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  • What do you watch that's gaming related? I'm subscribed to a few channels on YouTube. Gaming, Music and Tech is basically what my entire YouTube feed consists of, but there sure is a lot of fodder when it comes to gaming on YouTube. So I decided to make a thread where we single out the good channels. Here's what I like:

    PBS Game/Show:

    One of my favourite channels that I found just recently. The channel discusses many specific things in the industry in a very likable and informative fashion.


    Or what I like to refer to it as: The Documentary Channel of Video Games. Seriously well presented videos with very interesting topics that are not covered by many people or news sites out there.


    Alongside traditional news sites like Eurogamer, Kotaku and Destructoid, I like to go the ReviewTechUSA's channel for gaming news. Excellent audio quality aside, he uploads very often and damn does he like to shit on stuff. I like how he projects his voice and sounds genuinely passionate about the things he talks about. Comments section are absolutely vile, though.

    Kinda Funny Games:

    A channel that started out just last month, but with people that have been in the industry for quite a while now. Greg Miller, Colin Moriarty, Tim Gettys and Nick Scarpino leave IGN and go indie. Greg and Colin were mostly the only reason I ever visited IGN, so it's great to see them discussing many different topics in video from every week.

    Super Bunnyhop:


    A channel that really tells it how it is. Much like PBS Game/Show, discusses many specific things in the industry, but perhaps in not quite as likable fashion. I kinda like that about him though. Rather than merely interesting, I find his content thought provoking too.

    Of course, there's Totalbiscuit for the excellent critical analysis and Co-Optional Podcast, Maximillian Dood for the best fighting game channel on YouTube, DidYouKnowGaming? for awesome historical videos, and even the official PlayStation channel for excellent behind the scenes content. But I wanted to give the spotlight to some smaller channels.

    Do you know of any smaller, but quality gaming channels? Sound off below.
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  • I found this post really useful. Nothing is noobtoob though.
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  • @8drawt That's true. :( I miss being hyped every Monday and having profanities of "WHY ISN'T THE NEW EPISODE UP YET?!?!". Good times. There really is no podcast or channel like NT.

    Still, there are plenty of channels to look out for. :)
  • I noticed that The GamesOnly Podcast wasn't on here. That's my go to channel for gaming stuff. :)
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  • That PBS channel is killer.
  • I recently started to watch the Jimquisition channel, Redgamingtech gives short newsbytes on gaming, i like AlphaOmegaSin although he tends to ramble somewhat.
  • Jim Sterling is a great channel. I like AlphaOmega too. StoneFox is also OK but he does anime too which I don't give a toss about. Angry Joe does good reviews but he rarely seems to make them anymore. There's also a dude called Worth A Buy or something like that who does brutally honest reviews and first impressions.
  • Nothing will ever beat NoobToob =(

    I've been following KindaFunny and KindaFunnyGames since they went full time with it, and I have to say it's one of the channels I watch most on Youtube now. The big selling point for me is that they make just enough content that you can happily watch pretty much everything they make. A 10-15 minute video a day taking one topic from their podcast, which most of the time are actually really interesting, especially when they've got guests on. They've had Troy Baker, Felicia Day, Rob Paulsen. Plus they have a good dynamic, because Greg and Colin are BFFs and both so knowledgeable, Tim is a bit younger and voices the opinion of a lot of younger, less knowledgeable gamers, and Nick is the voice of reason between. That's my go to channel now for gaming stuff.
  • How do people like AlphaOmegaSin? Rambling is an understatement. The amount of shit that he talks.. unbearable. He speaks on good points and news, but a 5 minute version of every 20 minute video would be more tolerable.
  • @Juic3 I basically only watch him when he takes about Persona nowadays. I used to like him more but he's definitely gotten a bit too rambly. I like HappyConsoleGamer though.
  • I mostly just watch some of the Yogscast channels, mainly just Sips nowadays. The only other gaming channels I watch are TotalBiscuit and I started watching AngryJoe because I was trying to find a channel that does decent game reviews, so if anyone has any suggestions let me know.

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