Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 09/02/15
  • Last week's main game was an unusual but very time-consuming one.

    (Centre Parcs) Going on Holiday with Two Small Children More restful than the title might suggest and actually pretty darn fun in final consideration.  The main thing that Littler g and Micro g could do was swim in the pool, so we probably spent approximately 50% of our available time in there.  I'm surprised my fingers aren't still wrinkly now.  Other than that, I hired a bike with a trailer that the kids could ride in, which meant I got some additional exercise as we made our way around the site and was able to remind myself of the simple joys of cycling around on two wheels.  There was a certain pleasure to getting the kids bathed and settled and then heading out in the dark to return with a bike trailer full of food from the on-site Indian takeaway and beer...

    I also downloaded some mobile games before leaving, including Terra Battle, thinking I might find myself bored in the evenings but other than a handful of holes on Desert Golfing I mostly just found myself quietly reading in the evenings (finally bought the final Wheel of Time book over Christmas, so I was half-reading, half flicking through book thirteen to reacquaint with where the story was up to - is it just me or has Brandon Sanderson just completely dropped the plot involving an unofficial inquisition of Aes Sedai within the White Tower using the Oath Rod to find Black Sisters, or did that all get wrapped up and I've just forgotten it altogether?).  It probably says quite a bit about my mobile gaming habits that my criminally-underused DS Lite last got used on a holiday about 5 years ago and hasn't seen the light of day since and that I installed a SNES emulator on my phone about a year ago and had completely forgotten about it until I stumbled upon it last night.

    (360) Left 4 Dead This was mostly the week before we went away, but I never filled out that WiG in the end.  A few more campaigns with friends because it's still a heck of a good way to have a laugh and muck about but still have a bit of a challenge.

    (360) Titanfall Same group of friends decided to jump in on this while the Deluxe version was in the EA sale for a tenner.  I've only made it through the tutorial so far, but I could see this being fun as long as we are not getting completely stomped from Day One.

    (PS3) Gran Turismo 6 After watching some crazy people racing around Daytona raceway for 24 hours straight in Gran Turismo 6, I felt a strong desire to return to this after my recent Forza fling.  I could honestly write a book on the things that these two games do well and would be improved by copying from each other.  I marginally prefer the track list in GT, but the handling model in Forza is waaaaaay more intuitive; Forza has a more modern and varied car list, but the fictional race cars in GT are amongst my favourite things to drive in any racing game; Forza has so many options to personalise your own car and create unique designs for each, but GT has the amazing Vision GT programme...

    OK, that's a very long and verbose post. Let's cut it off now and let everyone else get on with WiGing.
  • @Littleg I've never been to a Centre Parcs before but I've heard they are nice. Hope you have fun. When I was a kid I always thought it was a place rich people went on holiday as the TV adverts made it seem like it was some high class retreat wardened off in a green bubble and when I asked my dad about holidays he would say that place being way too out of our family budget. :)

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield 4
    - Getting close to completing a few more Phantom Assignments on the PS4.

    (PS4) Far Cry 4 - The game says I'm now at 60% complete. Still slowly moving through the story.

    Not much variation for me this week so I might try to get back into FIFA if I get a little bored.
  • There's actually a Centre Parcs about 30 minutes drive from my house. The Sherwood Forest one but like Armadillo have never been. It is a place that always intrigued me though. I doubt it's a place you take a girlfriend for a couples holiday though.

    Anyway games. I spent most of last week at home ill. I have asthma. It's not generally a problem. I can exercise and do everything okay. I get a little wheezy around cats and dogs but apart from that I'm cool. But when I get a cold man if that shit gets on my chest it doesn't half knock me on my arse for a few days.

    I am actually getting to games. With most of my week spent laid up in bed feeling sorry for myself I had plent of time for gaming.

    Finally games. I picked up Alien: Isolation on Tuesday. It was going for £17 in a little game shop. Why not buy it eh. It's good. It's really good. I have had one encounter with the Alien so far and dude did it shit me up. Horror films do nothing for me but games like this really do make me feel uneasy. So much so that I can't play them for more than an hour at a time.

    Speaking of survival horror games. I also played a bit more Resident Evil on the Xbox One. This game takes me right back. I have just left the mansion. I think this is the furthest I have ever gotten in this game. Keep in mind I was a chil when this originally came out.

    Erm I also played a little more Call of Duty Advanced warfare and Halo online. That was my week. That and a whole lot of Total Divas (don't judge me).
  • Dota 2: Still playing this, although it's been several days since I last played. Followed up some of my best games with some of my worst. Laaaame.

    Fallout 3: Replaying this with a bunch of mods added. Was having some major technical difficulties, but think I have it all sorted out. Even after all the time I've put into these games and Skyrim, my hands still drift towards Oblivion defaults. I've gotten some mods that liven up the Wasteland with more NPCs and enemies, and also one that makes Arefu much bigger, among others.

    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance: I played through most of this back on PS3 when it came out. I got the PC version on sale during the holidays, and started it up again. The game runs really well on PC. It's a fun slasher, not up to the standards of greatness as MGS is, but they're different games, and this one is fun enough. Some of the violence is kind of ridiculous though. And I don't mean that fondly.
  • Shovel Knight WiiU I beat this game, and had a lot of fun with it. I got all the relics too. :) I felt no need to play NG+, b/c I got all the items, and the ending wrapped up so nice.

    Castle in the Darkness PC I started this up after Shovel Knight, and its cool. Its also pretty difficult, and I don't know if I will finish this one, anytime soon anyway.

    Its been really hectic this week, so I see little progress in the games department this week. Plus my allergies have been really bad the past 2 days or so, bleh. ;( I may try and start up Lords of the Fallen, if I start feeling better this weekend maybe, but I'm not sure yet.
  • Yeah Littleleg we get it you are a Forza fanboy :P

    Warframe PS4, just a new DLC with extra missions interesting.

    Kick and Fennick PSVita Levels are getting harder, lots of exact timing needed :(

    Wolvenstein: The new order PS4, liking the setting and the story, but i am playing on Ueber and a few times the game has put me in situations where i am with the back against the wall, with no chance of retreat, The game suffers from the same problem as COD World at war on the highest difficulty, the enemies start chucking grenades like crazy. It is starting to piss me off.    
  • Lords Of The Fallen - Almost finished my first playthrough. I started a 2nd character but a glitch killed my save about halfway through the game. I like the game, but it's buggy as hell.

    Saint's Row 4 Re-elected & Gat Out Of Hell - Picked up the game with the new expansion again on PS4. It's good to have all the DLC included as SR is one of those games that likes to milk the DLC.

    Thief - Bought it a while back on PS4 but just started it up to take a break from Lords. I've only done the first 2 missions but it's what I expected. It seems OK, and it's pretty to look at.

    Anyone pick up Evolve? Initial reviews are not kind. Looks like it turned out to be the boring snoozefest many predicted it would be. I was turned off completely by their DLC tactics, which were rather wank. Maybe when it's a $10 bargain bin deal.
  • @Dr Flibble im considering picking it up later today if I can get a couple work mates to pick it up with me. I don't feel like playing with randoms. If they refuse I'll probably give it a miss is saints row really worth picking up again? What's gat out of hell like?
  • @nutta27 If you really enjoyed SR4 and never touched the DLC it might be worth a look. Visually I can't really see any huge jump in quality and it plays exactly the same. If you buy the Gat combo disk version the Gat DLC isn't actually on the disk, it's just a code. I haven't played much of Gat yet, but it hasn't really gripped me. You can play as either Gat or Kinzie but they both play exactly the same, no unique abilities or anything like that. If you're tired of Hell and don't enjoy red textures it might not be your thing either. The basic plot is the main character from SR4 gets kidnapped by Satan to marry his daughter. You play as Gat and go to Hell to rescue him. You have to cause havoc in Hell and recruit historical figures to help you kick Satan's bottom. All with SR4 gameplay mechanics. The only new feature is a few weapons and the devil wings for flight. When SR5 finally comes I hope they tone it down a notch. I've always enjoyed the silliness of SR but this is getting a bit too stupid imo. Going back to SR2 style would be a nice change of pace now.

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