning. The game is now much more harder and level progression is much much slower so it can keep the longevity :) . Nothing beats the exploding head of a super mutant!

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