Sony sells Sony Online Entertainment
  • Sony Online Entertainment has been acquired from Sony by investment management firm Columbus Nova, according to an announcement by a member of the company on Reddit. The publisher, responsible for massive multiplayer online role-playing game Everquest, has been renamed Daybreak Game Company, shedding its Sony branding altogether.


    So what do you think? Lot of games they made in the past were on PC anyway so porting them to Xboxone should be relatively easy.
  • Sony is also selling a chip factory that makes components for the PS3.  The 3 is ramping down, they are keeping the employees and selling the property.

    These are moves Sony is making in order to stay alive.  They are cutting off anything that does not make money and selling it.  This is all to the good.  Either Sony turns into a Movie/Playstation company or it sells itself to Samsung.
  • I've never played a Sony Online Entertainment game as I've never had a PC capable of playing there stuff and I'm not into the idea of MMOs but I like the idea of Planetside 2 and H1Z1 so I was looking forward to those games coming to PS4.

    Hopefully this doesn't mean the resources used to develop these for consoles is spread too thin (as they now are developing for Xbox One too) or reduced. If not it's fine by me to see more people able to play it.

    From Sony's side I can understand them selling it off to help reduce the company's costs and get some money in for the purchase but I thought Planetside 2 and H1Z1 were 2 big exclusives for the PlayStation brand (excluding PC) so it weakens their lineup a little.
  • Sony is just jettisoning cargo as its ship gets sucked further into the whirlpool of bankruptcy. Nothing new happening here, but they will eventually run out of shit to sell and staff to fire, then.. schlooooooop! Bye bye Sony.

    SEGA will be lucky not to follow them down the shitter if not go down first to put the kettle on.

    Welcome to the topsy turvy world of "economic recovery" in which everyone goes bankrupt. It's going to be beautiful. I have a stockpile of bottled water, toilet paper, popcorn, and opera glasses.
  • Is Sony really doing poorly financially? I was under impression that they have showed a nice profit margins last year.
  • The PlayStation brand has turned a profit for them, but the company as a whole got hammered again. Their profit margins were negative last year (-7%) and they are in debt (almost $7 billion). Watching Sony is like watching that part in one of the SAW movies where one person has to cut off more of their own body parts than the other to survive.

    Sony is not being helped by Japan's economic policy either, which being described as retarded would be going easy on it.
  • Wow, good to know and sad to hear at the same time. I am generally more fond of Sony than Microsoft these days. Oh well, when on giant fall somebody new can rise to take its place.
  • I have a similar affinity to Sony. I just hope particular their gaming division survives and retains the money that it needs.
  • I dunno, if Sony went under and Samsung bought Playstation in the carrion phase, maybe some stuff gets better. I still think Sony slashing itself down to something viable is the most likely outcome.
  • Samsung is another company that i am a little of a fanboy of. Interesting samsung could make the next generation really cost effective by building all the chips in house most likely. And they almost always make incredibly polished products. There are worse companies than samsung to pick up playstation thankfully.
  • It would be really strange to see someone other than Sony manage Stay alive Sony!! Sony also make the sexiest looking devices overall, I mean, who the fuck makes a 1000 dollar+ MP3 player nowadays?!?

    On a Samsung note, my Dad bought a 5.1 surround system that is Samsung back when 5.1 systems were first introduced and it still works like a champ. The player it came with can't read discs anymore but the sound is perfect! Still, it would be strange to see Samsung have PlayStation. Would it be renamed to GalaxyStation?
    ....No thanks.
  • Get off! GalaxyStation is the newest rage these days, all the kids are doing it.
  • What would that do to the numbering?  Would we go back to GS1?
  • Looks like TVs and audio are on the chopping block now.

    Without TVs this leaves Sony with PlayStation, movies, cameras, and.......?

    I think this is the point where we stop calling Sony an electronics company. They are an entertainment company, an entertainment company whose services go down every second week and who'd like us to believe Kim Jong-Un could hack them on his Commodore 64 to stop a movie nobody had heard about up until then from being released.

    Hear that gurgling sound? That's the drain calling.
  • Maybe they should start Sony 48 the new lollicon sensation! :P
  • Why not? They've already made plenty of AKB dating games, and Namco did one even with zombies!

    Love antidote bullets! Japan still makes the best games, don't care what the haters say. 

  • I want Rapelay 48 :P
  • Sony cant go under please! They have an awesome console (which they have probably lost loads of money on) and I love my JRPGs. So has the playstation tv gone under? 'Cause I thought that seemed like a cool little console.
  • PSTV certainly hasn't been a roaring success, but they're still producing them for now. It's a bit difficult to get into PSTV because you can't be sure that all Vita games support it. Most do, but there is an official list somewhere which has all the compatible games. It's still a hassle to go and check every time though.

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