Who wants to help donate to charity?
  • Later in the year I will be participating in two events; one is a tougher mudder and the other is a 10K. When I signed up for these events I also signed up to help with fundraisers to help those in need, and this is where you all come in. For any of you that can, please donate whatever amount you can in order to help the two causes I will link to below.

    1.) Dayton Children's Hospital (Running for kids who can't)
    The goal I have to reach to be part of the running team is $250; but ideally I'd like to raise more than that. Regardless of how much money I actually raise, it will still go to helping those children and I'll still run in the race, just as an individual and not part of the team. When I was younger my parents gave all my books that I stopped reading to the hospital so the employees of the hospital would have new reading material for the children. Now as an adult I have my opportunity to help these children, and hopefully by raising money I can help get these kids a better life.

    2.) Wounded Warrior Project
    I don't have a mandated goal to reach for this particular fundraiser; like the other fundraiser I just want to raise as much money as possible. I've had the opportunity to hear from many veterans about how great Wounded Warrior has been to them and how much easier their transition back into society has been with the organizations help. It's one of the largest charity organizations in the world for the military, and definitely the largest one here in the States. With that size and notoriety has come a lot of scrutiny and backlash over the years, much of which has made me question the integrity of the organization. With that I went and not only found those who could testify to the benefits of WWP, but looked all over the internet to find how the company had reacted in the face of adversity and scathing reviews. From my research it seems to have become more transparent and an overall dependable charity that I really hope gives our service men and women all the help they need. I felt it important to mention all of this prior to asking you for your help because I would never want anyone to give their hard earned dollar(s) to someone  I didn't think they could actually trust. 

    For those of you who are able or willing to help, I very much appreciate it.
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  • Donated 20 for the kids!
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  • Added a bit to the pot. Kintera doesn't seem to allow donations outside of US/Canada/UK.

    All the best, Lapham (I've only now realised that I've been mispronouncing your name for years; I thought it was Lap Ham King).
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  • I wanted to update for those who are willing or able to donate. The Wounded Warrior fund will being closing in 19 days as that's when I'll be participating in the tough mudder. Thanks again to Sloth and FirLocke for helping.
  • I wanted to remind anyone who is willing to donate that the donation fund for Dayton's Children's Hospital is still open until September. If you can, please help some children in need.
  • So I'm working with an organization to help raise money to fund research and help those with Breast Cancer. I'm trying to raise money for it in accordance with the walk I'll be participating in coming up next month. If you want to help, please follow the link below and donate.

  • This year I'll be pushing myself to complete all three levels of the Spartan Race. In conjunction I will be trying to raise money for a particular cause. If you're are willing or able to donate please follow the link below and give whatever you can.

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